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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 305

The female officer He screamed and fell to the ground seriously injured.。

Blood has left her body。

Her eyes were empty, and a stream of dark red blood flowed from her mouth. She was already dead.。

Just when Taotu and Nu Heguan were deciding the outcome。

Another duel also quietly began。

Marco and the man in black sit opposite each other。

The man in black stared at Marco, and then he suddenly laughed:

“You and I are indeed the same kind of people. You must have seen me in that woman’s creative space.。”

“hehe. “Marco’s expression froze, but a sneer came from his mouth.。

The man in black went on to say,

“Even if you don’t say it, I know it, because you and I smell the same, we are both disciples。”

Marco did not feel surprised because he did not deny the judgment of the man in black in front of him.。

Because the person in front of him, Marco had seen a shadow modeled after him.。

The man who once made him lose all his savings。

Now the real body appears in front of him。

Marco glanced at the scene behind the man in black, and then responded calmly: “Yes, I have indeed seen you.。”

“When I came out of the creative space, I was thinking about a question more than once。”

Then he half-opened his eyes and said solemnly: “I imagined what would happen to us if I could see you again in the future.。”

“Are they going to fight each other to the death? Or should we pretend that we don’t know each other, and we don’t know anyone at all?”

“Therefore, this problem has troubled me for a long time, and I have also thought about it for a long time.。”

The man in black looked at Marco and asked, “So, is there an answer to the question you are thinking about?”

Marco nodded, his eyes revealing Mo Ming’s determination.。

The man in black, he seemed to know what the answer Marco was about to say.。

He narrowed his eyes, raised the corners of his mouth, and said, “You want to read aloud with me?”。”

Marco’s eyes suddenly lit up, and then he nodded.。

“you are right! I’m just here to read with you!”

The man in black looked at Marco leisurely at this time, then smiled at him and said。

“I’m afraid you probably lost to me in the creative space before.。”

“It’s no wonder, no one has ever defeated me. If you push me to a desperate situation, I still have to thank you.。”

“Because since I debuted, I have never lost to anyone else in poker!”

But at this moment, Marco sat there and laughed.。

“Hahaha, never lost? Maybe if I tell you something, you will be angry to death!”

“You have already lost our captain of the Byakuya Pirates, Byakuya! Just in the creative space! Creating space is the ability of the body! Of course, I believe that your ability to study for a Ph.D. should also be copied by the shadow soldier in space.。”

Then Marco’s eyes turned cold, but he couldn’t hide the joy from his heart at the corners of his mouth.。

“So, you have already lost! Lost to our captain!”

Marco yelled. He felt that he had grasped the opponent’s vitality. He had completely lost to this guy in creating space.。

But even so, he is not willing to keep losing.。

He used language to taunt the man in black, wanting him to try to read the game again with him.。

When he saw the expression on the man in black, he already knew he had won!

The man in black was looking at the guy with a pineapple head in fro

nt of him angrily.。

He was so angry with this pineapple head that his teeth were rattling.。

He waved his hand。

Throw out a stack of cards。

His words were cold, as if his calm spirit had long been driven out of control by Marco.。

He faced Marco, stared at this guy tightly, and said in a deep voice。

“If you are not afraid of death, you can read it with me!”

When Marco saw this, he immediately felt energetic. After all, this person had never wanted to read with him before.。

He thought Marco was his defeat, and a guy who had lost once was not good enough to continue reading.。

This is an unspoken rule in the Ph.D. world that Marco also knows.。

In game reading, masters often do not kill their opponents completely.。

Will give the opponent a chance to breathe and let him continue to read with him。

Then, after draining everything from the opponent, he will be completely killed.。

But Marco has lost everything in creating space, but his momentum has not weakened at all.。

You can also challenge this man in black。

The man in black was slightly startled when he saw Marco having such courage.。

Then he said in a deep voice: “Boy, if you really want to study for a Ph.D. with me, you must consider the consequences!”

Marco looked disdainful and said coldly: “The consequence is nothing more than death. I will use my life to play a game with you today!”

The man in black laughed a few times and said, “If you think so, I won’t advise you anymore.。”

Immediately afterwards, the man in black spread out the cards in his hand and said。

“Since you want to challenge me, fine, I will read to you three times now。”

The man in black closed the spread cards again and said。

“The first game, read luck!”

“I will tell you how to read it very simply, using the simplest and crudest way to read a disciple! Compare the size!”

“A student’s luck in studying is very important to him! If a reader’s luck in reading fails, then he has no right to sit at the card table again!”

After that, he threw the cards in his hand high into the air。

Those playing cards floated slowly in the air like the falling feathers of birds.。

Then the man in black yelled at Marco。

“We closed our eyes and didn’t look at the cards in the sky. Then we each grabbed a card in our hand and directly competed with who caught the card size! Whoever catches the bigger card wins the game!”

The man in black jumped up into the air, moving his body and slapping the cards around him continuously.。

Fly all those cards into Marco’s face。

Then I saw the man in black’s left hand holding a card between his index and middle fingers.。

The man in black moved his body as if he was performing stunts, and his whole body seemed to be floating in the air.。

Then he fell extremely slowly like those slowly falling playing cards.。

When he sat back down, a card appeared in his hand。

He smiled and said, “If you don’t hurry up, there will be no cards in the sky.”。”

Marco said in a deep voice: “Since you want to study luck with me so much, then why do I have to study it?。”

At this moment, all the playing cards in the sky fell。

When the last card fell, it happened to fall into Marco’s hand.。

Miraculously, the result turned out to be so incredible。

The card in Marco’s hand turned out to be bigger than the man in black’s card!

Marco wins!


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