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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 352

Katakuri returns to his pirate ship。

Byakuya also flew back to the Straw Hat Pirates’ ship。

Katakuri turned to Big Mom and said: “Byakuya, this man is really good! I agree to betroth Brynn to him!”

bigmom clapped his hands sincerely。

She knew that the purpose of this trip was just to marry the boss of the White Night Pirates.。

Firstly, it is to enhance the strength of their nations. After all, the boss of the White Night Pirates has become his son-in-law. Doesn’t this mean that his status is higher than that of the Five Emperors?

After all, the five emperors want to marry her daughter。

The second reason is to protect the pirate world. She has long known how powerful the White Night Pirates are, and they recruit very powerful pirates everywhere to become members of their White Night Pirates.。

Not only did the entire Shichibukai belong to the Byakuya Pirates, but even the White Beard of the Five Emperors became Byakuya’s subordinate.。

This kind of tolerance that can tolerate strong people becoming one’s subordinates is something that few people can achieve.。

Pluto Rayleigh had written her a letter before, saying that he wanted them to join forces to fight against the world government.。

Now the world government is trying to wipe out the entire pirate world, so at this critical moment, alliance is the most effective way to protect ourselves.。

Bigmom is not stupid, she doesn’t want to be recruited by those marines。

Because once recruited, they work together to destroy the enemy. Finally, when she is isolated and helpless, it is time to turn the gun on herself.。

So, after a meeting, they finally decided to use the marriage method to form an alliance with the White Night Pirates。

So Big Mom sent a daughter with very good looks and figure as Bai Ye’s marriage partner.。

She is the 35th daughter of Sherlock Lingling, Sherlock Brynn, who has three eyes from the Three-Eyed Clan.。

Under Reilly’s recommendation, both parties docked their ships at a nearby island.。

Then those people all walked off the boat。

Bigmom ordered the townspeople to tidy up the place, and they were going to hold a grand and unprecedented tea party。

only a little while later。

This town has cleared up a large empty space。

Then countless seats and benches were placed in this area, and the table was filled with many delicacies.。

Bai Ye looked at the delicious dishes that were served. I thought to myself, this is indeed a country ruled by bigmoms. Even the snacks at these tea parties are so grand and unprecedented.。

at the guest of honor。

Bigmom and some of the main children sat in front of the table, and then Bai Ye also asked Nico Robin, Moonlight Moria and others to sit in front of the guest of honor.。

bigmom said to Bai Ye with a smile。

“Lord Bai Ye, I have witnessed your recent achievements, your combat capabilities, and the commanding power generated by your charisma.。”

“And now I feel that our era created by Roger, the Pirate King, is already so desolate.。”

“But in the eyes of those Draco bastards, we are worthless, and even now their leaders feel that we should not exist at all, and ordered to obliterate us.。”

Then bigmom shook the corner of the table hard, and a crack spread, shattering all the table surfaces.。

“Damn it, we pirates have to unite! Therefore, L

ord Byakuya, I request that your Byakuya Pirates can ally with our Big Mom Pirates, and please allow me to betroth my daughter to you.。”

“In this way, our alliance will be stronger, and it will also show the determination of our two pirate groups to fight against the World Government!”

“And those small pirate groups who want to survive will also join us one after another!”

Bigmom deserves to be a person who has lived for decades. Even if he is a woman, his overall view is understandable.。

Bai Ye thought to herself that she was right, now they definitely need to form a unified countervailing front.。

Let pirates like them fight against the crisis they are about to face.。

Bai Ye nodded: “I promise you, I will become your son-in-law.”。”

Bigmom almost jumped with excitement, and then he felt that there was a slight chance of victory in this battle with the World Government.。

Then she waved and called Bryn, who was standing far away.。

Brynn is now wearing a princess dress. Even this fluffy skirt can fully show Brynn’s exquisite curves.。

And when Brynn heard that she would marry a complete hero, Wuhuang Baiye, and he was very handsome, she lowered her head shyly and looked at her shoes.。

Bai Ye was filled with joy when she saw Brynn like this.。

Because what he likes most is shy girls, although he has many women。

But the only one who can feel shy is the former Motou Misono。

But now Taotu Yuen doesn’t mind at all being developed by him. Instead, she has a bit more jealousy like the empress.。

Although Bai Ye doesn’t think jealousy is bad, in comparison, he is still more obsessed with women who are easily shy.。

As soon as he saw Brynn, he couldn’t help but admire。

“Bigmom, thank you for betrothing such a lovely daughter to me. I really like her so much.。”

Bai Ye took the initiative to walk up to Brynn and took Brynn’s hand, feeling the coldness on her hand.。

Then, Bai Ye lifted Brynn’s chin slightly。

Bai Ye picked up Brynn lazily and gave Brynn a princess hug easily.。

Bryn’s face turned red with embarrassment at this time.。

Bai Ye said to bigmom who was stunned on the spot: “bigmom, our wedding will start now. I will go to do some things with my wife Brynn first.”。”

After saying that, Bai Ye jumped up, then walked quickly for a few steps and walked to a hotel that provided accommodation.。

Then, under the watchful eyes of the general manager, he opened the hotel door, found a good guest room, and walked in.。

Big Mom, who was standing aside, quickly reacted and ordered everyone to prepare the wedding dinner and wedding cake immediately.。

All the chefs from the White Night Pirates joined in to help。

Just when everyone is busy in laughter and laughter。

Boya Hancock pulls Nicole Robin aside。

She whispered to Nico Robin: “Nico Robin, you already have a relationship with Lord Byakuya, right? Then you also know his temper. If you disturb him, he will get very angry.”。”

Nicole Robin looked at Boya Hancock with a strange expression, and she said: “Yes, I know。”

Boya Hancock looked at the hotel with jealousy in her eyes。

Then she said slowly, “But as far as I know, apart from what he and the woman have to do,。”

Then I saw these two women who had been with Bai Ye。

After looking at each other and smiling, they walked straight towards the hotel.


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