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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 291

Marco and Peach Rabbit were both a little shocked.

They didn’t expect that the dignified princess would be in such a dilapidated town.

The desert country of Alabasta is a country with a long history.

According to legend, it was once one of the original twenty participating countries of the World Government, but for some reason, the desert country of Alabasta voluntarily withdrew.

After that, they established their own kingdom on this desert island.

But in terms of status, it is an unassailable existence within the world government.

The clues to the ancient weapon Pluto are found in such a desert country.

Princess Vivi came to Kosha.

Kosha stood up and asked Princess Weiwei to sit down, and then found another chair to sit on.

Princess Weiwei looked at Bai Ye and the others.

She said: “Can you tell me what you saw?”

After that, she changed her mind and continued: “Because you can see that woman’s creative space, because that woman usually does not take action easily. If she does, When creating space, there must be something worthy of her taking action.。”

“I know that she took action twice. The first time was when I was escaping. She used her ability to create a false space, and then hunted down the Kousha members who rescued me.。”

“The second time was at Yuyan. At that time, a vice-admiral was tempted by the facilities in the reading field. He led his soldiers to Yuyan, but no one could get out of there alive. ”

Princess Weiwei seemed to feel extremely sad at this moment. She said: “The soldiers we sent only saw corpses under the ruins. Bai

Ye thought of something, looked at Princess Weiwei, and asked: “The Vice Admiral was killed, didn’t your world government hold you accountable?” ”

Princess Weiwei shook her head, sighed, and said: “It’s useless. Even Admiral Kizaru of the Navy Headquarters came here to investigate. What he saw was just ruins, and he didn’t see any creative space. But when they evacuated, that space appeared again。”

“The created space is like a piranha trap. If there is prey that can be swallowed, it will seal the entrance, and then slowly digest the prey until the prey cannot save itself and dies miserably. ”

Wei Wei pondered for a long time and couldn’t bear to speak.

Bai Ye thought for a while, maybe he should tell Princess Wei Wei, he said slowly。

“One of our companions was captured. ”

Bai Ye paused deliberately because he knew the relationship between Nico Robin and the Desert Country. She once worked under Crocodile and was a great threat to the Desert Country Alabasta, almost shaking the foundation of this country.

But he must tell her now, and maybe Princess Weiwei will provide him with clues.

Then, Bai Ye said: “He captured Nico Robin. ”

Princess Weiwei was shocked.

She suddenly stood up and said: “What? Nico Robin? Is that person with Straw Hat Luffy? How could it appear here? ”

It’s just that Bai Ye didn’t intend to answer this question.

He said: “Because I need her ability to interpret historical texts. ”

As soon as Bai Ye finished speaking, the air in the whole room froze.

Princess Weiwei took the lead in pulling out her long sword and pointed it at Bai Ye.。

“What is your purpose? Why do you know about historical texts! ? And why did you ask Nico Robin to interpret that historical text! ”

Bai Ye is now planning to tell the truth, because he feels that Princess Vivi may be an indispensable person for him to find Nico Robin


He said: “I am Bai Ye, the man known to the world as the Five Emperors Bai Ye. ”

Princess Weiwei was immediately shocked. Her mouth was half-opened in astonishment, showing an expression of disbelief.。

“Are you the Five Emperor Byakuya who killed Kaido? You took over Wano Country, and then defeated the World Government’s Demon-Slaying Order. Wasn’t it the pirate who defeated the God-Slaying Order? ”

After hearing Princess Weiwei’s shock, Kosha interrupted: “Weiwei, are they pirates? ”

Princess Weiwei looked at Bai Ye and the others. After a long time, she said slowly: “Yes, I have met you. Bai Ye, I saw your photo in the newspaper issued by Newsbird, but the photo at that time I I don’t care much about looks.

Then Princess Weiwei said: “Then what do you want to do? ” Why don’t you ask Nico Robin? you think?”

“Well, yes, I am indeed Bai Ye. “Bai Ye said, he planned to tell Princess Weiwei the truth, “And I want to subvert the world, but I need the power to subvert the world, which is the clue to the ancient weapon Pluto hidden in the historical text. ”

When talking about overturning the world, Princess Weiwei felt an unprecedented thrill in her heart, because she had long wanted to do this proposal.

Because she had seen reports about the Celestial Dragons in newspapers countless times, Although the above reports are basically positive,

after polishing, the crimes of the Tianlong people can still be found in them.

More than once, Weiwei thought about completely subverting the power struggle of the Tianlong people for the better development of the world.

Finally, She looked at Bai Ye and found that Bai Ye was also looking at her. The two looked at each other and seemed to be in the same state of mind.

Weiwei said very firmly: “I agree with your idea. This world does need a change of blood. It shouldn’t be It’s always the dragon who does evil. ”

Bai Ye nodded and agreed with Weiwei’s attitude.

Weiwei calmed down for a while and then said: “Please continue, I want to know what exactly you saw in that woman’s creative space. ”

Bai Ye also looked into Weiwei’s eyes. He looked at the girl in front of him. Her appearance was also a first-class beauty. She was no less beautiful than Kouzuki Hiyori of Wano Country, and she was even more beautiful than Momo Usagi. .

Bai Ye said slowly: “The woman created a space, which was the rebuilt form of the reading room. Then through the elevator in the reading room, she was guided by the woman to meet a person on the top floor of the reading room.。”

“He calls himself Roadhog, the owner of Neo Baroque Studio. ”

When Bai Ye heard the name, she started to tremble all over.

Then her whole body went limp, as if she had been hit by something, and she sat back on the chair.。

“Princess Weiwei! Princess Weiwei! ”

Kou Sha and the people from Kou Sha’s group gathered around to observe Princess Wei Wei’s condition. Princess

Wei Wei barely supported her body and asked slowly。

“Does the man named Roadhog have a vulgar look, is short, fat, and looks like a dwarf?

Bai Ye nodded and said, “Yes, he does look like a dwarf, and he is extremely ugly. ” ”

Princess Weiwei opened her eyes after a while. At this time, you can see that her eyes are full of hatred.。

“This road bully is now our national master in Alabasta, and he is also my fiancé. ”

She said through gritted teeth._To

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