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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 331

Only Roadhog is left in front of Baiye。

At this time, Bai Ye had already rushed to the deepest position of Roadhog’s left eye area.。

Deep in the left eye, you can vaguely see a person。

That is the true form of Roadhog in this blood cloud.。

The Roadhog here is still the same body covered in gold.。

It’s just that he looks extremely crazy now.。

He has now returned to his original appearance。

That short, ugly fat man。

In his hand he holds a golden staff that is taller than him。

He looked at the white night that appeared in front of him in amazement。

He started to go crazy like crazy and yelled at Bai Ye angrily!

“You, why are you here! Get out of here right now!”

“This is not the place for you!”

“I’m the king here!”

“I command you to leave my kingdom!”

Roadhog has regarded the world in Blood Cloud as his homeland.。

And when he found Bai Ye standing opposite him, he seemed to be looking at him with disgust.。

This is the kind of look Roadhog has seen most in his life, and the most cruel look he has seen from others in his life.。

That’s the kind of look you get because Roadhog looks ugly.。

Roadhog thinks that now that he is the king, why would anyone look at him like this?

At this time, he didn’t even remember Bai Ye, he didn’t even remember himself.。

He kept wandering in the dream of the king in his mind。

But deep in his memory, the look in his eyes that had been despised by others。

It once again aroused the anger hidden in his heart。

Roadhog raised his golden staff。

He scolded Bai Ye loudly: “Bold untouchable! Who the hell do you think you are! How dare you look at me like this!”

“This king will put you to death! You will be the first person I execute as king!”

“Hehe, you should feel honored!”

After speaking, he pointed the golden cane at Bai Ye. The eyes of the golden skull on the front of the golden cane continued to emit a strange red light!

Bai Ye sighed, drew out the Hellfire sword, and said slowly without even looking at Roadhog.。

“I really can’t figure out why you can live so long。”

“Is it because of your appearance that God gave you good luck?”

Then Bai Ye’s words were extremely cold。

“But your luck ends now!”

“Die! Roadhog!”

After saying this, Bai Ye’s whole body burst out with a powerful force of thunder and lightning!

Let the power of thunder and lightning be transmitted to the entire blood cloud!

At this time, Marco, Nico Robin, and Momotu Misono all ran far away.。

They had known for a long time that Bai Ye would be ruthless, but they would use their power to the maximum without any worries.。

At this time, Bai Ye’s biggest concern is that he is afraid that his own people will affect him.。

So Momotu Misono took Nico Robin and Marco out of the blood cloud early.。

Then quickly fly back to the ground。

Let the King of Alabasta flee with his army and take refuge in the city.。

Because Lord Bai Ye is going to kill someone。

When he is really angry, he kills people without caring about others around him.。

And the blood cloud in the sky is already mixed with a lot of thunder and lightning power。

This is the sign that Lord Byakuya is about to launch an attack!

Everyone hid in the city。

Marco, Momo Usagi, Nico Robin, Princess Vivi, Kosa, King of Alabasta, and two Kingdom Guardian Captains。


came out one after another and took a peek at this strange phenomenon in the sky.。

at this moment。

Bai Ye, who is in the blood-colored clouds, has completely turned this blood cloud into his home court!

Because the Thunder Fruit is the natural enemy of the Water Fruit!

Lightning can be conducted in water flow!

Bai Ye’s face was extremely cold, and he showed no mercy at all when facing Roadhog who was already going crazy.。

“You deserve to die too!”

Bai Ye shouted angrily at that ugly guy。

After saying that, he placed the long sword on his waist, then lowered his body, and a powerful thunder whirlpool erupted around him!

“Millions of volts!”

“Instant lightning chop!”

Bai Ye shouted。

In just a moment, Bai Ye disappeared from the same place。

And when he appeared again, he had emerged from behind Roadhog。

When Roadhog still doesn’t understand what’s going on。

I feel like I’m spinning。

Then, he saw his body dangling in the sky。

A stream of blood was continuously spraying golden blood from his neck.。

He saw his body fall。

The golden cane was caught in Bai Ye’s hand。


Somehow, he opened his eyes again。

But the surrounding bloody clouds have disappeared。

There is just endless white。

He saw Bai Ye standing opposite him。

“What the hell! “But he suddenly thought of something and felt a little trembling。

Roadhog asked Bai Ye tentatively: “I……What’s wrong。”

“You were hacked to death by me. I cut off your head with one sword, and then chopped you into pieces with a few more sword strikes.。”

Bai Ye actually smiled a little when facing Roadhog。

Roadhog panicked at that time, but he didn’t expect that he would die in Bai Ye’s hands.。

And he died directly under Bai Ye’s sword without any resistance.。

Roadhog murmured: “Why, why, I don’t accept it, I don’t accept it。”

Bai Ye sneered and looked at Roadhog with contempt: “What can you do if you don’t accept it? Can you still fight me in this state? Oh, by the way, you have no life left to fight with me.。”

Roadhog heard something incredible from Bai Ye’s words.。

“In this state?”

He lowered his head and looked at his hands, legs, and everything on his body。

Discovered that the body is all transparent。

“What am I?”

Roadhog looked at Bai Ye in horror, not knowing what was happening.。

“If I die, why can I still talk to you?”

Bai Ye crossed his arms over his chest, smiled, and said, “It’s very simple. I can absorb the energy of the soul and use it for myself.”。”

After saying that, Bai Ye suddenly stretched out a hand to Roadhog。

Roadhog’s body was actually out of his control, as if it was tightly held in Bai Ye’s hand.。

Roadhog looked at Bai Ye in horror. He seemed to feel a terrible force pinching him.。

And his body seemed to be caught in the air by something。

“No, I beg you, let me go。”

“I, I, accept you as the boss, and I will work hard for you。”

“No, you are my master and I will be your slave, or, or I will be your dog!”

Bai Ye stretched out his other hand, put it on his mouth, and let out a big breath.。

He said lazily: “I’m sorry, you have been beaten to death by me. I can indeed save you, but I don’t want to。”

Roadhog stared at the boss。

Just listen to Bai Ye say slowly: “Because your devil fruit ability is helpful to me.”。”

“Goodbye, ugly guy. “


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