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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 347

After Bingshan’s secretary and the visitors who were just in the office have left.

Bingshan returned to his seat and carefully looked at the young man in front of him.

Then, he said calmly: “What do you want me to do?”

Franky took a step forward and was about to speak out, but was stopped by Dr. Vegapunk.

Because Vegapunk knew that if he wanted to bring Pluto to life, he would definitely need someone’s help.

Moreover, the ship Pluto is not just a side object, it is one of the most terrifying weapons in the world.

Ancient weapon Pluto!

Possessing superpowers that can destroy an island with one shot.

Bai Ye took a step forward and bowed his hands to Bingshan respectfully: “Mr. Bingshan, I’ll get right to the point. I want to make the ancient weapon Pluto!”


Even though Bingshan was mentally prepared, he still couldn’t help but take a breath when he heard the words Pluto.

After all, the ancient weapon Pluto has been a taboo for several generations. Last time, their mentor Mr. Tom, the fishman, died in the fight for the ancient weapon Pluto, and the dispute that put Seven Waters in trouble was also related to the ancient weapon. The weapon is related to Pluto.

At this time, he was thinking that it was absolutely impossible to activate this ancient weapon.

Bingshan glanced at Franky from the corner of his eye.

And he saw Franky looking at the iceberg with eager eyes.

Bingshan’s eyes narrowed at that time. He didn’t know why Franky agreed to make this ancient weapon.

Bingshan controlled his emotions, and then said calmly: “We don’t have a design for the ancient weapon Pluto. The design has been burned by Franky.” Franky wanted to say something, but was interrupted by

Bingshan .

He said: “Franky, I know that both of us have seen the design drawings of the ancient weapon Pluto, but so what, I haven’t and I just saw it, but we don’t have his rubbings, so We don’t dare to make this thing without complete assurance.”

But Franky took out Pluto’s steering wheel from behind, and then threw the steering wheel to the iceberg.。

“You’ll know when you hold it. “Franky said.

Bingshan took over the steering wheel and wanted to ask something, but several pictures suddenly appeared in his heart.

That picture was when he and Franky looked at the design of the ancient weapon Pluto in front of Mr. Tom. scene.

And the production method is clearly visible on the design drawing.

It’s like you can start construction directly.。

“What’s happening here? Bingshan exclaimed in surprise and looked at everyone in disbelief.

Franky said: “The steering wheel in your hand belongs to Pluto. It can see the dreams in people’s hearts. The two of us came from the same school. So I think it’s all consistent. ”

Then Franky pointed to Dr. Garpunk next to him and said: “In this life, he is Dr. Garpunk. He used to serve the Navy Headquarters. Now he is serving his dreams just like us. He is also on the steering wheel. I saw the blueprints of ancient weapons. ”

Then he took out the design drawing from his arms and threw it to Bingshan。

“Do you think the drawings we saw are the same? ”

Bingshan looked at it carefully for a long time and found that the drawing was exactly the same as what he had just seen. If what Franky said was true, then the steering wheel just now did belong to P

luto. Because in the corner of the design drawing, it was

clear He drew the steering wheel on the ground.

Then he took a sip of the coffee placed on the table.

Then he said lightly: “If this Pluto is built, who will own it? It will definitely bring disaster to the world. Bai

Ye smiled and said calmly: “Do you think there are not enough disasters in this world?” It’s time to re-establish the rules. The previous rules of the Draco are long gone. ”

Bingshan looked at Bai Ye with a strange look. After a long time, he finally sighed.

It seemed that he had finally made a decision at this moment and followed his own heart.

Even though he is now the elder, he still still A shipbuilder.

In this case, he has the excitement of creating Pluto.

And he thinks what Bai Ye said is very correct. The world should indeed be reshuffled and the rules reestablished.

He put down the coffee cup and slowly Said: “Okay, I believe you can do it, Pluto, I will help you build it!””

“yeah! I knew you would agree, brother! “Franky jumped up holding the iceberg.

Dr. Vegapunk also showed tears of satisfaction: “I finally deserved my life!” Finally, we can witness the birth of the legendary ancient weapon! ”

Even the people Bai Ye led were excited.

Next, Franky, Bingshan, and Dr. Begapunk began to study the design drawings of ancient weapons.

But within five minutes, they Fell into distress.

Bai Ye saw their thoughts through the heart network.

He smiled and asked: “Everyone, what happened? Bingshan

did not raise his head, and kept flipping through the design drawings and said: “There is nothing wrong with the design drawings. There is only one problem now.”

Franky interjected: “Materials of the ancient weapon Pluto. ”

He said: “It is really necessary to use the same material as the steering wheel to make Pluto, and that material is too scarce. ”

Bai Ye asked: “What materials are needed? ” ”

Vegapunk also said with a sad face: “We need the main pole connecting the roots of the sacred tree Adam! Originally, a branch of Adam could build a large ship that sailed the sea, but their level was far inferior to the main pole of the divine tree Adam.

Then he said: “I have only seen the branches of the sacred tree Adam in the trading market in the dark world before, but I have never seen the trunk. Even if there is a trunk there, it will be regarded as a rare treasure. ” For sale. ”


The three men all sighed.

Boya Hancock, who was standing aside with no interest, saw that the three men were worried at the same time, and couldn’t help but smile contemptuously.。

“Humph, only men of your level would worry about such trivial matters. ”

The three people looked at Boya Hancock, not understanding what the empress wanted to say.

Then Moonlight Moria also echoed beside him: “Hey hey hey! That’s right, the situations you mentioned are extremely simple things for Lord Bai Ye. Aren’t they just hidden in some big boss in the dark world?”

“If Mr. Baiye wanted it, couldn’t he have done it with just one sentence? ”

Franky, Bingshan, and Dr. Vegapunk all looked at Bai Ye.

They wanted to see what Bai Ye could do.

Moria then said: “I’m afraid you don’t know yet, but our Lord Bai Ye is now dark. The emperor of the world! ”_To

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