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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 292


Alabasta’s national advisor?

Bai Ye, Marco, and Peach Rabbit were all shocked.。

It was as if they all heard something incredible that they。

As the boss of the New Baroque Studio, he will actually become the national master of Alabasta?

This is a big joke。

The entire Baroque Studio was once an organization that subverted the nation of Alabasta.。

But now their new boss has become the national advisor of Alabasta.。

No wonder Nico Robin felt so strange when she first entered this rain feast.。

I have to go in and find out what’s going on.。

Something that was impossible to happen in the first place, Yu Yan will actually restart and start operations again.。

This is simply impossible to happen。

Princess Weiwei murmured: “About three months ago, my father suddenly summoned a short man as his confidant. However, when this man did nothing, he was actually promoted by my father. Alabasta’s Grand Preceptor。”

“At that time, the imperial ministers strongly opposed the idea of my father doing this, but they were all exiled.。”

“Of course, I strongly opposed my father’s promotion of this sudden man, but my father didn’t listen to me at all. He wanted that man to be a national advisor, and he also wanted me to marry him.。”

Princess Weiwei was slumped in a chair at this moment. Her spirit was strongly stimulated, but she still managed to keep her spirits up and said

“At that time, I left home angrily. I also contacted Kosha and asked them to help me escape from Alabasta. I really didn’t want to marry that man, and I also wanted to investigate what the man wanted to do? Where does it come from? What is the purpose。”

She said, looking at the wound on Kosha’s head, and then said。

“Then when I escaped from the city, I was surrounded by the woman with the ability to create space.。”

“Because I don’t believe that the Koussa regiment will put me in deep danger and let me return to Alabasta, the Alabasta that was invaded by Roadhog.。”

“I finally escaped, and I traveled around the country with Kosha Tuan, looking for the true identity of Roadhog.。”

Princess Weiwei pondered for a moment, then clenched her fists and punched them hard in the air, in order to vent her emotions.。

Then she said slowly。

“I just didn’t expect that he was from Baroque Studio, a subordinate of Crocodile, the former Shichibukai pirate!”

Princess Weiwei patted her head and remembered something。

“Yes, I should have guessed, I just said why this person looks so familiar. He was once the billionaire elder of Baroque Studio! He also wrote a love letter to me, but it was torn into pieces by my partner at the time, and I stopped paying attention to him.。”

Bai Ye murmured: “It seems that this wretched man wants to get more than one person. He also wrote a love letter to Nico Robin to woo her.。”

Princess Weiwei continued: “If he came from Baroque Studio, and now he plans to establish Xin Baroque Studio, all this logic will make sense. He wants to inherit the will of Baroque Studio and steal Alaba Stan!”

Bai Ye stared into Princess Weiwei’s eyes, spread her hands helplessly, and then smiled twice.。

Then he said: “Princess Weiwei, now that we have reached such a serious moment, there is no need to hide anything.。”

“You and I both know why the guy named Roadhog is looking for Nico Robin. He is trying to get clues about the ancient weapon Hades in historical tex

ts! This is his real purpose!”

Princess Weiwei lowered her head and remained silent for a while.。

She knew that what Bai Ye just said was true, and then she said decisively。

“If Lord Baiye, you really want to overthrow the rule of the Tianlong people, I would like to wish you a helping hand。”

Bai Ye smiled and said, “With Princess Weiwei, everything will be easier to do with your words.”。”

Then he changed the topic and said in a deep voice:。

“But we have to escape first。”


Princess Weiwei asked. She was very confused when she heard Bai Ye suddenly say such a sentence.。

But soon she knew what was going on。

At this moment, there were countless screams coming from outside the house, and shouts of killing were everywhere.。

What everyone didn’t expect was that someone would attack this small town standing in the desert.。

Suddenly, there were countless footsteps outside the room.。

The screams of those outside the house reached everyone’s ears。

And mixed with it are the sounds of swords clashing and chopping at human bodies.。

It seems as if the world outside the door is already going on a brutal fight.。

at this time。

A burst of hurried footsteps came closer and closer. The person who came didn’t even knock on the door, but opened it directly.。

Then he walked straight in。

This man’s expression was extremely exaggerated. Even his hood and scarf were not covering his body, and his body was already covered in blood.。

It may be one’s own or the enemy’s。

He held his shoulders, as if he had been seriously injured outside.。

He said: “Boss Kosha, someone is attacking from outside. The enemy is very powerful. We can’t hold it any longer.”。”

Before Kosha could speak, Bai Ye stood up.。

He walked up to this man and found that he was about the same age as himself, and both looked about seventeen or eighteen years old.。

It’s just that the difference in combat power is really too big.。

The man looked up and looked at the boy standing in front of him。

He said: “What are you doing, what are you all doing? Come out quickly, the enemy is coming, run away。”

“You should be the one who needs to run fast, right?。”

Bai Ye suddenly sneered.。

After saying that, he quickly drew out the Hellfire sword on his body.。

The guy who was warning everyone just now was just stunned for a moment.。

Then Bai Ye attacked that person as fast as lightning.。

Everything happened so fast!

Bai Ye split the man in front of him in two, and instantly cut his waist into two pieces。

A stream of blood spurted out instantly。

Everyone in the room was shocked. They didn’t expect that Bai Ye would suddenly take action!

And just like a hunter encountering his prey, he will kill him instantly without any mercy!

I just heard Bai Ye show the Hell Fire Sword to everyone.。

They immediately understood Bai Ye’s intention。

Because there is not a single drop of blood on Bai Ye’s Hellfire sword.。

This can only happen in a creative space。

Princess Weiwei understood and drew her sword。

Kou Sha also understood the same and also drew out his sword.。

Not to mention Marco and Peach Rabbit, they all drew out their own weapons to defend themselves against the enemy.。

They had long understood what strange things would happen in that woman’s creative space.。

Killing blood does not stick to the knife!

This is the best way to tell if you are in a creative space!


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