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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 356

The troops at the front heard the screams from behind and didn’t know what was going on for a while.。

Then a seriously injured soldier came running from behind.。

“Lord Ghost Spider, we were attacked!”

Vice Admiral Ghost Spider belongs to the Celestial Dragon faction among Vice Admirals. Unlike Vice Admiral Garp, he has repeatedly invited Garp to join the Celestial Dragon team on behalf of the Celestial Dragons.。

But they were all rejected by Garp, and finally the Tianlong people gave up recruiting Garp.。

Instead, they pay more attention to Ghost Spider’s identity. Gradually, Ghost Spider’s status has surpassed Garp’s status among lieutenant generals.。

Gradually became a candidate for general。

The plan to attack the Elephant Lord to destroy the Fur Country and obtain the historical text was the Ghost Spider’s suggestion.。

He believed that the Byakuya Pirates would definitely collect red historical texts, but in order to prevent Byakuya from succeeding。

Ghost Spider feels that it must destroy Elephant Island when it arrives at Baiye!

Therefore, Ghost Spider took some pirate groups threatened by the Celestial Dragons and several naval warships to Elephant Island to destroy it.。

Everything originally went according to his plan。

But everything happened inexplicably.。

At the beginning of the attack, one of Mo Ming’s warships deviated from the course and disappeared into the fog.。

The Ghost Spider thought that this time their opponent, the Fur Country, had discovered their whereabouts and launched the first attack.。

But when they landed on the island, they found that the other party was unprepared.。

So their attack went very well。

Soon their troops defeated the people of the Fur Country.。

But suddenly there was a commotion coming from behind him。

The soldiers heard miserable roars one after another.。

The ghost spider shouted angrily: “Did those animals attack?”

The soldier shook his head。

He said: “They are not from the Fur Country. It seems that they are not from the Fur Country, and there seem to be only four of them.。”

“Are you all useless people? Can’t even deal with four people?”

Ghost Spider himself has a bad temper. This time he heard that his opponents only had four people, and the strength of his subordinates was enough to rival the strength of the pirate group under the Five Emperors.。

How could he be easily defeated by his opponent?

This made the ghost spider extremely angry。

Behind him is a mechanical exoskeleton once made by Dr. Vegapunk, which can replace the legs of a spider and at the same time pick up eight long swords to attack.。

The ghost spider swung his sword and pierced the heart of the naval soldier just now.。

Then he said fiercely to those men: “Find a few people to deal with it, and then the others will follow me to continue attacking the fur country! I must destroy the red stone! Make a great contribution in front of Lord Im!””

Ghost Spider didn’t care about everything that happened behind him. He thought, even if the Fur Country sent several powerful men to attack them from both sides,。

It doesn’t play any role in rescuing their country, and there are nearly a hundred ships at sea!

No one can withstand their massive crowd tactics!

As a result, the Ghost Spider continued to attack the residents of the Fur Country who were retreating ahead.。


At this moment, an extremely loud noise came from behind him!

The ghost spider turned around and took a look. It didn’t matter. It almost made him speechless with fear.。

He saw with his own eyes a thunder pillar that

resounded across the sky and struck down from the sky!

Moreover, that thunder pillar is actually mixed with the power of overlord and domineering energy!

The outside of the thunder pillar is constantly flashing black lightning airflow。

Even the soldiers under his command were extremely shocked when they took one look at it.。

People who couldn’t bear it even slightly would foam at the mouth and fainted to the ground.

“this……”The ghost spider was shocked by the sound of thunder。

His body is shaking slightly。

He is no longer the domineering person he was before. Instead, he is as cowardly as a coward.。

“This is domineering and domineering. “His eyes were cold, and even the cigar from his mouth fell to the ground. He didn’t even know it.。

Although he knew that there were many people in this sea who possessed Overlord Haki, he had never seen anyone in this world who could combine Devil Fruit abilities with Overlord Haki.。


Ghost Spider suddenly realized that something was not right。

He glanced in the direction of Lei Zhu again, and then he couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air.。

“Could this be it? Could it be the White Night Pirates!”

He was so scared that he lost his mind。

Of course he knows who the Byakuya Pirates are. At this time, Shiro is already a pirate who can rival Im-sama.。

A person who can make Im-sama, the Celestial Dragon, fearful, and even let Im activate the King of Heaven。

The war with the pirate world officially begins!

I am afraid that even the former Pirate King Gol D. Roger could not achieve this level.。

Ghost Spider secretly made up his mind, and while the group of people around him were looking at the thunder column, he。

I found a few cronies and jumped into the jungle.。

And those soldiers found that their commander was missing, and their formation was completely in chaos.。

The soldiers from the Fur Country in front didn’t understand what was going on, and just attacked the navy normally.。

Soon, those navies were defeated under attacks from both sides.。

Bai Ye led his men to the soldiers of the Fur Country.。

Some soldiers saw Beibo’s appearance and quickly asked why.。

Then they found out what happened。

I know that Lord Byakuya is here to save the fur country.。

The animals all eagerly welcomed the heroes。

Duke Yangyang also came out. Facing Bai Ye and the others, he couldn’t help but burst into tears.。

He held Bai Ye’s hand with a grateful look in his eyes: “Thank you for being able to save our fur country. You can’t repay your feelings for our country.”。”

Bai Ye just smiled, he pointed at Bebo standing aside and said with a smile: “All this is Bebo’s credit. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be able to find this place, and we wouldn’t be able to save you.”。”

Duke Yangyang patted Bebo’s shoulder with his heavy hand, and said: “Bebo, it’s rare that you can remember us.”。”

When Bebo saw that the Duke of his country actually said such words, he quickly stood at attention and lowered his head.。

He said: “Sorry。”

“Hahaha. “Duke Yangyang laughed, then he turned to Bai Ye and said。

“Lord Baiye, I have heard about your century. It is said that you are recruiting some strong men and collecting red historical text stones.。”

Bai Ye spoke bluntly, he nodded and said: “Yes, because I am resisting Im, I must do these things.。”

Duke Sheep smiled and said: “Thank you for being honest with me. Our historical text should have been a secret, but if you have a real reason for wanting to do it, then I will take you there.。”

“Find your third red history text stone! “


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