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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 338

The biggest battle that Moonlight Moriah participated in after joining the White Night Pirates was the battle for Wano.

In the war between the White Night Pirates and the Beast Pirates that conquered Kaido, Moonlight Moria’s ability was indispensable.

Not only did it severely damage Kaido and the warships of the Navy headquarters that came to support.

And he turned the corpse of Kaido the Beast into Zombie Kaido, becoming his own soldier and becoming a major force in the White Night Pirates.

This is the most meaningful gift given to him by Bai Ye, the captain of the White Night Pirates.

Moonlight Moria did have the ambition to dominate the pirate world.

In the past, when he was young, he had witnessed the execution of the Pirate King Gordje in Rogge Town.

I also heard the words Roger said before his death that shocked the whole world!

onepiece is real!

So at that time he was just a little-known captain of a small pirate group.

But after hearing Roger say these words, he began to work hard���Strong, develop your own devil fruit power.

However, when he was in the new world, he was defeated by Kaido of the Beast Pirates.

At that time, all the crew members except him died.

His men died tragically in front of Moonlight Moria, so he continued to degenerate.

He became king in the Triangle of Terror, and then met Bai Ye.

Byakuya took him under his command and avenged Moria in Wano Country.

This great En Moria has long been ingrained into his own flesh and blood, so Moria’s level of loyalty to Bai Ye is unique.

He dares to say that he is second, and no one dares to be called first.

Moonlight Moria’s abilities were based on shadows, so Byakuya allowed him to stay in Wano Country.

In the end, Moonlight Moria was not allowed to follow Bai Ye to Alabasta.

This is what Moonlight Moria has always wanted to make up for, so he was able to do it when Marco returned to Wano.

Let Marco talk about the situation in Alabasta.

As for Kaixia Jinbei, to be honest, Kaixia Jinbei has always been hesitant in his heart.

Everything he did was to protect Princess White Star.

He was the captain of the royal army of the former Fishman Island Kingdom, and later held an important position in the Sun Pirates.

He made a name for himself on this sea.

Let all the pirates and navy in this sea know that there is a sea knight on the fish island.

He always does things with chivalry as his original intention.

So when Princess Shirahoshi took the initiative to join the White Night Pirates, King Neptune of Mermaid Island asked the sea hero Jinbe to join and protect Princess Shirahoshi.

He agreed without hesitation, although the bond was not as strong as others.

But it is impossible for him to betray.

It’s just that he has always been protecting something. Everything he does has meaning and is not his own intention.

The title of Kaixia Jinbei may be nothing more than a dignified one.

So Jinbei came to ask Marco Bastan this time about the problems he could face.

This is just a responsibility that he should go to.

It wasn’t that he felt like he wanted to follow.

After all, after the war in Alabasta, we can only choose from the remaining people.

So Jinbei thought it was time to join the battle himself.

Although Moonlight Moria and Kai Xia Jinbei were the Shichibukai of the same period.

In the

past, Moonlight Moria thought that he was no match for Kai Xia Jinbei.

But now after Moonlight Moria awakened through his Devil Fruit ability, he got Kaido’s corpse as his soldier, which greatly enhanced his combat effectiveness.

The most important thing is that Moonlight Moria’s goal is to protect Byakuya-sama, which is completely different from Jinbe.

One is in the true heart, the other is not.

So now Moonlight Moria is more powerful than Kaixia Jinbei.

It’s just that they don’t feel this way.

Under the joint questioning of Moonlight Moria and Kaixia Jinbei.

Marco just smiled.

He drank all the wine in the bottle.

He wiped his mouth and said: “Byakuya-sama is very strong.”

Moria and Jinpei looked at each other, and then said: “I know Byakuya-sama is very strong.”。”

“No, you don’t know that Lord Baiye’s power is beyond the scope of your and my knowledge.

Marco said calmly: “Master Baiye really hides an extremely powerful ability. “。”

“Whenever we thought Lord Bai Ye’s ability had reached its peak, he could actually break through again.。”

“And his breakthrough is not the awakening of the devil fruit, but his breakthrough. It can be said that the attributes of his entire body seem to be improved in all aspects.。”

“So on this trip to Alabasta, I didn’t really help much. ”

Marco raised his head and stared at Moonlight Moria and Jinbei who were standing in front of him.

Marco remembered that Byakuya could fight calmly in Roadhog’s blood cloud state, and read the game in the creative space.

Byakuya-sama can do it with ease. Give the opponent a fatal blow.

This rapid growth in the incident, and this kind of physical talent is simply one of a kind.

Marco was deeply impressed by Lord Byakuya’s ability.

So Marco brought everything in What happened in Alabasta was completely revealed.

This made Moonlight Moria and Kaixia Jinbei both stunned speechless by this kind of thing.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

At dawn on the third day.

Everyone was sitting in the hall of the House of Flowers.

Bai Ye was sitting in the center of the hall, with Bai Ye’s generals on both sides.

Nico Robin slowly walked out from behind.

She was holding the Pluto that Bai Ye had snatched. The steering wheel, facing everyone with a solemn expression.

This feeling inevitably makes people feel a little nervous.

Nico Robin said slowly to everyone。

“At present, I have carefully studied the information on the ancient writings on this steering wheel.。”

“Basically we can determine our next goal. ”

Everyone immediately became energetic. After all, their current goal is to find Hades.

Nico Robin said: “The writing on the ship’s steering wheel is actually a person’s name. Nico Robin said slowly: ”

This man and I once spent two years on the same boat.” ”

She continued: “And he is indeed a person who has seen the ancient weapon Pluto. Bai

Ye suddenly thought of that person.

Nico Robin continued: “That person’s name is Franky, nicknamed Iron Man, and he is also one of the crew members of the Straw Hat Pirates.”。”

“We got separated in the Shampoo Islands, and all we had to do was ask Big Bear and we’d know where he was. ”

Nicole Robin said very firmly, because she felt that she would soon see the truth about history._

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