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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 329


“Ready to fight?”

“Your Majesty, are we really going to fight the rebels? ”

A king’s army leader immediately looked nervously at Kosa and Princess Vivi who were standing opposite him.

This leader was the highest officer below Wolf Gaka and Falcon Bell.

They were in a confrontation with the rebels before. , his officers are all asking whether to start a battle.

Although they are not willing to go to war with the citizens of their own country.

Even the rebels on the opposite side intend to subvert the authority of Alabasta. In

his heart, he is extremely unwilling to go to war with the rebels. .

Therefore, a standard is always strictly adhered to.

As long as there is no order from the guardian captains of the Royal Army, Garka the Wolf and Bell the Falcon, or the combat command of the King of Alabasta.

He is only responsible for fighting against the rebels. It’s just a confrontation.

We can’t launch an attack easily.

Fortunately, the rebel army on the opposite side is an army led by Kosa and Princess Vivi.���。

The other side is not willing to go to war with them.

This commander knew very well that Princess Weiwei and the others just wanted a result. The reason why they gathered the army was to confront the Royal Army under the city of Alabasta.

Her main reasons were to get the King of Alabasta to come out and ask for an explanation in person, and to remove the national advisor Roadhog who was causing harm to the country.

Not only the rebels led by Princess Weiwei, but also the king’s army were extremely dissatisfied with Roadhog, the national advisor.

As soon as he took office, he announced extremely serious taxes, expelled Princess Vivi, who was respected by all people, from the country of Alabasta, and declared the place where Princess Vivi was hiding to be a rebel city.

All of this seems to be a very bad and weird thing, but the King of Alabasta actually agreed and listened to the slander of this road bully national master.

There is nothing they can do about the royal army who eat the royal food. Military orders are like mountains, and their purpose is to obey all the official books of the kingdom.

Now they saw with their own eyes the King of Alabasta and the two guardian captains appearing on the battlefield.

And he also told them to prepare for battle.

This made the commanders of these royal forces look helpless.

Even Princess Weiwei and Kosha suddenly felt nervous.

Because they knew that they went to Akabana Palace alone during the white night, and their purpose was to contain the royal army and prevent the war from happening.

But after such a long time, there was no response. When his father suddenly appeared, Bai Ye and the others were not around.

Could it be that Bai Ye and the others failed?

Princess Weiwei looked nervously at the Akabana Palace and then at her father.

At this time, the King of Alabasta pointed his finger to the sky.

He looked at the vision in the sky and said to them breathlessly: “We must prepare to fight Roadhog! It’s all his fault! We must fight!” Everyone looked in the direction of the King of Alabasta’s hand and saw the sky

. A large blood-red cloud appeared inexplicably.

And that cloud continues to expand outward!

Everyone looked at the shocking phenomenon in the sky in amazement, and felt a little panicked.

At this moment, the King of Alabasta explained to them: “Yes, you read that right, that’s the blood cloud you saw in the sky! He is the changed Roadhog!” Everyone was shocked, they couldn’t help

but I just couldn’t believe that there were humans who cou

ld produce such changes.

Human beings can actually manifest this kind of vision that only heaven and earth can produce. Even the Devil Fruit users they know rarely have this kind of covering ability.

At this moment, Roadhog’s blood cloud had expanded to cover the entire sky of Akabana Palace.

Completely covering the sky of the entire royal army and rebel forces.

And the cloud is still expanding outwards.

People could vaguely see a huge, ugly face in the blood cloud.

The eyes of that face seemed to be looking greedily at everything on the ground. From this look, one could see that person’s extreme desire for evil!

When he saw that everyone was afraid of Roadhog in the form of a blood cloud.

The wolf Jaka and the falcon Bell, who had returned to human form, were the first to stand up.

They walked to the commanders of those armies respectively.

The wolf Jaka leads the royal army.

Bell of the Falcon leads the rebel army。

“Come with me! ”

They said at the same time.

As the two patron saints of the entire Alabasta, their words were very weighty.

And the soldiers in the army were relieved when they saw the appearance of the two patron saints.

They thought in their hearts, Finally, there will be no more war with their comrades.

The two patron saints served as the strongest commanders of the Alabasta army.

They announced orders to the soldiers and the enemies who were preparing to fight.。

“Comrades, everything that happened here was caused by that man named Roadhog! Roadhog is the remnant of Baroque Studio from two years ago! His purpose is to destroy this country!”

“And we can’t let him do that now! He must be killed here!”

“Now we can only have a glimmer of hope by fighting and constantly fighting Roadhog! ”

The two patron saints were mobilizing impassionedly before the war.

Their goal was to gather all the soldiers with firearms and artillery to form a combat team and continuously attack the blood cloud in the sky.

Or to attack the underground cave before . At that time, the four-person aerial team opened a breakthrough for Bai Ye.

But at that time, they were attacking the golden gargoyle.

Now they are attacking the expanded Roadhog.

They had just emerged from the ground, In the sand and dust, the King of Alabasta and Bell of the Wolf Gaka Falcon made an agreement with Bai Ye and the others. They

would use the power of the whole country to tear apart a path for them that would allow Bai Ye and the others to reach the blood cloud smoothly.

Even those soldiers found it ridiculous. The idea.

But under the strong request of the two guardians, a combat formation was gradually formed.

They gathered all the guns at a central point.

All the muzzles of the guns were aimed at the sky. The left eye of that ugly face.

Because they saw only Roadhog who turned into a blood cloud, there was this golden area in the left eye.

That area was the accessory of the ancient weapon Pluto hiding in Roadhog’s body and constantly devouring Roadhog!

“Soldiers prepare! ”

The artillery team and the musketry team all aimed at the sky.。

“attack! ”




Countless artillery and countless muskets shot out at Roadhog’s golden left eye in the sky. The

roar spread throughout the sky.

The blood cloud transformed by Roadhog actually had the ability to devour All the power.

But at this time, the power he swallowed was indeed a firearm that could defeat him!

Roadhog was under a joint attack by the Alabasta army.

They actually opened a gap! _

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