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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 296

Assassination troops?

Everyone looked at the three people in Bai Ye. I found that there was a vague aura of majesty emanating from them.。

And the young man among the three people has an even more extraordinary demeanor.。

You must know that these people are all warriors who have fought in countless battles, big and small. They can tell whether the opponent is powerful just by the feeling emanating from the opponent.。

So these cadres have determined that Bai Ye is probably a top master.。

Even a stronger master than their boss Kosa.。

Such people are now on their side, which is enough to give them an absolute sense of security.。

Because this feeling is extremely familiar to them. When they fought against Baroque Studio before, Straw Hat Luffy gave them this feeling, but Byakuya and the others gave them a more powerful feeling.。

Bai Ye felt a little curious at this time, because he could see through all the inner thoughts of those cadres through his mind network ability.。

He was shocked to find that the attitude of this group of people changed so quickly. Before, they were still saying that they were spies and might be dangerous to the Kou Sha group.。

Now he says it has brought them a glimmer of hope.。

Is this just a word from Princess Weiwei? Just one word can change the inner thoughts of these people?

This is so weird。

But he didn’t think much about it, feeling the envy these people gave him。

Then Bai Ye stood up and said to everyone: “I think the most important thing for us now is to set a battle strategy and then attack Alabasta immediately. My companions are still with the enemy.。”

Everyone suddenly understood. Just now, they were still thinking about how Princess Weiwei brought such a ruthless character to their Kousha group.。

Now I understand, it turns out that his companions are also with the enemy. It turns out that he wants to rely on their army to save his companions.。

In fact, even if Bai Ye doesn’t have the help of these people, he can go alone。

Kill Roadhog and find Nico Robin。

But regarding the historical texts underground in the Royal City of Alabasta, he was not so sure whether he could find them without anyone’s help.。

After all, this historical text is about their national destiny.。

Never lose it。

Then, Princess Weiwei also stood up。

She said slowly: “I hope you can do as I say. What we lack now is actually the strength to compete with the king’s army.。”

“Only our army seems to be more numerous and stronger than the opponent. At that time, we will suppress the opponent’s psychology with the superficial force.。”

“In order to accumulate individual combat time for Lord Byakuya’s team。”

When everyone heard that Princess Weiwei trusted Bai Ye so much, they agreed to her assassination plan.。

Contain the enemy’s large forces outside the city, then conduct a surprise attack inside the city, and directly find Roadhog for assassination.。

They may not be aware of this strategy yet. As a time traveler, Bai Ye knows this move, which is actually called the decapitation plan.。

Directly destroy the enemy’s general, so everyone else gives up resistance.。

After everyone gathered together and whispered, they stood up one after another, and then raised their hands to Princess Weiwei.。

“Princess, I’m going to recruit soldiers right now。”

“Princess, I will share our armor and weapons with the common people now.。”

Princess Weiwei stood up and said to everyone: “Yes, I’m going too, let’s go together


Princess Weiwei came to the door of the room, then opened the door and waved gently to the cadres behind her.。

Then the cadres all stood up, and then Princess Weiwei, who followed them, walked out of the room.。

Byakuya, the three of them and Kosha were the last to go out.。

Kosha whispered to Bai Ye: “Our princess is like this. She is extremely dissatisfied with Roadhog’s stealing of the country. Her country has been stolen by outsiders. This is a very sad thing for a queen.。”

“Therefore, I hope that Lord Baiye can complete the task well and return our freedom to Alabasta.。”

After saying that, Kosha saluted and followed Princess Weiwei out.。

Bai Ye and the other three were stunned when they saw all the people from the Kou Sha Group leaving the room.。

Bai Ye suddenly asked in a low voice: “Do you think I was tricked by these two people? How could I participate in any assassination operation?。”

Marco looked at Lord Byakuya suspiciously, thinking about whether he should answer。

He knows that he doesn’t speak nicely and can easily offend Lord Bai Ye。

But Taotu didn’t care about this at all. She said openly: “Originally, Sir Bai Ye could have killed that road bully by himself, but Sir Bai Ye, you insist on saying that you can’t find the location of the historical text.”。”

Peach Rabbit pouted, his expression seemed a little jealous, but he was very cute.。

She said angrily: “Your inner network can see through everyone’s inner thoughts. In your eyes, those people are as exposed as if they are not wearing clothes.”。”

Marco couldn’t help but secretly nodded, acknowledging Peach Rabbit’s approach.。

Bai Ye’s face became a little uneasy, and he stared at Taotu。

He said: “Taotu, why are you like Hancock and the others? You always try to dismantle me.。”

Taotu’s face turned cold and he said, “It’s not like you always have to go out and mess around with women.。”

Marco immediately agreed and nodded after hearing this.。


Kou Sha Tuan is very powerful in action。

In a short time they mobilized all the civilians of Juba.。

Because they wanted to look like there were many soldiers, they wrapped their desert scarves around the bodies of the boys and women.。

Disguise them as a warrior。

In this way, the Kousha group, which originally had only more than 2,000 people, now looks like a team of 10,000 people.。

This is Princess Weiwei’s plan to send out all the residents of Yuba.。

Kosha is also organizing cadres to assign these people to various groups.。

But when it comes to actual combat, these people will inevitably be behind the real warriors.。

The two thousand soldiers of the Kousha regiment charged into the battle. These people only need to stay at the rear.。

The current rebel army seems to be so powerful that it is as powerful as swallowing up mountains and rivers.。

Under the sky full of yellow sand,。

These people really look like a powerful armed team。

Princess Weiwei, standing on a chariot, flying the flag of the Kosha Regiment in the sky。

The flag she waved inspired everyone present。

The people and soldiers present were all extremely excited.。

After all, what they want to save now is the entire Alabasta.。

So now this kind of war is their own war。

We must not let that ugly National Master Roadhog get everything in Alabasta.。

With Princess Weiwei raising her arms and shouting。

These Kosha regiments of nearly ten thousand people began to march towards Alabasta!

War is officially on with this country!


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