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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 370

After Im heard that Bai Ye knew this location, his expression was extremely frightened.。

Because few people know about this place。

The only one who has arrived is Roger, the Pirate King.。

The final place Roger initially arrived at was not here, but another island.。

But when Roger was looking for the treasure, he was accidentally teleported by the Draco Im.。

He told Roger that he was not the one he wanted to wait for。

Not bothering to fight with Roger, Roger also left knowingly.。

But he always had this knot in his heart。

So after he left, he repeatedly said, it’s not the time yet。

It’s because you shouldn’t get this secret treasure by yourself.。

Then he led his fleet and left。

But it’s different now. Bai Ye already knows everything through Im’s thousands of years of memory.。

I also knew where this place was at the same time.。

And where is the so-called great secret treasure buried?。

The white night is under Im’s gaze���, came to a mound on the island。

There is a stone tablet carved on the mound.。

Bai Ye raised his hand and pulled out the stone tablet。

There is an ancient small box buried in the soil inside.。

It looks like someone buried it here intentionally.。

Bai Ye just wanted to open the small box and find out what was going on.。

He was stopped by the old Im。

“No! don’t want! Never open this box! Once you open the box this world will cease to exist!”

Bai Ye looked at the nearly crazy King of the Dragons Im。

Then he said slowly: “You are wrong. Maybe you won’t read the words on the box. He was indeed left for me.”。”

Then he said: “This box will only let me leave, not your world. Maybe you will restore the original pirate world after I leave.”。”

“only. “Bai Ye said, with murderous intent in his cruel eyes.。

“It’s just that I don’t want you to live anymore。”

Im kept retreating. After he heard Bai Ye say such shocking words, he already knew that he was the person who traveled through time and space mentioned on the stone tablet.。

Im was sweating profusely now, and his old face showed a look of fear.。

He couldn’t believe that Bai Ye was actually that person, the person who could change the entire pirate world!

He is also the one who can finally end himself。

“No! don’t want!”

Im yelled almost as if wailing, and then kept backing away.。

Then, a thundercloud suddenly appeared under his feet。

The whole body turned around and disappeared out of thin air!

Bai Ye looked at Yi Mu who had disappeared, and sneered contemptuously at the corner of his mouth.。

“Im, even if you escape anywhere, as long as you are still in this pirate world, I will not let you go!”


Bai Ye’s eyes revealed cruelty, and he said slowly: “And I can find you easily!”

Bai Ye also flashed and disappeared on the island out of thin air.。

And when he appeared again, he had already arrived in front of Im, the king of the dragons.。

“You, how could you! How did you find me! impossible! Absolutely impossible!”

After Im finished speaking, he suddenly raised his arms and fiercely attacked Bai Ye.。

Im brewing the power of the five attributes in his body into a black sphere。

The sphere will explode with just a slight touch. When it explodes, the five attributes of super power, including the flames, water, earth, thunder and lightning, will be concentrated in a certain range.。

No matter how stron

g the opponent is, he can’t resist his attack.。

But he forgot that Bai Ye was not from the pirate world, and he was no longer what he used to be.。

Bai Ye, who possesses the power of the Heavenly King, can absorb all attacks into his own abilities.。

Bai Ye doesn’t need to touch the black ball at all。

He opened his mouth and sucked hard at the flying black ball.。

The black ball was absorbed into his body in an instant!

Seeing that his strongest attack was easily broken by Bai Ye, Im was extremely frightened and wanted to run away again.。

It’s a pity that he doesn’t have this chance anymore。

Bai Ye stretched out his hand and gently pointed it in the direction of Yi Mu’s escape.。

“You can’t escape。”

Bai Ye said softly。

“Say goodbye to this world, Lord Yim, King of the Dragon People。”

“No! No! No! I, I beg you, Lord Bai Ye, I beg you, please don’t kill me!”

If it weren’t for the sky, Im would have already knelt down to Bai Ye.。

He said: “Lord Bai Ye, you are a time traveler, please let me go. You should not affect the order of this era.。”

When Bai Ye heard Yi Mu say this, the corners of his mouth raised.。

“order? Do you still have the nerve to talk about order? The most unreasonable order in this era is you Tianlong people!”

“And it’s time for this pirate world to change its owner!”

“And I, Bai Ye, have the final say on the order from now on!”

Bai Ye raised his hand and whispered to Im。

“Im, come and say goodbye to this world!”

“No! ! ! ! !”

Im said the last word, and Bai Ye easily smashed his head with a single blow.。

Then Bai Ye destroyed all other parts of Im!

Im, the king of the dragons for a generation, died!


about two months later。

Waking up in the white night from the Holy Land Marie Joa。

He moved into the former Celestial Dragon’s mansion。

Spent two months of happy time with his concubines。

And the dispute between the pirates and the navy continues。

Because he knows that onepiece is the lifelong dream of every young man who goes to sea.。

And the navy who maintain the order of this sea are constantly adding fresh blood.。

This world of pirates continues。

Nothing has changed。

Only the person standing on top of this world has changed from Im to Bai Ye。

The Five Old Star System has also become the twelve powerful protectors of the country!

They are the force that has been following Bai Ye’s adventure.。

And Bai Ye’s territory has also become the territory of the royal family.。

No pirate dares to invade。

If any new pirate happened to make a mistake, he would be wiped out by the pirates of Byakuya’s era.。

Because Bai Ye, their White Emperor Bai Ye, has saved them and saved this world of pirates.。

At this time, Bai Ye came to the balcony。

I took out the simple and exquisite small box from my pocket.。

Then he slowly opened the small box。

Inside is a strange ring。

Bai Ye can feel the power in the ring.。

He slowly put it on his hand。

Then he turned around and waved to the women who were still sleeping.。

Looking at the companions who were training the Royal Guards in the Holy Land Martial Arena, they also waved.。

Just listen, he whispered.。

“Goodbye, everyone。”

“Goodbye, pirate world。”

“I’m leaving。”

After saying that, he used the power of the King of Heaven in his body on the ring in his hand.。


Bai Ye’s whole person completely disappeared.


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