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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 310

The King of Alabasta couldn’t help but feel shocked.。

He understood what Bai Ye meant by leaving it to him.。

This is a secret that their Alabasta royal family has passed down and guarded from generation to generation.。

Hidden in the historical texts of Alabasta are actually important clues to the location of the ancient weapon Pluto.。

Bai Ye obviously already knew this。

Of course, he believes that this is the reason why Roadhog found Nico Robin.。

And the previous Shichibukai Crocodile。

Because he wanted to get clues about the ancient weapon Pluto, Crocodile did not hesitate to establish a Baroque studio to train a group of masters, and then attempted to steal the entire Alabasta。

What’s even more terrifying is that he knows that not only these pirates, but also the world government is interested in acquiring this ancient weapon Pluto.。

And there are more than these pirates in this world. There are also some ferocious pirates on the sea who must have made plans for Pluto who knows the clues in this world.。

People all believe that as long as they gain the right to rule Alabasta, they will be able to obtain clues to the ancient weapon Pluto.。

It all started because of that piece of historical text。

It makes the citizens of the entire desert country suffer from the crisis of being buried in the yellow sand.。

Many people were buried under the yellow sand because of that ancient weapon.。

Just because of that ancient weapon, the desert country was unable to usher in peace for a long time.。

And he knew that according to the historical records of Alabasta, wars had broken out in every generation of Alabasta during these hundreds of years.。

There is really only one cause for them, and that is the ancient weapon Pluto.。

At first, he dreamed of opening Hades himself, but he knew that his national power could not support the opening of ancient weapons.。

There was no strong person to protect the country. Even the two captains of the palace guard were easily defeated and trampled under their feet.。

He raised his head and looked at Bai Ye with hesitant eyes.。

Is this young man really capable of controlling this secret?

Bai Ye knew what the King of Alabasta was thinking, and he said: “Your Majesty, let me tell you something now. In fact, your Princess Vivi has agreed to allow me to let Nico Robin translate this historical text, and will also help you. resolve this war。”

“It may be that your royal family has been guarding this secret for hundreds of years, and it cannot be destroyed by your generation.。”

“But you have to know that we are now in the era of great pirates. Pirates are at war with the world government. There are countless countries that have been stolen by pirates. In comparison, you, Alabasta, are relatively lucky.。”

Bai Ye stared into the eyes of the King of Alabasta, his expression seemed calm and composed, but his words were very firm.。

“In this era, everyone wants the help of the ancient weapon Pluto, but as you are the guardians of the secrets of this ancient weapon, if this kind of protection will destroy your Alabasta, do you still need to protect it?”

When Bai Ye said these words, the king’s heart trembled.。

Yes, what this boy said is absolutely correct。

Now that they have no ability to protect it, instead of letting Alabasta be destroyed, it is better to let the pirate in front of him give it a try and let him protect this secret by himself, not to mention that Weiwei has agreed with the boy. After all, Weiwei The princess is the sole royal heir of Alabasta

Wait, royal heir.。

The king seemed to have thought of something. He looked at Bai Ye and turned from anger to joy.。

He said with a smile: “Young man, if you are willing, I want Princess Weiwei to marry you, so that you can not only legitimately crack this secret, but also continue to protect this secret on behalf of our Alabasta royal family.。”

“How about my daughter, Princess Vivi is a great beauty, no less beautiful than the Nico Robin next to you.。”

Then I saw the king rubbing his hands like an old man introducing a partner to his daughter, and continued.。

“The main reason is that my daughter is young, has a good figure, and has a strong exotic style. And she’s still a princess, so she definitely has the capital.。”

Bai Ye was shocked when he saw the old king. How could he promote his own daughter like a madam promoting a girl?。

And he still forcefully pushed his daughter into Bai Ye’s arms.。

This made Bai Ye a little bit dumbfounded。

But then I thought about it, maybe the King of Alabasta was right.。

This can both keep secrets and protect secrets. More importantly, this is what the Alabasta royal family should do.。

We cannot violate the inheritance of royal family secrets from previous generations.。

When Bai Ye thought about it, now he must agree no matter what he said.。

This is just like when I just went out and met a bunch of people picking up a bride. I wanted to watch the fun, but I was kidnapped by a bunch of people, saying that they wanted to give him a wife.。

This is too bloody, right?。

Bai Ye smiled helplessly, but what else can she do now, in order to satisfy the lifelong request of the King of Alabasta?。

He had no choice but to reluctantly agree.。

Bai Ye pretended to decline for a few moments, and then said solemnly。

“Then I will try it with Princess Weiwei. If it is not suitable, I have to say it.。”

Unexpectedly, Bai Ye said such outrageous things, but the king remained unmoved. When he heard Bai Ye agreed, he wanted to jump several meters away.。

“That’s it. “The King of Alabasta said happily。

But at this time, Bai Ye suddenly remembered something。

He said to the King of Alabasta: “However, I heard that your daughter, Princess Weiwei, has been betrothed to me by you as your national advisor. She is the road bully who flattered the imperial advisor by you.。”

When the King of Alabasta heard this name, he became very angry.。

He vomited twice into the ground and cursed.。

“I will never let my daughter marry that dwarf! And they are so ugly. If they get together, how ugly will my grandchildren look like? I can’t even think about it。”

“Moreover, I was controlled by that dwarf’s subordinate, a woman. In the space she created, I could not make any voice of resistance or rejection at all.。”

“So the reason why I did that at that time was entirely because I had been marked by a sharp person. So how can the things promised in that situation count?”

At this moment, Bai Ye’s heart network actually transmitted Roadhog’s thoughts.。

It’s also the inner thoughts that come up from the lower levels of the ground.。

Apparently it was because of what the old king of Alabasta said just now that he angered Roadhog.。

However, Roadhog still insisted on himself and did not show up.。

Hidden in darkness until now。

Bai Ye smiled and said to the King of Alabasta。

“King, I advise you to be careful what you say, for trouble comes from your mouth, and。”

Bai Ye sneered at the king: “That Roadhog is not dead. He has always been here. I just didn’t find his specific location.”


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