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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 368

Since Bai Ye absorbed Im’s power,。

Now he seems to have entered the realm of God。

Power continuously overflows from the inside of the body to the outside。

The pupils of Bai Ye’s eyes turned into swirling patterns, and there was incredible darkness deep in the vortex.。

And the boundless black energy spread all over his body to the outside.。

This is not an armed color or a domineering color.。

It’s a magical power that emanates from inside Bai Ye’s body.。

All of these were obtained after Bai Ye obtained Im’s power.。

At this moment, the power of Yimu in Bai Ye’s body can already sense where Yimu is.。

He doesn’t need the eternal pointer or anyone else’s guidance.。

The direction he is currently heading towards is the final location of the King of Celestial Dragons.。

Bai Ye activated the power of thunder and lightning, and his figure flashed。

The whole body disappeared out of thin air!

And at midnight, I already knew the specific route.。

Now���He doesn’t have to worry about his men at all and tries not to influence them so as not to implicate innocent people.。

When the white night appears again。

Have arrived at a desert island。

And when Bai Ye saw the surrounding environment, he couldn’t see a single ship within at least a few hundred nautical miles.。

The entire island seems to be isolated from the rest of the world。

The island is not big, looking down at the white night in the sky。

I already knew that Im, the king of the dragons, was here.。

The white night descended slowly, stepping on the soil of the island。

Passing through several coconut trees, I found a tall man standing in the middle of the island.。

The man was wearing a black robe, a long black hat, and even his face was wearing a black mask.。

Bai Ye could see a trace of cruelty in his eyes。

Bai Ye already knows who he is。

Bai Ye took a step forward and said faintly: “We finally meet, Lord Im, the King of the Dragon People.”。”

Im raised his head slightly, and through the mask he could only see his swirling eyes.。

He said slowly: “It seems that you are the challenger this time?”

He turned around and faced Bai Ye, unable to see any of his expressions because of the mask.。

The only thing that can be seen is his contemptuous eyes。

He has no interest in Bai Ye at all。

He looked at Bai Ye up and down, and then said with great interest: “The challenger this time seems to be quite smart, and knows how to concentrate my power on one person, rather than a team of five people.”。”

Bai Ye also had an indifferent look, as if he would go up and fight Master Im at any time.。

He looked at the number one boss in the pirate world and said, “Do you think I will believe what you say? You don’t know me? You don’t know that I have absorbed all your power.。”

Im spread his hands, shrugged, and then said: “Haha, Five Emperors Baiye, of course I know you, and I know that your purpose of coming here is to eliminate me, but you don’t know that I have been waiting for you all these years. Someone who can kill me completely。”

He looked at Bai Ye and said, “I’m afraid you’re not what I’m looking for.。”

“Humph, hahahaha! “Bai Ye suddenly laughed, as if he heard a very ridiculous joke.。

He said: “Stop pretending, Im, if you didn’t realize the threat I posed to you, then why did you threaten to destroy the pirate world?”

Im’s eyes were as cold a

s blades, and he said: “Because I’m bored, because I’m tired of this pirate world.”。”

Bai Ye suddenly interrupted and said: “I’m afraid it’s because you are afraid of death! Because you never thought that a person like me would really appear in this world of pirates.。”

“The appearance of someone who can actually kill you!”

At this time, Bai Ye could clearly sense the fluctuations in Im’s heart through the heart network.。

Originally, he couldn’t guess what this Im was thinking in his heart.。

Because the difference in strength between them was too obvious at first.。

Bai Ye cannot find out his thoughts through the Im who appears in the red historical text.。

But after Bai Ye exposed Yi Mu’s thoughts, he could vaguely sense his thoughts.。

Bai Ye looked at Im and slowly pulled out the Hellfire sword.。

He said: “It’s time for us to come to a conclusion。”

There was a slightly uncertain look in Im’s eyes.。

He raised his hands high, and a familiar ability gradually gathered in the palms of his hands.。

Suddenly, a white ball of light appeared in his hands。

There seems to be some creature squirming inside the light ball。

Slowly, the light ball actually increased significantly.。

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Im laughed loudly, and he still looked at Bai Ye with his cold eyes.。

He said slowly: “Finish it? In my eyes, you are just a low-level bastard! What does it matter even if you absorb all my power? That is only a small part of my power!””

“Didn’t expect it! Would I be stupid enough to seal all my power into red stone?”

“You rebels! No matter how much effort you put in! None of them can subvert the world ruled by our Heavenly Dragons!”

“There is a gap between us!”

Im shouted almost crazily, the white ball of light above his head was giving him strength。

After Bai Ye read it, he already knew his secret。

It turns out that the gap between him and Im now is in that ball of light.。

Bai Ye rushed forward decisively。

Yimu swung out of the air and was hit several meters away.。

Im laughed crazily again: “Hey, hey, hey, boy, you don’t have to be so anxious! You wait until I absorb all the power of the king, and then I will deal with you!””

King of Heaven?

Bai Ye looked thoughtfully at the white ball of light above Im’s head.。

If the king of heaven really threw himself an eternity pointer at that time,。

Then the Demon King is on his side!

And he dares to conclude that he has the same power as Im who has not absorbed the King of Heaven.。

If Im can absorb the power of the King of Heaven, then he can also do it by Bai Ye!

Bai Ye can no longer control so much at this time.。

Because he knew that if the King of Heaven was completely absorbed by Yimu, even a hundred white nights would not be able to compete with Yimu’s power!

He rushed forward without looking back.。

When Im saw Bai Ye rushing over, he laughed wildly again。

“Hahaha! white night! Why don’t you have a long memory? Don’t you know what the difference is between you and me? No matter how you attack, it will be of no avail!”

“Let me give you a piece of advice! white night!”

“Minions will always be minions, never try to disobey the gods! Never try to compete with a Draco!”

at this time。

Bai Ye actually deviated from the flight path。

Flying towards the white ball of light in mid-air。

He said: “Young man? Haha, that’s not necessarily the case!”


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