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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 372

“Well, now that you guys have discovered it, there’s nothing you can do about it.。”

As the voice came out, a hole opened in the ground beside the gravel. As the hole expanded, it was completely impossible to tell that Orochimaru had fought in a previous battle and had suffered injuries that would be fatal to ordinary people. Appeared in front of everyone。

Wearing a kimono, with pendants hanging from her ears. It’s just that the hair on that end has not been restored, and I still look bald at this moment….

“Orochimaru, wake up, you have no way out. “Seeing Orochimaru appear, Bai Ye said in a deep voice. In fact, he had already seen that Orochimaru at this moment was a strong man.。

“And you, come out too, stop hiding. “Before Orochimaru could say anything, Byakuya was still looking at the boulder.。

“What? Anyone else? “Hearing Bai Ye’s words, the third and fourth generations were shocked again. There was actually someone present who they hadn’t noticed!

“Humph, I didn’t expect to be discovered by you! “As the voice that did not belong to anyone present came out, the boulder’s���His face gradually distorted, and a man wearing a mask appeared on the scene.。

“who are you? ! “The Sandaime asked in surprise. This man made him feel even scarier than Orochimaru!

“My name? I haven’t mentioned it for a long time. Uchiha Madara, you all still remember, right?”

“What? ! Uchiha Madara? Wasn’t he already dead? !”

“impossible! The first generation has killed Uchiha Madara!”

Both the third generation and the fourth generation exclaimed that it is impossible。

After all, the events of that era are too long ago for them, and their long-standing memories are a bit blurry.。

But it is a fact recognized by the ninja world th

at Uchiha Madara was killed by the first Hokage in the Valley of the End!

“It’s up to you to believe it or not. In short, the failure to destroy Konoha was just an accident. “Ignoring the surprise of the Sandaime and Yondaime, as he said this, the masked man’s eyes moved to Byakuya.。

Now he has regained his composure and his eyes are very heavy. After all, this person’s appearance is too unexpected and powerful. white night? Never heard of this character。

Musashi family? Is it the limit of blood inheritance in some hidden world, or even the blood inheritance that eliminates the family?

After all, only this possibility can explain his special abilities.。

But I absolutely cannot allow this person to exist. Now he will hinder himself from destroying Konoha. Although Kyuubi was destroyed, Silver Horn still exists. This will not have much impact on my future Eye of the Moon plan.。

But it is inevitable that this man will come out to stop him!

“White night? Are you interested in joining forces with me? I can give you whatever you want。”

As smart as Obito, although this man destroyed his plan to destroy Konoha, from their conversation just now, it can be heard that this man has nothing to do with Konoha.。

Then you can try to extend an olive branch. If it succeeds, with such powerful help, no one in this world can prevent your plan from succeeding, right?。

And the twin shadows of Konoha on the side. Hearing what the masked man said, his expressions changed drastically.。

The intention of this “Uchiha Madara” is obvious – to destroy Konoha。

It seemed that he had controlled the Kyuubi just now. If he were to join forces with the invincible Byakuya, Konoha would be destined to be wiped off the map of the ninja world!


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