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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 311

“Wha, what! “The King of Alabasta broke out in a cold sweat.。

He didn’t expect that the boy in front of him would say such surprising words。

“Are you saying that Roadhog guy isn’t dead? Wasn’t he just buried in quicksand?”

“Could he be a devil fruit user?”

The King of Alabasta thought, and then he said: “He was buried in the quicksand. Is he the same as Crocodile? Is he also a person with the ability of the Sand Fruit?””

Nico Robin shook his head and said: “Crocodar is not dead. The ability of the Devil Fruit can only reappear somewhere in the world when the holder dies.。”

“And in this world, only the Shasha Fruit is a Devil Fruit that controls sand. This is a characteristic of the Natural Devil Fruit. Unlike the Superman and Animal types, which have other branches, only single and unique individuals exist.。”

“So the Shasha Fruit is the only Devil Fruit in the world, and it’s in Crocodile’s。”

Nico Robin emphasized it again, because the former Shichibukai Crocodile was Nico Robin’s partner.。

Therefore, Nico Robin’s attitude towards Crocodile is also very complicated. Although this former Shichibukai man has some thief behavior, he is just a complete pirate.。

Just because he is a pirate, what he does is normal behavior.。

Straw Hat Luffy’s adventurer behavior is actually an alternative existence in the world of pirates.。

Nico Robin was thinking, she was considering what kind of ability that Roadhog had.。

She turned her attention to Lord Byakuya and wanted to ask for help. She didn’t know what was going on. Nico Robin seemed to have great trust in the boy in front of her. Perhaps it was because Byakuya was the Five Emperors and was a very powerful being in the world of pirates.。

Not only did he dare to openly oppose the World Government, but he also provoked the Five Emperors and even killed all members of the Kaido Pirates, one of the Five Emperors.。

And it is said that even the Five Old Stars were defeated by him, and he even killed one of the Five Old Stars.。

And what he has to do is to completely subvert the structure and order of this world. It is time to say goodbye to this world ruled by the Celestial Dragons.。

Byakuya caught the eye from Nico Robin。

This kind of look is the kind of look that is eager to learn and inquisitive.。

Nico Robin’s various experiences should have given her the ability to see a lot, but even so, she still looked at Bai Ye for knowledge, probably because Bai Ye had the ability to detect the opponent’s mind.。

Bai Ye shook his head and said calmly: “Roadhog is indeed not dead. He has been following us since just now. I don’t know how he did it. It’s like he has a clone, all in this space. his thoughts。”

Nico Robin was also thinking about Bai Ye’s words. She knew that Bai Ye was definitely good at detection and detection, but this ability had no effect here.。

But Bai Ye raised his head and said to Nico Robin and the King of Alabasta.。

“No matter how he sneaks up on us, our ultimate goal is to translate historical texts。”

“We have to do this, because only I can control the ancient weapon Hades。”

The King of Alabasta nodded in agreement. After all, for him, Alabasta

had no ability to hide this secret, and he promised to save the country of Alabasta from Roadhog.。

Both emotionally and rationally, he must trust this young man named Bai Ye, which means he believes that this young man named Bai Ye can already hold the ancient weapon Pluto in his arms without letting him lose it.。

Nico Robin lowered her head and remained silent. She knew that for Alabasta, the ancient weapon Pluto was the secret they guarded, but for the O’Hara family who could detect the secrets in historical texts, the consequences of this secret The shock is too great。

And as an archaeologist, Nico Robin, the secrets of this century of immersed in the blanks of history are definitely related to the ancient weapon Pluto.。

But Bai Ye himself is powerful enough. If he gets the ancient weapon Pluto, his power will be even better.。

From now on, you don’t have to be afraid of anyone at all, and most likely, you don’t even have to be afraid of Lord Im, who is the king of the Celestial Dragons.。

But whether Bai Ye can save the entire world as he said, instead of bringing disaster to the world, no one knows.。

But Nico Robin thought about it carefully. Even if Bai Ye got the ancient weapon Hades, he might not be able to use it well.。

After all, the person who can drive this legendary weapon must be a person with special abilities.。

Nico Robin relaxed a little as she thought about it. Just imagine that Bai Ye would rather be the owner of the ancient weapon Pluto than let that thief Roadhog get it. Now she gets very angry when she thinks about Roadhog’s face.。

Roadhog should be their enemy, and Bai Ye might just be a lifer.。

Seeing how nervous Nico Robin was, Bai Ye suddenly laughed.。

He looked at me, Nico Robin, then turned around and forgot about the King of Alabasta, then he smiled and said playfully。

“Please, you two, come and decipher the historical text.。”

The king of Alabasta knew where the historical texts were located in the palace。

In this dimly lit underground palace, only the king of Alabasta can know the true location of the historical text。

He turned his head and said, “Come with me, I will take you to find historical texts。”

A few people walked behind the King of Alabasta, and everyone walked along the wall in the dark.。

Then they came to a place filled with the fragrance of flower petals。

It seems like the sun is shining directly in from somewhere。

That’s why it’s so important to have the necessary space for vegetation to grow.。

Among the vegetation growing underground, there is a huge historical text stone standing here.。

Nico Robin walked over. She had been here before. At that time, she was Crocodile’s partner.。

And she refused to translate the words in this historical text。

But this time it was completely different. Lord Byakuya was not Crocodile.。

He doesn’t have Crocodile’s ambition, he has the kind of dream to subvert the world.。

Nico Robin came to the stones of historical texts and gently touched these memories dusted in history with her hands.。

At this moment, she seemed to be in the long river of history。

This simply made Nico Robin unable to calm down for a long time.


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