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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 376

Shimura Danzo did not show up with the ANBU elites during Konoha’s crisis, and now after it is over, he actually came to ridicule the man who saved Konoha.

Regardless of the horrific consequences that Byakuya’s ability could bring to Konoha if he breaks out. Danzo’s attitude alone made him extremely disgusted.

Bai Ye looked at the gloomy-looking Shimura Danzo and smiled slightly.

Bai Ye’s original plan was that if you don’t mess with me for the time being, I’ll ignore you. After all, Danzo is the only person in this period who possesses the Wood Release Chakra, and he has no intention of letting it go. Now that you are taking the initiative to provoke me, you will be sorry for them if you don’t do it.

Bai Ye laughed evilly in his heart.

He’s fearless, and Danzo Shimura himself is a character he hates. It’s wrong if you don’t play with him more.。

“it’s okay no problem. This must be Danzo Shimura, the leader of the ANBU and disciple of the Second Hokage, right? “Bai Ye came up to him like a peacemaker and stood between the two of them.。

“Yes, my name is Danzo Shimura. Since the previous Hokage has spoken, I will allow you to enter. But before that, you have to tell me which country and village you are from, and what is the purpose of coming to our village?”

“Oh, you ask me. Then I’ll tell you, and it’s up to you whether you believe it or not.。”

“In fact, I am not from this world. I come from a world called One Piece. Very, very far away from you. I have only one purpose in coming here, and that is to establish an immortal mercenary group in the world of Naruto and become the strongest person in this world. ”

Bai Ye said with a solemn face and a solemn voice.

At this moment, he looked completely uprig

ht, coupled with that handsome face.

Even some of the cute male ninjas were blushing a little at this moment….

“One Piece? What is that place? ” Zang asked.

Based on his experience and the ANBU library, which can be called the encyclopedia of the ninja world, it makes no sense that there is a place called One Piece in this world that he doesn’t know about yet. As for the fact that he is not from this world Danzo simply ignored the words.

How could he believe such words that seemed to lie to a child? The power he held for many years made him convinced of his own knowledge.

At the moment when Kyuubi invaded Konoha , he led all his subordinates to hide. He originally thought that if one of the third or fourth generations died, then he would be able to become the fifth generation Hokage relying on his qualifications. So he did not pay attention to the above situation at all.

Also He has no idea what Byakuya did.

He just heard that the crisis was resolved and he came up. That’s why Danzo underestimated Byakuya so much. Otherwise, how could

such an old fox like him say such reckless words?

“? So according to you, who am I? “Staring at Danzo as if he were a clown, Bai Ye asked with a smile. O conscience of

heaven and earth! Everything he said just now was not false, it was all true. Since you don’t believe it yourself, you can’t blame me.

Danzo walked around Byakuya twice, snorted coldly, and said: “I see that you are clearly in the same group as the person who controlled the Kyuubi to attack Konoha! You have put on a miserable show together. The purpose is to gain our trust and then carry out your ulterior espionage operations! ”_

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