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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 351

“Mom, mom? I didn’t expect them to actually show up!”

The big pirate Charlotte Lingling, nicknamed Big Mom, is standing on the cake number。

She looked at the ships falling from the sky to the sea one by one, and started laughing crazily.。

bigmom looked at these pirate ships in front of him。

He turned to Katakuri who was standing aside and said, “I didn’t expect they brought so many pirate ships.。”

Katakuri said in a deep voice: “It’s okay, Mom, we have more people。”

“Mom, Mom, I know that in these troubled times, there are not many pirates who appear alone on my territory.。”

So she took a step forward and roared at the nine pirate ships.。

“What do you little pirates want to do when you come to my world?”

Byakuya stood on the Straw Hat Pirates’ ship, replying to Big Mom’s cake number。

“We have never talked about it, bigmom!”

Bigmom narrowed her eyes, her gaze turned sharp and cold, and she said lightly。

��“Who dared to lead these small pirate groups to my kingdom? I didn’t expect it to be Lord Bai Ye, the Five Emperors.。”

Bai Ye heard the contempt in bigmom’s words, and then said: “I guess you guys are guarding us here, so you must have known that I was coming.。”

Byakuya turned to Katakuri. He knew that Katakuri’s power of seeing and hearing was similar to the power of his heart net.。

However, Katakuri’s Haki can detect the future, while Byakuya’s Heart Net ability can see through the opponent’s mind.。

In comparison, Bai Ye’s Heart Network is actually better。

The two looked at each other like two tigers facing each other across the mountain.。

Immediately afterwards, a domineering aura suddenly came from the respective pirate ships.。

The two of them were in perfect tacit understanding and activated their own domineering aura.。

Both of their overlord-colored haki have the ability to attack entities.。

With this kind of ability, the domineering and domineering look is no longer a matter of talent.。

To be able to be trained like this is the deterrence gained from being tempered by thousands of wars.。

The domineering energy turned into a physical entity, like a black gale, constantly blowing against other ships.。

Byakuya and his pirate ships have been reinforced and defended by the craftsmen of the Seven Waters City.。

But I was also shaken by this domineering force.。

The hull of the ship is trembling slightly。

But the ships from bigmom are not so lucky.。

After their pirate ship suffered the collision of these two overlord-colored domineering forces,。

Their ship’s planks, mainframe, and hull all had cracks of varying degrees.。

“Katakuri-nii, please stop exerting your overlord-colored domineering energy!”

“Katakuri-sama, our pirate ship can no longer withstand this kind of domineering power.。”

“Katakuri-sama, your opponent’s overlord-colored Haki seems to be similar to the one you cast, but when these two types of Haki collide, it will put the people around you in trouble!”

Bigmom also felt the power of the collision of these two domineering colors.。

If this kind of power is allowed to brew for a while, they will probably destroy BigMom’s entire fleet.。

She said with a serious face: “That’s enough, Katakuri, don’t forget the purpose of our trip.。”

Katakuri gave up using Haki, but Bai Ye also relaxed at the same moment.。

The aftermath of the collision of domineering energy just now disappeared out of thin air at the same moment.。

Katakuri’s face showed a cold light and he said calml

y: “Mom, I don’t want my sister to marry this person yet.。”

After saying that, Katakuri transformed himself into the shape of a glutinous rice donut.。

Then his body in this shape could actually float in the air. At a glance, he thought it was a flying UFO.。

Katakuri flew towards Byakuya。

Bai Ye also consciously wrapped the lightning power around his whole body, and his whole body rose out of thin air.。

The two of them were floating in mid-air。

When the two of them met within ten meters, they stopped.。

Katakuri used the moon step to float in the air。

Bai Ye, on the other hand, used his lightning ability to float in the air.。

Bai Ye believes that Katakuri is even as powerful as the Five Emperors。

And Katakuri also felt that the young man in front of him was the strongest person he had ever encountered.。

Cherish each other between two strong men。

Suddenly they were all in action!

“All ships obey my orders! Back three hundred meters! “Auntie shouted when she saw the two of them planning to fight on the sea.。

And Pluto Rayleigh was also commanding the ships there, shouting loudly: “All the ships of the White Night Pirates, move back three hundred meters! Give those two people room to fight!””

Wait until all fleets on both sides have withdrawn from the battle range.。

Katakuri smiled and said: “Now we can have a good fight! Five Emperors!”

Byakuya pulled out his Hellfire sword from its scabbard. He admired Katakuri for having such a powerful ability.。

He said slowly: “I think you are stronger than Kaido! Let’s duel! Katakuri!”

The two of them rushed towards each other.。

Katakuri rotated his body continuously, and finally rotated into a rice cake-shaped object。

He shouted loudly: “Fight! Rice cake! Sakura Slash!””

Bai Ye stood his Netherfire sword in the air, and his whole body exuded powerful thunder and lightning power.。

Moreover, the overlord-colored domineering energy was also mixed in, but Byakuya did not turn it on to the maximum. He was more worried that he would hurt Katakuri.。

So he also shouted: “Thunder! Thunder chop!””

Suddenly, both people used powerful moves。

These two moves can literally split the entire sea!

After the two sides collided, the air waves generated rolled up waves on the sea!

Strong air currents are like the eye of a storm on the sea。

The shouts formed a whirlpool。

Both sides are the collision of top-notch domineering colors, a battle that can be recorded in history!

In the blink of an eye, the two sides fought hundreds of rounds in the sky。

This area also encounters various weather conditions that alternate between。

The power that can change the weather is emerging between those two strong men!

I do not know how long it has been。

The two people who fought together finally separated。

Both sides have lost most of their vitality and mental strength, but there is not a single scar on their bodies.。

Byakuya’s forehead actually shed sweat, and he said: “This is the first time I have met someone as powerful as you! Katakuri。”

Katakuri was already out of breath from exhaustion, “Me too, you are worthy of becoming the Fifth Emperor! I, Katakuri, am impressed by your fighting prowess!””


Suddenly they both started laughing at the same time。

Then they held each other’s hands and began to call each other brothers.。

This is the end of this battle where there is only exchange of ideas.。

There were no wounds, and the fight was over between the two.


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