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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 358

The ghost spider looked at the sheep-like fur tribe in disbelief.

He shouted crazily: “Haha, don’t scare me. Do you think I will believe your one-sided words? Are you kidding me?” At

this time, Bai Ye also said: “You can give it a try and look at the rocks. Is it hard enough?”

Ghost Spider was suddenly frightened by Bai Ye’s eyes, because he knew that the domineering aura exuded by Bai Ye could be materialized.

If he really cannot destroy the historical text, then he will be in trouble.

The ghost spider was heartbroken and suddenly activated the bomb hidden in its six claws.


There was a shocking loud noise!

This is like the sound produced by the explosion of a cannon shell, and the person standing under the historical text looks up at the place where the explosion occurred.

After a burst of smoke.

They just saw the ghost spider who had been seriously injured by the bomb.

But the historical text stone was not damaged at all.

The good ones just stand where they are.

Garp laughed: “Hahahaha, Ghost Spider, you are so interesting! I advise you to surrender.。”

“I……I. “Ghost Spider wanted to speak.

Suddenly Garp jumped up and grabbed the Ghost Spider’s mouth with his palm.

Then, Garp said coldly: “Even if you surrender now, it will be too late. go to hell! The lackey of the Draco! ”

Ghost Spider showed extremely frightened eyes, and his hands were groping randomly on Garp’s arms. Although he could not speak now, what he showed was to beg Garp for forgiveness. Garp’s heart was cold, and his hands moved slightly

. Use force.


He crushed the ghost spider’s head!

Garp killed the navy, and his former colleagues also indicated that the hero of the navy, Garp, would never be around again.

Bai Ye’s eyes were a little complicated, and he also felt sorry for Garp. He felt a little guilty about the incident of rebelling against the navy.

But there was no time to think about this issue now.

He put his hand on the historical text.

Garp also discovered that Bai Ye seemed to be doing something.

In order not to disturb him , Bai Ye.

Throwed the corpse of the ghost spider far away on the ground, and followed the others far away.

Give Bai Ye a free place,

so that Bai Ye can feel the power of historical texts.

This is already The third stone.

It seemed that the secret on it was about to be revealed to the world.

Because Bai Ye saw everyone retreating.

Bai Ye nodded to them, then smiled and said: “Thank you. ”

Then he pressed his hands towards the red stone again.

Bai Ye secretly felt lucky, and then he put his hands on the stone wall.

He only heard a person’s voice coming from the stone.。

“I never thought we would see each other again so soon. ”

The familiar voice came to my heart again.

Byakuya heard this man’s voice from the stone when he was in the country of Wano and all countries.

He also responded to the person through telepathy.。

“Yes, we meet again, Lord Im, the king of the dragons.。”

“Haha, it seems you still remember me, okay, let me ask you now, which stone is this you have seen? ”

The voice seemed hollow, still without any emotion.

Bai Ye smiled and said: “The third piece. Im

in the stone nodded and continued: “It seems that you already know how to absorb my energy.”

Bai Ye nodded and said, “That’s right. ” ”

Im in the stone said: “It seems that we don’t need other processes.。”

“Come absorb me.

Then Im said: “I have sealed the power of

the sea into this red historical text. If you have the power of the sea current in your body, please put it on the stone. ” ”

Bai Ye put his palm on his own name on the stone.

Then Bai Ye felt a powerful force coming from the historical text that was enough to break through his body!

That force was a hundred times more powerful than the water in his body. The power of water!

And it is the power of the greatest ocean that breeds life in the natural system!

At this moment, Bai Ye only feels as if he is constantly diving into the boundless sea, as if all the oceans in the world are for his use .

Bai Ye looked at his hands. This mellow ocean power actually neutralized the power of thunder and lightning and the power of fire that he had absorbed before. These three

forces in his body actually complemented each other, forming a stronger force. .

Bai Ye has become stronger again!

Now Bai Ye can directly break through and awaken the power of water flow in the Devil Fruit to the level above the limit. He

can directly create an endless ocean!

It seems that this kind of power is used by him. The feeling is enough to make Bai Ye feel that he is invincible。

“Only one stone left. ”

Of course, Bai Ye pondered, all he needs is a piece of historical text. He can then challenge him by absorbing the last part of Im’s power.

If he wants to completely defeat Im, it seems that he can only do so by absorbing the power of all the historical texts. Chance to win!

Bai Ye looked back at everyone.

At this time, his body was slightly exuding an extremely deep ocean power.

At this time, everyone looked at Bai Ye with horrified eyes. Even the hero Garp felt Bai Ye’s body was exuding waves of powerful aura.

He knew that Bai Ye was powerful again at this time!

And when Bai Ye was about to withdraw his hand,

Bai Ye found that his palm was tightly attached to the stone of the historical text. !

“Eh? What’s going on? ”

Nicole Robin ran over quickly. She saw Bai Ye’s hand firmly attached to the historical text. She

was also surprised!

His eyes were staring at the stone.

His eyes narrowed into a slit, and then she exclaimed She took two steps back.

She said: “Sir Baiye, this historical text is spiritual. They know that you have already collected the power of three historical texts. As long as you collect one more, you will know the final place.” ”

Then she looked at the historical text again, and she translated it delicately.

Then she said: “Sir Baiye, please don’t reject this Im in the historical text. If he enters your brain, he will tell you that there is Things you don’t know. ”

When Bai Ye heard Nico Robin say this, he suddenly realized that he had always been rejecting Im. He always

felt that Im wanted to say something.

But every time after he absorbed the energy, he would no longer Considered it.

This time was different, this was already the third stone he had absorbed.

And he had no idea where the fourth stone was going.

This was the best time for Im to break through Bai Ye’s mental power.

As Bai Ye When his mental power gave up resistance,

Im appeared in his mind again.

But the figure was extremely blurry.

Bai Ye looked at this guy named Im as if he was drawing something on his hand.

And when he finished the painting.

Im only said one sentence to Bai Ye。

“Good luck. ”

Then it disappeared completely._Fei

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