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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 308

The battle between Marco and Peach Rabbit has ended.

They defeated their opponents intact.

Then they met in the square.

When Peach Rabbit transformed into Lucifer, he met Marco who had just blown up the man in black.

She looked at the flames on Marco’s body, and her eyes widened in shock: “Is your phoenix ability so strong?”

She looked at the bomb fragments scattered around, and then at Marco, who was covered in blue flames. .

After thinking for a moment, he turned the feathers on his body into sharp arrows and penetrated straight into Marco’s body.

The feather penetrated Marco’s body and made a big hole, but there was no bleeding.

Then the wound on Marco’s body healed in an instant。

“Peach rabbit! What are you doing, are you crazy? Why are you beating me? “Marco glared at Peach Rabbit and shouted.

The attack speed of Marco’s Phoenix Fruit ability itself is not high, just because the fruit ability itself relies on strong���Its self-healing ability destroys the opponent’s mind, making it a tank-type character.

His attack power and anti-hit ability are both excellent. It seems that Marco deliberately did not practice his speed, so that he devoted all his energy to strength and anti-hit ability, as well as the restorative properties of the Phoenix Fruit itself.

So the moment he was sneak attacked, even if he saw the direction of the arrow’s flight, he didn’t need to dodge at all.

The blue flames produced by his body can easily repair his wounds.

No matter how much damage his body suffers, he can still repair himself. This is the extremely powerful ability of the phantom-type Phoenix Fruit.

Taotu slowly lowered his wings and said, “Have you dealt with all the enemies here?”

Marco sneered: “Of course, and we won all three battles! Although I can’t guarantee that I will win Baiye in reading skills. Sir, this is enough to show contempt for the reading world. The person I just killed must be a veteran in the reading world.”

Taotu didn’t understand what the readers were thinking, and he looked aside with cold eyes. Marco excitedly talked about his heroic deeds.

She snorted coldly: “Humph, I thought I heard you say before that all of you disciples have a close connection with your opponent. How can you still kill him?” Marco looked at Peach Rabbit, as if he was not convinced

. I can believe the words coming out of her mouth,。

“The hearts are connected and the hearts are connected? What a joke, readers and disciples always fight to the death to determine the outcome before they give up. ”

The two quarreled for a while and stopped talking. At

this moment, they all realized what they should do. They had to rush to Lord Bai Ye to assist him.

Even if they believed in Lord Bai Ye’s ability, because they were Bai Yehai The crew of the thieves must stand with their captain.

So Motu and Marco ran towards the Albana Palace,

intending to help Lord Byakuya achieve the final victory.。


In Albana Palace, Bai Ye appeared in front of the royal residence on the third floor.

In the palace, the two palace guards, Gaka and Falcon Bell, were seriously injured and fell to the ground.

The King of Alabasta is sitting on the throne, as if he is about to pick something up.

And that short, fat man, Roadhog, the final conspirator of the Ala incident, is here. He stands beside the Wolf Jaka and wants to execute his opponent.

Nico Robin turned her head and looked at the man calling her name.

Bai Ye appeared in the palace at this time, an

d his appearance completely changed the situation.

Although only Nico Robin in the audience knew who Bai Ye was.

The King of Alabasta and the two captains of the Alabasta Palace Guards did not know who the young man was who appeared in the palace now.

Roadhog also looked at the man in front of him suspiciously.

He only took one look at Bai Ye and regarded Bai Ye as his enemy. Just because Roadhog was born with an extremely ugly appearance, the thing he hated the most in his life was handsome boys. Every time he saw a handsome boy, he would beat him. Damn it, there must never be such a good-looking man in this world.

But Bai Ye is a handsome guy, and he is the kind of handsome guy who is one in a million.

At this time, Bai Ye was wearing plain white clothes, with a dark fire sword hanging at his waist. His delicate facial features were extremely handsome, and his two solemn sword eyebrows were even more heroic.

His appearance is like a hero who saves the princess and the prince in danger, and saves the people and the country.

Then the characteristics of the Roadhog villain standing opposite him are very obvious.

Not only is he ugly in appearance, but his short height and fat body make him look like a villain.

Coupled with his re-establishment of the Baroque Studio and his plan to steal the country of Alabasta, it proves that he is a villain who will stop at nothing.

Maybe his appearance affected his life trajectory, or maybe it was just destiny.

What he is facing now is Bai Ye, the peak battle between evil and justice.

Roadhog saw Bai Ye and stared at Bai Ye with unforgivable anger.

He raised his hands suddenly, and a breeze blew by.

Bai Ye’s power of seeing and hearing was quietly activated, and he turned his body slightly to one side, and suddenly turned sideways towards the front to avoid the attack.

Even if I use the Haki of Insight, I just see the afterimage of Roadhog’s move, and I still can’t tell what Roadhog just sent out.

Is it a devil fruit?

Bai Ye thought.

But at this time, Bai Ye could no longer be given time to think about it.

Bai Ye took out his Hellfire sword from his waist and went straight to Roadhog’s face to attack.

At this moment, Roadhog suddenly had a strange smile on his face.

When Bai Ye rushed over, Roadhog disappeared.。

“ah! ”

A woman’s voice reached everyone’s ears.

Nico Robin was caught alive by Roadhog.

Somehow, Roadhog disappeared in front of Bai Ye and then appeared behind Nico Robin.

Bai Ye immediately activated his mind. Internet.

A terrifying fact was discovered.

Roadhog’s mental state was everywhere in this room.

Bai Ye didn’t understand how Roadhog did this, but it must be related to Roadhog’s ability.

Then, Nicole Robin was dragged away bit by bit by Roadhog.

Bai Ye quickly reached out and grabbed Nico Robin’s clothes.

At this time, he couldn’t accurately see the opponent’s ability.

All he can do now is Protect Nico Robin.

When Bai Ye pulled Nico Robin, they found that the Roadhog had disappeared again.

He was not behind Nico Robin.

And when they were looking around, they found it on the throne of Alabasta. Him.

I saw Roadhog looking at Bai Ye with a smile and saying。

“Let’s take a look at where historical texts are placed! ”

The button on the throne was twisted.

A secret door whose depth could not be detected was opened on the ground of the room.

Then everyone fell into the abyss._

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