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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 363

Princess White Star has already rushed to the middle of the Neptune class.

The power of Poseidon, the King of the Sea, has awakened in her body.

At this time, Princess Shirahoshi is already the real King of the Sea.

And the Neptunes are just her tools, her subjects.

After awakening, she already knew how to control the Neptune class.

She waved her hand towards the demon king in the sky.

She said: “Everyone, please help me! Rescue Lord Byakuya!”

As soon as she said this, all the sea kings were like carps active in the sea.

Constantly jumping out of the sea, trying to fight for control.

Then Shirahoshi’s slender arms were seen waving towards the sky.

All those sea kings flew out immediately!

All jumped out of the water!

There were hundreds of huge sea kings attacking the King of Heaven together!

Even with his huge body, the Heavenly King Demon can’t withstand the attacks of so many Neptunes.

Every part of the body was tightly bitten by the Neptune species.

Immediately afterwards, I heard the Heavenly King Demon let out a huge roar.。

“Roar! ”

The exhausted Bai Ye actually escaped from the illusion of the King of Demons.

His body reappeared in mid-air.

Princess Shirahoshi was overjoyed to see Bai Ye escape from the predicament.

She screamed with tears in her eyes and covered her mouth. Said: “Lord Bai Ye! Bai Xing misses you so much! ”

Bai Ye turned around and saw Bai Xing with tears streaming down his face. He smiled and nodded.

Then he held the Hellfire sword tightly in his hand.

Originally, he was still worried whether this was also an illusion.

But when he saw Bai Xing commanding The scene of the melee between the Neptune and the King of Demons.

He still knew the current situation.

The ancient weapon Poseidon’s power in Princess Shirahoshi’s body had awakened!

Although Shirahoshi’s face at this time was very worried about Bai Ye, but in her Her eyes have undergone incredible changes!

At this time, her eyes naturally reveal an ethereal color.

It is as if she has realized the world she has known for hundreds of years and almost a thousand years.

Princess White Star’s movements Every moment seems to be telling a piece of history.

And she is like the creator, controlling the huge creatures in this sea!

The sea kings are like the subjects of Princess White Star!

And the subjects are working together to fight against their enemies!

The sky is arrogant. The Heavenly King Demon.

It seems that they were hostile a thousand years ago.

And the current war has made this war repeat itself in the Valley of the Gods!

Bai Ye watched the Heavenly King Demon’s pale body constantly biting his teeth. The sea kings on his body were torn apart.

But even if those sea kings were thrown into the sea by the devil, they would still jump out and bite the devil again!

This scene shocked everyone.

No one believed it. This kind of scene will be seen this time.

This big scene, like a mythical battle, is taking place in front of them.

At this time, Bai Ye is no longer affected by this.

His purpose is very clear, which is to destroy the Five Old Stars!

Bai Ye will body A burst of thunder and lightning energy burst out from the whole body.

Then the overlord-colored domineering energy around him was activated to the highest level, and then on the physical cracks caused by the overlord-colored domineering energy,

the power of the flames was entangled.

And his Netherfire Long Sword actually had the third Once entangled with the power of the water flow.

He believes that the sea king should enjoy the power of the sea!

Since he has absorbed the power of the water flow in the historical text, it is enough to activate the power of the sea!

Bai Ye holds up the Hellfire sword and will The long sword was raised high.

Then he yelled at the Demon King who was bitten all over his body by

the Sea King.。

“White Star! Let me help you defeat the King of Heaven!”

“Water fruit! Sea Dragon – Raging Sea and Stormy Waves! ”

I saw a powerful force of the ocean burst out from Bai Ye’s sword.

Bai Ye could actually create the power of ocean currents out of thin air.

There was already a suspended sea behind him!

As Bai Ye pointed forward, .A

huge wave attacks the Heavenly King Demon!

Although the Heavenly King Demon is not afraid of sea currents, the power of the current is enough to enhance the power of the Sea King class!

Originally, the Sea King class of the Heavenly King can only jump out of the sea and bite by holding its breath.

At this time He can actually attack while still breathing!

The entire Heavenly King is being enveloped by the power of a stream of water!

And the Heavenly King is now like a huge sea ball. In the sea ball, it is constantly being surrounded by those huge Sea Kings. The species bit him all over.

The Sea King species is now extremely active, so much so that his attack power surges!

But the Heavenly King has always been at a disadvantage.

His attacks gradually weakened under the influence of the sea currents.

Because every attack he made was met with resistance. .

And every time he throws down a Neptune, he can only throw the Neptune not too far away.

The Neptune is still in this huge sea ball.

In just a moment, it can move towards the Heavenly King again. Bite again.

At this moment,

the two Five Old Stars who were originally standing on the Heavenly King Demon jumped up suddenly when Bai Ye sent out a sea current to

avoid being engulfed by the huge sea current.

However, Bai Ye did not give them any chance. He had a little time to think.

The power of thunder and lightning he activated attacked mercilessly.

The tall old man with golden hair among the two five elders was an earth element user.

He could not fly, and Now the air in the sky is combining with Bai Ye’s water ability.

This makes his body with earth ability even heavier!

Even if he tries his best to control his body to prevent him from falling,

it still doesn’t help.

Bai Ye sees the opportunity and moves towards the blond The old man rushed over.

But when Bai Ye appeared again, Bai Ye was still standing behind the old man.

The old man was falling, but Bai Ye also fell with him.

Bai Ye suddenly whispered in his ear。

“You are the fourth! ”

Suddenly, a huge overlord-colored domineering force burst out from his dark fire sword.

The sword suddenly struck out! It pierced the body of the blond old man.

Blood flowed out of the old man’s mouth immediately.

When he Just when he turned around and was about to fight,

Bai Ye had already made his second sword move!

The long sword swung out!

Cut off the head of the blond old man with one sword!

This scene was so fast, but the man who was still floating in the sky was still What the old man with white curly hair could see clearly.

The old man realized that his strength was no longer enough to resist Bai Ye. He

planned to use the power of the wind to escape quickly.

Unfortunately, he forgot.

This is the windless zone!

Even around the Valley of the Gods The eye of the storm, but flying out of the Valley of the Gods area,

is a windless zone!

In the windless zone, the speed of thunder and lightning far exceeds the wind speed!

Just after Bai Ye killed the blond Five Old Star

. In a flash,

he appeared in front of the white curly-haired Five Old Star.

Seeing Bai Ye’s appearance, the Five Old Star knew something was wrong. He

quickly urged his cane to attack Bai Ye.

It was a pity that he was in the windless zone. He had lost most of his power. He

was easily dodged by Bai Ye and

his head was chopped off.

The Five Old Stars were all destroyed!_To

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