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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 373

“Senior Bai Ye, think twice! This person is definitely not a good person if he can do such evil things. We ninjas need to keep the peace. What do you want? We in Konoha can give it too!”

The third generation stood up at this moment and declared:。

Someone in Konoha must express his position at this moment. If the other party is allowed to make conditions, if Byakuya agrees, then not only Konoha, but the entire ninja world will face great danger.。

Although the current Hokage is the fourth generation of Feng Shuimen, the actual people in power are still the top brass of Konoha. Among them, the third generation is the real leader. Just retreating behind the scenes。

He must express his attitude at this moment。

Seeing both parties competing for him, Bai Ye smiled.。

It wouldn’t be fun if Xindao directly exposed him as Obito now. If he were to expose him now, Nagato would most likely not have the Samsara Eye. And it is impossible for the Akatsuki Organization to be established。

It would be too troublesome for me to rely on the destruction of the Akatsuki organization to unify the ninja world and achieve the goal of turning this place into my own mercenary base.。

“What do I want? Can you give it all?”

“That’s right! I can give it all!”

Seeing Bai Ye’s intention in this regard, Obito said proudly. Is there anything you can’t give yourself? If the time comes to use Sharingan to control this person,……

Then he is not the invincible ninja?

“Then take off your mask first and let me take a look….Uchiha, with….!”

Bai Ye said playfully, and everyone else was confused.。

Although they were also curious about the true face of the maske

d man, Bai Ye could clearly ask for more at this moment. But he made such a request, which naturally made them confused.。

Only the masked man, or Uchiha Obito, was shocked by Byakuya’s words.。

“What on earth do you know! “He doesn’t think Bai Ye said the word “meaning” at the end unintentionally or because of some bad taste.。

I also deliberately added an accent when I said that word!

Having said this, Obito’s hand appeared with a chain and an original Uchiha fan. He would not allow his secret to be revealed.。

“Hey hey hey, guess what I know? Bai Ye smiled mysteriously.。

Do you want to do something? He doesn’t mind letting him know what despair is。

“You bastard, you dared to kidnap my wife and control the Kyuubi to attack Konoha. I will handle this kind of person. Senior Bai Ye, please don’t do anything!”


Before Byakuya could try out what special abilities the other eight tails of his ultimate ninja tool had, Minato, who was very angry at the moment, rushed forward.。

That was his wife who had just given birth!

How could a man as gentle as Minato allow such a life-and-death enemy to dance in front of him?

“So impulsive!”

Obito snorted softly, and his body immediately became weak, and Minato’s attacks passed through his body. The Rasengan hit the ground hard, making a big crater。

“Die, teacher!”

Obito shouted in his heart. Then the Uchiha fan in his hand was raised high and aimed at Minato’s head, about to hit it.。

“Got it!”

“Wind Escape–Wind Killing Formation!”

At the moment when it was about to hit, Minato’s body turned into a ball of mist. It’s just a shadow clone!

But the real body appeared behind Obito.


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