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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 328

Roadhog is currently hovering in the sky of the entire underground cave!

Turning the entire sky into blood red.

During the white night, I looked thoughtfully at Roadhog, who had turned into a behemoth.

Marco and Momotu Miono also flew to Byakuya’s side.

Looking up at the sky and looking at the blood-red clouds.

Nico Robin also looked at Roadhog who had turned into a cloud。

“It turns out that the ancient weapon Pluto actually strengthened Devil Fruit users to this point…….”,

“It’s just that he looks a little strange。”

“Why is it strange? “Bai Ye turned around and asked Nico Robin.

Because only she could explain this phenomenon now.

Roadhog has now expanded to cover the entire sky.

Nico Robin wiped the sweat on the top of his head and said, “I suddenly have I have some thoughts, is this Roadhog getting help from ancient weapons, or is the ancient weapon Pluto trying to take away Roadhog’s power?……”,

Taotu Yuen nodded, she looked at the sky and said in agreement.。

“It seems this���Roadhog’s mind has been swallowed by the fragments of Hades.

Marco’s eyes widened with a look of shock on his face, “Holy crap, is that thing so dangerous? ”

Then he turned his head and looked at Bai Ye, “Sir Bai Ye, what should we do? ” Bai

Ye remained silent. He searched the sky with his mind net to detect the thoughts of the blood cloud.

Then, Bai Ye frowned and said to everyone, “It seems we are getting ready to go out.” ”

Get out?

Everyone in the sky couldn’t help but look at Bai Ye, wondering what he was talking about.

At this time, Bai Ye fell to the ground.

His body no longer activated the cyclone of overlord-colored domineering energy and thunder and lightning power.

Bai Ye looked at The King of Alabasta looked frightened, as well as the two Royal Guard Captains who were guarding the King.

Then Marco, Nico Robin, and Momo Usagi in the sky also fell down.

Fight beside Lord Byakuya.

Byakuya He said in a deep voice: “It seems like this guy wants to break through here and fly out.。”

“Break through here? ”

The King of Alabasta looked shocked and couldn’t believe what he heard.

Bai Ye didn’t want to explain too much. After all, the blood cloud in the sky could break through the stone wall at any time.

Then the place would collapse. Buried forever.

Bai Ye looked serious and said to everyone in a deep voice: “Let’s get ready and escape from here together. ”

As soon as Bai Ye finished speaking,

he heard Roadhog in the sky start muttering to himself.。

“It’s so boring here!”

“I feel terrible! I’m so depressed!”

“I don’t want to stay here forever。”

“Then I’ll go out!”

“go out? How to get out? Eh? How can I fly in the sky?”

“My ability can break through this place, of course I can get out.。”

“Get out quickly, it’s really uncomfortable here! ”

Roadhog kept talking to himself in the sky, talking to himself.

Although it sounded like he was mumbling, the sound echoed throughout the dome of the cave.

Then, an incredible scene happened

. Roadhog formed a The blood cloud actually began to collide with the dome!

And from the blood cloud, blood-red steel needles were constantly outputting crazily towards the dome!

The dome was continuously destroyed by Roadhog’s blood cloud! As a result, the entire space It started to shake.

Bai Ye suddenly said to everyone。

“It’s about to begin! He’s attacking the dome! ”

Then he took out the scabbard containing the Hellfire Sword from his waist and handed it to King Alabasta.

He said: “King Alabasta, you must hold the scabbard firmly, we are about to rush out. ”

The King of Alabasta also sensed that the danger was coming.

He would definitely grab this life-saving straw, and then tightly grasped the scabb

ard handed over by Bai Ye with both hands.

Marco, Peach Rabbit Misono, Nico Robin also There is the Wolf Jaka riding the Falcon Bell.

They all turned on the flight mode. They

will follow Bai Ye to break through the cave as soon as possible.

They are all staring at the Roadhog in the sky whose mind has been swallowed up.

Now even he Even the poor man who was swallowed by that thing couldn’t help him.

Roadhog’s blood-red clouds kept breaking through the land and rushing toward the ground.


After a loud noise,

the cave was actually broken through by him. !

The huge roar spread to the entire underground.

But now Bai Ye can no longer care about this huge sound. Now

the only top priority is to follow this blood cloud and rush out.

The soil layer that Roadhog broke through came directly to the ground!

Because of the underground The cave was really built too deep.

Roadhog’s breakthrough of the soil layer directly caused the soil layer next to it to be unable to be supported.

And those soil walls would bury this underground cave in an instant!

At this moment, Bai Ye found the right opportunity. He

lifted his body into the air and rushed in that direction with the King of Alabasta! The

four flying teams behind him also followed Bai Ye and flew towards the exit.

The soil and stone walls along the way continued to collapse.

Little by little Completely burying this place!

Bai Ye rushed towards the ground with all his strength without losing the King of Alabasta.

Everyone also followed Bai Ye and rushed to the ground!

Until they discovered the scene on the ground. They

were already shocked. .

It turns out that this is the northwest corner from the Albana Palace.

It is also close to the area where the Royal Army and the Rebel Army confront each other.

Since the two armies are still confronting each other, they are ready to draw swords at any time.

But they are unwilling to take the initiative to launch an attack.

The Rebel Army Kosha and Princess Weiwei over there will not attack at all.

And the two commanders from the Royal Army are not here either. They have no right to attack directly beyond the commanders.

So the two sides can only be in a stalemate with each other.

I don’t know. How long did it take?

They all found that the ground under their feet was shaking tremendously!

Until they heard a huge roar. Boom,

boom, boom!

Several huge roars spread from the underground to the ground.

Then in the blink of an eye, a wave of The evil blood-red cloud unexpectedly broke through the soil and flew directly into the air. Then,

before everyone understood what was going on,

some more people flew up from the ground.

Because the sand and dust rolled up from the ground made everyone see it. When they were unclear about the situation and couldn’t tell what was happening just now,

a sound of running came out from the sand.

The Royal Army and the rebels raised their weapons towards the source of the sound.

They found Alabasta The king was emerging from the dust together with the two patron saints of Alabasta.

At this time, the king of Alabasta was out of breath.

Princess Vivi and Kosha recognized the king of Alabasta at a glance.

They hurried over, Planning to ask about the situation.

Princess Vivi seems to have forgotten that her father was once confused by Roadhog. She

also forgot that she was once wanted.

Now is the moment when father and daughter recognize each other. But

the King of Alabasta only gasped a few times.

Hurry up He said to the generals of the Royal Army, Princess Weiwei, and Kosha who were running over.。

“Get ready to fight, everyone! ”

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