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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 345

Wu Laoxing was stunned for a moment.

They didn’t expect that this young man Bai Ye was really the same as Morgans’ newspaper.

Kill one of their five old stars.

I originally thought that the old man holding the sword was killed because of his negligence.

When they know the reason this time, they won’t fail again.

But what they didn’t expect was that they would be controlled by Bai Ye in such a simple way.

This is a very scary sign.

The two of them were originally incompatible, but they still stayed together during the battle.

It is because their attributes are incompatible that they can depend on each other and save each other.

No one can break the abilities of the two of them.

But what he didn’t expect was that Bai Ye could easily catch their fists.

Their fists are wrapped in the abilities given by my Lord Im.

I didn’t expect this person to be able to resolve it so easily.

But at the moment they were stunned.

Bai Ye takes action again!

He first controlled the fists that grabbed these people, and then his feet jumped into the air.

Lifted the two Five Old Stars alive!

Then his legs were mixed with the power of thunder and lightning, and he kicked them both in the chest!

Wulaoxing caught this fierce blow forcefully.

The five old stars of the flames can still control themselves, but the water-type ones are not so lucky.

He is inherently afraid of thunder and lightning. The water attribute can conduct electricity, and there is even an overbearing and domineering power mixed in the thunder and lightning!

The blow nearly cost him half his life.

He fell to the ground seriously injured, and as soon as he got up, he heard the five old stars with the fire attribute roaring.。

“careful! ”

But it was already late, and Bai Ye’s Hellfire sword had already been unsheathed.

Before the water-attribute Five Old Stars could figure out what was going on, he only felt like he was spinning, upside down.

His head was actually Bai Ye’s dark fire long sword was chopped down!

On top of the long sword, there was his overbearing domineering power and the power of thunder and lightning.

Bai Ye killed others without any hesitation this time.

The flaming five old stars saw their companions Death, completely angry.

He roared, and his whole body was surrounded by the flames mixed with domineering power.

It turned him into a fireman!

He did not bring any weapons, and only pure physical skills could exert his terrifying power. .

He rushed over from top to bottom from the sky, determined to kill Bai Ye before he would give up.

However, Bai Ye’s hand lightly moved, and

a wall of water suddenly appeared in front of him.

Then those walls of water turned into It was the same skill that Roadhog

launched when he attacked Alabasta!

Then Wulaoxing hit the wall of water.

The wall of water instantly surrounded him.

And the one that originally appeared on the outside of his body Those flames were also swallowed by the golden water wall and slowly dissipated.

Bai Ye raised the long sword high, as if the long sword extended dozens of meters.

Then he yelled。

“Water cut! ”

The long sword slashed down from top to bottom, mixed with the overlord’s domineering sword. It

directly split the water wall into two halves.

And the five old stars with fire attribute in the water wall were also split directly!

He fell to the ground and died!

The scene was in an uproar!

Navy, pirates, scientists, everyone who

saw this battle were also amazed by Bai Ye’s power. In

less than five minutes, Bai Ye actually directly killed two five elders Star.

And it was a crushing victory!

The five old stars who were on the ceiling of One Piece’s combat power could not withstand Byakuya’s move!

Two old men who had lived for hundreds of years fell one after another.

What a terrifying power this was. Ah.

Even General Kizaru was stunned on the spot. Kizaru, who had been dismissive just now, was actually trembling.

He said: “Thankfully, Dr. Vegapunk and I are in the same group, otherwise I’m afraid I will also be killed by this guy Bai Ye. ”

Zhan Taomaru had a look of disdain. Even though he had lost to Bai Ye before, and even if Bai Ye killed those five old stars instantly in front of his eyes, he was still disdainful. This may be due to his character, no matter what He showed contempt for such an opponent.

He said coldly: “Why don’t you just kill a few five old stars? Humph, what’s the big deal!” I just don’t accept it. ”

Franky just packed up the drawings of Pluto and ran out of the castle.

Seeing the scene in front of him, he was really shocked.

But he still said those aimless words: “Bai Ye , why are you so super today? What makes you so powerful? ” The people in the Byakuya Pirate Map said that they were not surprised

by the power of their captain Byakuya. After all, they had seen how powerful Byakuya was many times. First, they killed Kaido in Wano Country, and five Lao Xing, and Rocks. Another one person rescued Alabasta and Shuihuo, thus gaining super strength. Bai Ye is simply the embodiment of luck and strength in their hearts. If this God-Slaying Order were replaced with other attributes The Five Old Stars, maybe Bai Ye will not be so simple today. Dr. Begapunk took a microphone and walked out. Just now, Bai Ye’s heroic appearance of killing the Five Old Stars outside was noticed by him. In the eyes. Bai Ye has become so strong, and there is nothing better than an opponent. Vegapunk picked up the microphone and said loudly, his words can be transmitted through the mouth of the pacifist.

“Marines, you have also seen that your commanders, the two Five Old Stars, have been killed by the Five Emperors Bai Ye!”

“We should have attacked your arrogance in order to teach you a lesson, but when I think about it carefully, at least we have worked together once before, so we will not kill you this time.。”

“Please leave quickly, we will not pursue you!”

“You can report everything you saw today to your boss。”

“In addition, I can tell you an important piece of news, that is, from now on, I, Dr. Vegapunk, and Five Emperors Byakuya will form an alliance! ”

Vegapunk smiled, and his two teeth were also covered with mechanical parts.

Bai Ye suddenly had an idea. Did Vegapunk transform himself into a robot like Franky?

After all, this skill Technological achievements have been developed.

But that’s not what I’m thinking about now.

When Vegapunk finished speaking, those naval warships stopped attacking at the same moment.

Then they actually started to turn the ship.

Toward the sea At the end of the plane, Marinefando drove away.

At this time, the villagers of the machine island also emerged from the air defense bunkers.

Then they began to applaud. They

celebrated Dr. Vegapunk for defeating the enemy and protecting their island. _To

read the ununderlined version of the novel, please download Fei Lu Xiao


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