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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 289

The running duck ran all the way out of the rainy land.

It was as if a strange phenomenon of heaven and earth appeared throughout the rainy land.

It’s like the time and space there are completely out of control.

Earthquakes and ground cracks caused the entire building to collapse and be destroyed.

A sandstorm and tornado suddenly appeared in the sky.

Defeat the entire rain land.

The once prosperous city turned into ruins.

It was even more tragic than the situation during Baiye’s massacre in Yuyan.

Everyone there disappeared without realizing it.

Marco, who was sitting on the back of the running duck, hugged the duck’s neck tightly, as if he was afraid that he would fall.

As expected, the Running Duck lives up to its name and runs absolutely fast.

In a blink of an eye, Bai Ye and the others from Kou Sha Tuan fled the rainy land.

Marco hugged the running duck’s neck and said: “What happened? Why did that rainy land suddenly destroy? Bah!”

A gust of wind and sand blew by, and Marco, who had just spoken, took a mouthful of sand.

Those in the sand group wore gray cloth scarves so they would not eat sand like Marco.

Kosha’s body was completely crawling on the running duck, and his eyes were always staring ahead.

He said: “That’s the power of the devil fruit.。”

“Devil fruit powers?

Marco asked subconsciously: “Is it the sandstorm or earthquake just now? ” Bah bah!

Kosha just said calmly: “I will tell you when we get to the destination. ” ”

Everyone stopped talking and let the wind and sand in the air hit them.

Because the wind and sand just now made everyone hold on to the neck of the running duck tightly.

After a long time, the sandstorm gradually stopped.

The running duck also took them there. A small town standing next to a small oasis.

When they first arrived in the town, a soldier in front of the town gate quickly greeted Kosha and others.。

“Kosha, you are finally back. Did the sandstorm just come from the rainy land? ”

Kousha nodded, and then got off the running duck.

He took the reins of the running duck and came to the small oasis, letting the running duck rest for a while and drink some water. The

other members of the Kou Sha group also followed suit. .

Baiye, Taotu, and Marco reluctantly got off the ducks. They had just gotten off the backs of the ducks.

Those ducks seemed to know that these three people could not leave them to rest.

A few people just let go After opening the reins, those fast-running ducks and their fast-running duck companions ran to the oasis to drink water.

Marco vomited at the door as soon as he got off.

Bai Ye looked at the small town standing in the desert in front of him and seemed to understand. Some style.

More closed.

There are soldiers with weapons everywhere. They use scarves and cloaks to cover their appearance.

If you look at the appearance of the Kusa group, these people are also the Kusa group. companions.

Baiye and the others came to this town with Kousha,

so the soldiers guarding outside the town did not make things difficult for them.

But when they saw Marco vomiting, they were still a little disgusted and looked away. Look at him.

Several people walked into the town.

There are some civilians here, but those civilians all seem to be related to the Kousha regiment. They all seem to be related to the soldiers here, either their own children or their relatives. Kousha has

never He came out of a tavern-like r

oom and waved to Bai Ye and his group.

Several people entered the tavern, and there were some Kusa group soldiers in the tavern.

They just looked at it for a while and then went about their own business. . Then

Kousha motioned for several of them to go into a room.

Baiye walked into the house and saw that the room was already full of people. Most of them were people who had just performed the mission with Kousha. .

Bai Ye nodded to them, and the three of them found a chair and sat down.

Kosha turned around and said to his companions。

“I brought these people back from the rain belt. ”

A member of the Kousha group who was not on the mission just now was stunned for a moment and asked: “Did they escape from the rain feast?

Marco said disdainfully: “We didn’t run away, we came out after killing everyone in the rain feast, killing seven in and seven out. ” ”

Members of Kou Sha Tuan, look at you, and I look at me. Everyone looked at each other.

Then they suddenly laughed.。

“Hahaha, killing everyone in the rain feast? Kill seven in and seven out?”

“Hahaha, yes, this is the most interesting sentence, it amused me to death.。”

“Hahaha, I haven’t laughed like this in a long time. It makes my stomach hurt.。”

“Kosha, didn’t you tell this boy? ”

Kosa also felt like Marco was telling some funny joke just now, and he also laughed out loud.。

“I was in a hurry to take them away before I could say anything.

Marco looked confused and said, “What’s wrong? ” What do you seem to be trying to hide? Come on, what exactly is going on? ”

The person from the Kousha group just now said: “It’s not that you are hiding anything, but what you just said about killing seven in and seven out is really ridiculous.

Taotu also looked unwilling and said coldly: “That’s ridiculous? ” What’s so funny? Are you doubting that we have this strength? Kosha

said slowly: “It’s not that I doubt it, it’s that I can’t.” ”

Then Kosha looked at Bai Ye’s three people and said, “Because the rain feast you just saw is just the ability of the devil fruit.

He added: “They are not real at all, including the people you killed, Yu Yan, and all the buildings and vendors you saw outside Yudi. They are all false. They are not real at all. ” Doesn’t exist. ”

Marco’s eyes widened and he listened slowly, but he discovered a problem.

He asked: “Why are there buildings being destroyed there? If it’s false, it’s impossible to do that. ”

Kosa’s eyes slid to Marco, and then he said calmly: “Let me put it this way, the rainy land you see is actually a ruin.。”

“From the moment you arrived in the Rain Land, everything that happened to you in the Rain Land was an illusion.

Marco retorted at that time: “Impossible! ” I saw it with my own eyes. I was studying there for a Ph.D., and in the end, Mr. Bai Ye helped me win all the losses I had before. Do you want to say that I competed with characters in a fake world, and ended up losing? Kosha

said slowly: “Is the official He who defeated you a woman, and her hair is very long, combed into a ponytail behind her back?” ”

Marco thought for a moment. Isn’t this the same person as the female He Guan they met?

Then he said: “Why, is this person famous here?”

“More than just being famous. ”

Kosa said, his accent was cold, “That woman is an ability user, and her ability is space creation. She is our most feared enemy! ”_To

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