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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 362

Bai Ye was completely in trouble at this time。

Because of the influence of the Heavenly King Demon, Bai Ye is falling into an infinite loop.。

Bai Ye was thinking about when this phenomenon occurred to him。

Even though he just broke through the first level of boundaries。

Facing Wulaoxing for the second time also felt a bit difficult.。

After all, the ability of the Demon King is still unknown to him.。

Bai Ye looked at the two five old stars and pondered for a moment.。

I saw the two five old stars pulling out their respective weapons from their waists.。

The blond old man took out his cane and sword。

Another old man with white curly hair took out his cane。

And above the weapons are mixed the power of attributes and the domineering aura of the Overlord.。

Bai Ye saw that the blond old man’s walking stick seemed to be surrounded by dust, as if he was holding a pile of sand in his hand.。

Bai Ye deduced that this blond old man could possess the ability of sand dust.。

The rounded crutch in the other curly-haired old man’s hand seemed to be being blown by the storm.。

Swing left and right。

Bai Ye concluded that this five-old star has the ability to control the direction of the wind.。

In other words, the abilities of these five old people are wind, fire, thunder, water and earth, the five most inseparable attributes of nature.。

And that Lord Im hid these abilities in the red historical text, obviously in order to allow someone to possess these five abilities at the same time to eliminate himself.。

I saw that the two Five Old Stars suddenly began to shake violently in this space.。

After a while, the two old men and the three five old stars who had been killed by Bai Ye before increased in value again.。

From five people to ten people, and from ten people to twenty people!

Then the number of people turned from twenty to forty! Forty people turned into eighty people。

These people have the same fighting intensity。

Each one seems real to Bai Ye!

Bai Ye’s consciousness was gradually occupied by this group of people。

And in Bai Ye’s opinion, once he is in this space,。

It is inevitable that we will not be controlled by this illusory impression.。

Bai Ye drew out the Hellfire sword, and the blade of the sword was entangled with the power of three attributes.。

And during the entanglement process, Bai Ye still confirmed their location.。

For a moment, Bai Ye’s eyes were as bright as fire, and his whole body was emitting an explosive power that he had never experienced before.。

And under this power。

Bai Ye activated the ability of the Momo fruit that she had absorbed before.。

Increase those three powers to a hundred times!

Aren’t you too crowded? Then I will also use multiples to increase my combat power to defeat you!

Bai Ye has already determined in his heart that he will start a battle with these illusions!

He swung the Hellfire sword with all his strength。

Under the influence of three strong attributes, the luster of the Hellfire Sword is almost the same as the surrounding environment.。

Bizarre lights flicker, stimulating people’s vision, allowing people to see phantoms and hallucinations from this ability.。

Bai Ye seems to have mastered this ability. Sure enough, this ability is closely related to the five attributes of the Five Old Stars.。

But even so, it seems that when he lacks the remaining two abilities, he cannot easily escape from this space created by the Demon King.。

Bai Ye felt firmly whether what he thought was correct。

Bai Ye soon confirmed it。

Because it seems to Bai Ye that his attack is destroying the illusion of those five old stars.。

Every time Bai Ye swung his sword, the powerful force that swallowed up mountain

s and rivers completely shattered those welcomes!

But every time he destroys some illusions, other illusions increase in value again。

This resulted in an endless supply of Five Old Stars fighting against Bai Ye!

Bai Ye wielded the Hellfire sword to fight with them.。

Use the properties on the long sword to kill all the five old stars.。

But the opponent’s current goal is not to destroy Bai Ye。

Their ultimate goal is to trap Bai Ye in this space so that Bai Ye cannot escape.。

Trapped to death by the power of the King of Heaven and Demon。

Bai Ye also knew this truth very well, and he kept killing the five old stars’ welcome that stood in front of him.。

But even if he beheads him, he can’t kill them all. After all, he has to face endless phantoms.。

There is simply no time to find a breakthrough to break through this space.。

I can only exhaust my strength to find a chance of victory.。

at this moment。

Less than a hundred nautical miles away from the Valley of the Gods。

A fleet of ships is sailing towards the Valley of the Gods。

The leading ships are boosting their morale and leading the way.。

Boya Hancock is standing on the bow of the ship, commanding the many pirates who have defected to the White Night Pirates.。

Boya Hancock pointed forward and said loudly: “Follow me to the Valley of the Gods!”

Boya Hancock is dressed in a fancy outfit and holds the long bow of Nine Snake Island as a weapon. At this time, she is getting ready and plans to lead this group of pirates to capture the Valley of the Gods and meet up with Lord Byakuya and the others.。

Of course, in addition to Boya Hancock, the direct subordinates of the White Night Pirates on Nine Snake Island are also ready.。

Whitebeard Edward Newgate, Phoenix Marco, Dragon-Slaying Swordsman Shigetsuki Ryoma, General Substitute Peach Rabbit Misono, Blind Swordsman Yixiao。

These people who are already famous in the world have all gathered together and are heading to the Valley of the Gods to assist their captain, Lord Byakuya.。

And just in front of the fleet, about thirty nautical miles in the sea。

There is a figure traveling across the sea。

She is the mermaid princess Shirahoshi。

Bai Xing was diving into the sea at this time and rushing towards the Valley of Gods at a high speed.。

Because this is a windless zone, all ships use external wheel power devices to sail.。

But Shirahoshi can travel unimpeded in the calm sea area.。

Soon, she entered the waters of the Valley of Gods。

From a distance, I could see the figures of the sea kings on the coast, as well as the spiral storm like the eye of a storm.。

Looking from the sea, the place called Valley of the Gods looks like hell.。

Not giving the fleet any chance to break through.。

Princess Bai Xing has made up her mind at this time。

Because she had listened to her father’s words during this period and knew her identity.。

While Lord Bai Ye was leaving, she also went to Mermaid Island and had a long chat with the prophet Xia Qi.。

Knowing that he is the reincarnation of Poseidon, the king of the sea。

Know what your responsibilities are。

But now, Lord Baiye is collecting ancient weapons, and he has officially become one of the ancient weapons, Poseidon, the King of the Sea!

And she already knows that she can control the sea and command the Sea Kings!

She rushed towards the group of sea kings without looking back!

Because she knows they won’t attack her!

The situation was quickly confirmed。

Not only did those group of sea kings not attack Princess Shirahoshi,。

And when Princess White Star swam over, everyone made way for her.。

Princess Bai Xing gently waved her hand towards them。

They bowed their heads and proclaimed themselves!


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