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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 303

Go back half an hour。

Peach Rabbit proposes a duel with the woman who created the Space Fruit。

That woman has firmly controlled Peach Rabbit in the space she created。

Peach Rabbit stood alone in the space, looking up at the dome of the space.。

Now she faces this powerful devil fruit user alone。

But she didn’t show the slightest panic。

Very calm expression。

She raised her head and said to the woman hiding in the depths。

Okay, it’s time for a one-on-one duel, don’t hide。

Female He Guan said coldly, her voice still penetrated the entire space and reached Taotu Yuyuan’s ears.。

“Haha, I won’t be fooled, just die of exhaustion in the space I created!”

As soon as she finished speaking, countless shadow soldiers suddenly appeared in this creative space.。

The shadow soldiers took out the weapons from their waists, raised their weapons and rushed towards Taotu.。

Peach Rabbit looked at it indifferently and thanked the shadow soldiers.。

He thought about this hack to create space。

But so far, the only way is to kill all the people in this created space.。

Peach Rabbit pulled out the long sword from his waist, then jumped up。

Sure enough, her skills are just like her name to others. She lives up to her name.。

She is as active as a rabbit now. When she is not moving, she is just like an ordinary girl.。

Once she moves, her speed is extremely terrifying。

And it’s not just that after the speed increases, one’s own strength is completely lost.。

But her power has reached its peak。

Peach Rabbit squats on the high wall。

Looking down at the shadow soldiers surrounding them。

At this moment, Taotu’s eyes were cold. In her eyes, these shadow soldiers were just people who affected her calm thinking.。

If you really kill all these people, it’s just a waste of energy.。

Peach Rabbit looked at these black figures coldly。

Suddenly I see these people completely in my eyes。

Then I saw Peach Rabbit’s figure flash, and the whole person disappeared on the high wall.。

But in just a moment, she appeared among all the shadow soldiers。

“A flash!”

Taotu said coldly, and a majestic aura suddenly burst out from her body.。

Originally, her figure was extremely ghostly, but then she suddenly said something that exposed her figure.。

But after saying this, she suddenly burst out her hidden aura.。

When a person explodes, he will directly explode all his hidden power!

Peach Rabbit originally hid his figure and squatted down among the shadow soldiers.。

Before those soldiers discovered that there was an intruder among them,。

I only heard Taotu shout suddenly。

But Peach Rabbit only uses one sword。

Just swinging a sword in the crowd。

The shadow soldiers surrounding Peach Rabbit were instantly cut in half!

And all the heads of those shadow soldiers have been cut off!

When the shadow soldier fell, other soldiers also noticed something strange and rushed towards Peach Rabbit.。

But when people just get close。

Peach Rabbit flashed and disappeared into the crowd again。

Her rabbit-like speed allows her to run across the battlefield!

He killed them all at a speed that was hard to even see!

Taotu jumped out of the battlefield and looked coldly at the soldiers who were gradually being replenished.。

She silently calculated in her mind how often these soldiers would increase in number.。


Her eyes lit up, and then her figure appeared behind the shadow soldiers again.。

I saw her

suddenly say in a cold voice again。

“A flash!”

The heads of those shadow soldiers were chopped off again。

The body is in a different place, but Taotu’s sword has no trace of blood on it.。

This is the main characteristic of these shadow soldiers in the creation space.。

To tell whether a space is created deep inside is to see if the opponent’s blood sticks to the body and the sword.。

Since he is a false soldier, Peach Rabbit will show no mercy at all!

Kill as many of these soldiers as possible!

And Taotu has now roughly seen the characteristics of creating space.。

She wants to continue killing to verify her judgment!

When those shadow soldiers turned around stupidly and went to look for the whereabouts of Peach Rabbit.。

Then those soldiers were in vain again.。

They are just mechanically repeating the same set of actions.。

Kill, get killed, then recruit again, kill again, get killed again。

Repeatedly without emotion, as if some kind of program has been programmed in their minds。

At this moment, Taotu was also repeating his thoughts。

After killing a few shadow soldiers, jump out of the circle and then rush towards the enemy again.。

Kill again, then retreat again。

Using her ghostly figure is like flying a kite。

Keep killing those soldiers。

A smile suddenly appeared on Peach Rabbit’s lips。

Then she said secretly: “I didn’t want to use that power, but it seems there is no way now.。”

Suddenly, Peach Rabbit’s body changed。

As a former navy admiral candidate, Momotu is extremely confident in his own military power.。

But just because there is no bonus from Devil Fruit, it lags behind Green Bull.。

But now, her captain, Lord Byakuya, has given her a very cherished Devil Fruit.。

Phantom Beast Fruit – Lucifer Fruit, the user can transform into the form of Archangel Lucifer。

It’s just because Momotu is extremely stubborn. After she ate the fruit, she only used it once against the Kaido Pirates, and she never used it again after that.。

And now, she must activate this hidden power。

Suddenly two huge wings appeared from her back, covered with extremely holy white feathers.。

And Peach Rabbit’s clothes still changed accordingly.。

Peach Rabbit, who was originally wearing a navy cloak, has now transformed into a flawless white angel robe.。

Then a necklace symbolizing an angel appeared on her head。

Her long sword has also changed, filled with holy energy.。

The power of holiness can break through the darkness。

In fact, the reason why Taotu didn’t use her powerful power during this period was。

The main reason is still that she can’t get over it. The knot in her heart。

She betrayed the navy and joined the pirates, and even fought against the just navy for the sake of the pirates.。

What made her even more unbearable was that he had already communicated with Bai Ye in Bai Ye’s room and became Bai Ye’s person.。

This is not the behavior of a holy angel at all。

For her stubbornness, it doesn’t matter even if she eats a devil fruit。

But because of the angel fruit named Lucifer, she thought she was no longer holy.。

But after long-term contact with Bai Ye,。

She seems to have completely integrated into this pirate group.。

And her heart at this moment completely belongs to the White Night Pirates.。

As long as it is helpful to the White Night Pirates, she will do it!

Even if I am no longer holy。

She will also turn into an archangel to protect Lord Byakuya!


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