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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 315

“Hey hey hey!”

The appearance of Roadhog really surprised them all。

Although they all know that Roadhog is not dead, he has been hiding around them, waiting for opportunities.。

However, no one knows the specific form in which he will appear.。

At this time, Bai Ye was already in a state of fatigue, and Nico Robin was almost exhausted.。

When the two of them walked out of the secret passage filled with gargoyles, they were almost unable to support their bodies.。

This time may really be the best time for Roadhog to appear.。

Roadhog’s appearance is really ugly. At this time, the aura of any other person will be enough to rise several levels.。

And a short, ugly fat guy like Roadhog, let alone a villain boss, might not even be considered a small boss. In the eyes of others, this guy is just a follower at best.。

Even if he becomes the boss of Roadhog, others don’t know that he is still a follower.。

He doesn’t have the momentum of a boss at all.。

However, at this moment, Roadhog, although he lost most of his momentum, was still a little afraid of people like Bai Ye.。

After all, Bai Ye and Nico Robin’s powers are completely different from their peak state.。

Roadhog’s eyes narrowed into slits, and then he showed his burnt yellow teeth and said with a grin, “Hey, thank you for taking me through that gargoyle tunnel.。”

He turned around and was about to move forward。

“wait! “Bai Ye stopped Roadhog.。

Roadhog was a little surprised. Bai Ye has reached this state, is he still planning to kill me?

He asked: “If you don’t adjust your breath now, the gargoyles behind you will attack you. You should thank me for letting you live a few more minutes.”。”

Bai Ye stared at the ugly face in front of him, calmed down for a moment and asked。

“Tell me how you escaped. From the time we fell here, although you seemed to have disappeared, you were actually always by my side, right?”

Roadhog stared at Bai Ye, smiled playfully, and said, “I didn’t expect you to discover this. Hehe, many people couldn’t. Some people were even killed by me without being able to detect my ability at all.。”

Then Roadhog seemed to suddenly have some interest and turned his head to look at Bai Ye.。

“In fact, it’s okay to tell you. You people can’t pose any threat to me, and I’m about to get the ancient weapon Pluto.。”

“Do you want to know what kind of devil fruit ability user I am?”

Bai Ye and the other three saw Roadhog yelling and screaming over there, and they also took this opportunity to adjust their state.。

“My fruit ability is the strongest among all devil fruits! No one with abilities can be stronger than me!”

“Even my former boss, the person with the ability of the Shasha fruit, can’t do anything to me.。”

Roadhog was showing off, but his expression was very excited.。

Until the end, he said: “I am a person with the ability of the Water Fruit. I can turn into water, and create and control water! I am the nightmare of you people with abilities! Hahaha! Let me tell you, I am the strongest!”

A person with water fruit abilities?

The ability to control water?

In other words, he can make others lose their fruit abilities, right?。

Bai Ye thought so, but as a person with a system, he had already removed the side effects of the Thunder Fruit.。

So for Roadhog, the so-called strongest Devil Fruit ability has no effec

t on Byakuya.。

All that’s left now is how to use the Devil Fruit and its specific strength.。

Bai Ye took a step forward. At this time, he had roughly recovered a little bit and said to Roadhog.。

“I’m afraid you still don’t know, although I am a person with abilities, I am not afraid of water.。”

Roadhog was stunned for a moment, then felt that what the other party said was just to bolster the scene.。

He laughed twice, “Hahaha, don’t think I will believe you!”

Bai Ye spread his hands and said helplessly: “Believe it or not, it’s up to you.。”

Roadhog’s face couldn’t bear it at that moment, and then he shouted angrily。

Then he laughed wildly again: “Hey hey hey hey, hahahaha, don’t think I will be deceived by you.。”

Roadhog subconsciously took a step back, and the aura he had just appeared instantly dropped a lot.。

Then he looked at Bai Ye fiercely, and his mind went crazy。

Said: “If I want to deal with you, I don’t need to take action myself.。”

Then he raised his hand, and two strange water stains appeared on the ground.。

Then, I heard Roadhog’s contemptuous eyes quietly appear.。

Immediately afterwards, the two strange pools of water beside him began to boil outward.。

It seems like something terrible is coming out of it。

Then, two people emerged from inside at the same time!

Bai Ye knows the looks of these two people.。

They were the men of the two Roadhogs they met on the first floor of Ducheng Yuyan in Yudi.。

At the same time, Marco and Taotu were the two people who were helping to hold them back.。

A woman with the ability to create space。

There is also a man in black with a card fruit。

It’s just that at this time, the two of them are in human form formed by Roadhog’s water fruit ability.。

But soon those human figures began to lose the water ripples on their bodies.。

Gradually turned into human skin, they wore nothing。

But in Bai Ye’s eyes, these two people are very close to real people.。

What’s more likely is that these two people may be the real person.。

Bai Ye was not worried that Marco and Peach Rabbit would be defeated.。

Judging from Marco and Peach Usagi’s ability, their fighting ability against these people is not worth mentioning.。

Maybe this Roadhog just summoned them here after they had a fight.。

Roadhog raised his eyebrows, and then tried to straighten his waist to make himself look less short.。

He said: “Hey, just have fun with these two people!”

After Roadhog finished speaking, he limped into the depths.。

The man in black and the woman no longer have the same souls as before.。

It’s as if these two people are just duplicates。

But even if they are all replicas, Roadhog’s strength may have fully reflected the abilities of these people in the replicas.。

Bai Ye has already used the Heart Network to find out that there is no reaction in the hearts of these two people.。

Bai Ye felt a cold thought。

At this time, his murderous intent was fully revealed, and Bai Ye drew out the Hellfire sword.。

Nico Robin has completely lost her fighting ability。

Now he is the only one left to face these people alone。

Lightning flashed on the dark fire sword。

He tapped his sword lightly on the ground。

He said in a deep voice: “I don’t care whether you are a copy or the original version. I tell you, if anyone dares to block my way, the only result will be death!”


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