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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 343

When the old man saw Bai Ye and the others appeared, he greeted them eagerly.。

“This must be Lord Bai Ye, the Fifth Emperor. ”

He walked up to Bai Ye and shook hands with Bai Ye.

When Bai Ye held Vegapunk’s hand, he suddenly felt that this person was unfathomable.

There was always a feeling that he could see through him.

Although Vegapunk squinted Eyes, but there was an unfathomable temperament revealed in his eyes.

Begapunk nodded to Bai Ye, and then he said: “Little friend, I know you are planning to create Hades now. ”

Baiye didn’t expect that Vegapunk would say it so straightforwardly.

Kizaru standing aside just put his hands in his pockets and joked with a smile。

“Oh yo yo, are the terrifying ancient weapons about to reappear in the world? ”

Bai Ye nodded without concealment.

Vegapunk continued: “Don’t worry, Mr. French and I have already communicated, and I also saw the design of the ancient weapon Pluto in the steering wheel. ”

Vegapunk walked to the table and said, “Look, the two of us are restoring Pluto’s drawings. ”

Bai Ye looked at the long table again. There were some design drawings on the table. It seemed that these design drawings were undoubtedly those of Pluto. But Bai Ye

looked at Vegapunk, and then at Huang who was standing aside. Ape.

Byakuya’s action was completely seen by Vegapunk.

He smiled and said: “Little friend, don’t worry, Kizaru is my apprentice, and he is responsible for protecting me just like Zhan Momomaru. ”

Then his eyes became a little strange, and the corners of his mouth also raised.。

“Moreover, I do not entirely serve the Navy Headquarters. Scientific power is the important force that promotes the progress of this world!”

“And no matter who takes the blame, it doesn’t matter to people like us, right? ”

Vegapunk suddenly said, and Byakuya found out from his words that Vegapunk seemed to be disdainful of the Tenryujin Shoken of the World Government. No wonder. Byakuya


, no wonder Kizaru performs every naval mission. When he was there, he always looked reluctant, and acted just like an undercover agent every time. The beating seemed

quite severe, but in fact, no one was caught.

In the end, he was still able to stay in the position of admiral of the Navy Headquarters for such a long time. For a long time.

It turns out that Kizaru is in a high position because of his relationship with Dr. Vegapunk.。

“Oh yo yo, Dr. Vegapunk, you’ve exposed me. How will I get along at the Navy Headquarters in the future? ”

Kizaru seemed to be complaining about Bergapon, but he didn’t do anything too much.

At this moment, Franky, who was busy on the side, suddenly said。

“Hey, Dr. Vegapunk, the most Pluto design is completed! ”

Vegapunk held the last design drawing in his hand, and his hands seemed to be trembling.。

“here you go! Franky! Finally this king will reappear in my era! It’s been hundreds of years! It seems my life was not in vain! ”

Kizaru also leaned over and stretched his head to look, and said, “Is this really Pluto’s design? It looks so scary. ”

Vegapunk laughed excitedly while holding the design drawing: “Kizaru! That’s right! This is the design of the ancient weapon Pluto! I can finally stand at the top of the entire era!”

“I’m going to put all the scientific power I know on this ship! Can you think of it! Kizaru! ”

Franky was also standing aside and was very happy. It was also his dream to

create Hades.

And being able to cooperate with Dr. Vegapunk this time made him even more confident.

At this moment, Kizaru suddenly looked at his watch The shaped phone bug said: “Doctor, I’m afraid our plan has to be slowed down, the World Government is sending people to us. ”




There was a sound of battleship artillery shelling outside the castle.

Because of the shelling, the whole castle was shaking!

Vegapunk said with a smile: “It seems that the World Government has discovered me. There was a revolt. ”

Kizaru shook his head and said, “Doctor, what should we do next? ”

Begapunk still kept smiling: “Since we have already broken our faces, let’s go and fight! Besides, I don’t think Lord Byakuya, as the Fifth Emperor, will ignore it. ”

When Bai Ye saw Bega Punk saying such words, he just sighed softly.。

“I never thought I would be used as a gunman by you, Dr. Vegapunk. ”

Vegapunk patted Bai Ye on the shoulder and said, “Actually, I am also capable of fighting. You will know in a moment. ”

Bai Ye looked at Bega Punk suspiciously, and then said to several men around him.。

“Let’s set out to fight! It seems that the other side has dispatched many more warships. Then he turned to Kizaru and asked: “As an admiral of the Navy Headquarters, is it okay for you to stay here?” ”

Kizaru chuckled and said: “I have long had the intention of betrayal, and now I will quit the navy with the doctor, it doesn’t matter to me. Bai

Ye smiled and said: “Okay, you go command the mechanical bear, and we will face the enemy together!” ”

Everyone came out of Begapunk’s castle.

They saw that the outside was being continuously attacked by artillery fire.

Huge deep pits were blown up on the ground, and flying snowflakes were flying everywhere.

Several people were blown up by artillery. The pacifist collapsed to the ground, and then there was a violent explosion.

In the fog in the distance, you can see the shadows of many naval warships.

The warships have surrounded the mechanism island.

Kizaru smiled and said : “It’s so scary. It seems that the Navy Headquarters has sent out a demon-slaying order. Bai

Ye raised his head and looked at Kizaru, and sneered at the corner of his mouth: “Demon-Slaying Order, this posture is probably more like the God-Slaying Order.” ”

Kizaru clapped his hands and smiled: “It seems that you are still good at naming. This God-Slaying Order is very good. ”

At this time, Zhan Momomaru ran to Kizaru and said: “Kizaru, can you persuade the navy to stop the fire? They destroyed all my pacifists. ”

Kizaru spread his hands and said helplessly: “You can’t do anything to me, Zhan Momomaru, the World Government has already planned to officially start a war with us, and my current rank of Admiral of the Navy Headquarters may have been replaced by them. Got it down。”

“I’m a free man, there’s nothing I can do about it。”

“Hey, I knew this would happen, but I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. “Zhan Taomaru just sighed.

Then he looked at Bai Ye who was standing aside and said, “Bai Ye, thank you for not destroying those pacifists, otherwise we don’t know what to do with our current military strength. ”

After Zhan Taomaru finished speaking, he put the giant ax in his hand on his shoulder.

He issued an order to the pacifists.。

“Rush it to me! Destroy them! ”_To

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