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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 284

At this time, inside the entire rainfield.

Those readers who pretended to be ordinary tourists put their swords back into their scabbards.

As if nothing happened.

If you should study for a Ph.D., you will continue to study for a Ph.D., and if you should maintain order on the scene, you will still maintain order on the scene.

It was as if the situation just now had never happened.

Bai Ye looked around at the several figures, and the strange behavior of these people made people hesitate.

The man in black stood up and walked to an elevator in the lobby to stop.

Then the female He Guan looked at Bai Ye and the others with a smile.

He waved to them and said: “Hello, our boss invites you to come over.”

Marco and Taotu looked at each other.

Nico Robin did not look at the female officer. She kept looking in Bai Ye’s direction, wanting to see what Bai Ye would do.

Bai Ye sat on the chair and said to the female officer He。

“Is there any benefit from your boss inviting me over? If there is no benefit, why should I go there? ”

The female officer He was still looking at them with a smile, but now her tone was a little angry.

She said: “Sorry, sir, our boss is not looking for you, he is looking for the guy next to you. A lady. ”

Nico Robin?

Bai Ye turned around and glanced at Nico Robin, only to see Nico Robin still sitting there. She seemed to have noticed something.

But she seemed to be evading now.

And Bai Ye When trying to find out Nico Robin’s inner thoughts, Nico Robin was just trying to resist seeing this so-called boss.

Bai Ye turned around and said, “I don’t think it’s necessary. ”

At this time, Nico Robin suddenly stood up and interrupted: “No, I want to see your boss. ”

Bai Ye was suddenly stunned. Why would Nico Robin do things against his own inner wishes?

What’s going on? It seems that since Bai Ye gained the power of the Heart Network, no one can do anything against their inner thoughts.

Just now . When Bai Ye was momentarily stunned,

Nico Robin had already stood up and walked towards the elevator.

This rain banquet was a very familiar place for Nico Robin. After all, she had lived in this place for several years. Years ago, she relied on the banner of Crocodile in the Shichibukai to do things for his plan, so Nico Robin should be the boss on the surface.

But since Luffy accidentally ruined Crocodile’s plan After that.

This is a place that Nico Robin never thought he could come back to.

Although from the outside, everything about this rain banquet has changed.

The decoration inside the venue, the dress of the female officer, Including the entertainment items provided, the standards for treating apprentices by the service staff and security personnel wandering around the reading hall, etc. are completely different from the previous Rain Feast under Crocodile’s rule. But when Nico Robin saw it

, Come on, although this place is bloody on the surface, it seems that it has not changed from the inside. It is still

continuing the same ruling style from the Crocodile period.

This is one thing that makes Nico Robin compare.

Who is it? Will Yu Yan be restarted and be able to continue to be so prosperous under the eyes of the country of Alabasta?

Nico Robin felt uneasy in her heart.

She felt that this man behind the scenes must have some powerful means.

Nico Robin walked in front.

Baiye, Marco and Peach

Rabbit also followed.

Under the guidance of the man in black just now, several people came to a hidden elevator.

The man in black used his body to The ID card at the elevator door was scanned by the ID lock.

Then the elevator door opened.

Baiye and they saw that it turned out to be just the first layer of protection on the outside of the elevator. After opening the electronic lock, there was actually a layer sealed with iron bars

and then black. The man in clothes took the key handed over by the female officer.

He put the key into the keyhole, twisted it hard, and opened the rusty iron fence.

The elevator could finally let people in.

Nico Robin led everyone in Elevator.

At this time, there were six people in the elevator.

They were silent to each other, as if they were afraid of leaking any secrets to others.

As the elevator ascended to the room at the top of the rain feast.

Nico Robin couldn’t help but think to herself, isn’t this the secret room where Crocodile appeared every time before? The

elevator door opened, and what came into view was the door of a room, and nothing else.

The female officer He and the man in black walked out of the elevator first and waved to everyone in the elevator, signaling Bai Ye and the others to enter the room.。

“Please, everyone, our boss has invited you. ”

When Bai Ye was about to walk out, he saw Nico Robin walking out of the elevator first.

Then she stood in front of the door of that room.

Bai Ye and the others also walked out of the elevator.

Nico Robin’s eyes were unblinking. Staring at the sign at the door.

It was the sign of a pirate flag.

A smiling skull with purple wings. The two skeletons were replaced by two swords, standing crosswise behind the skeleton.

Bai Ye also saw it That logo.

That skull logo seemed to have an inexplicable attraction to Nico Robin.

Marco also saw that logo, but he seemed to have seen it before, but he just couldn’t remember where he saw it.

So, he Someone asked in a low voice: “This should be the pirate flag, whose logo is it? Nico

Robin said coldly: “Baroque Studio, a pirate organization once established by Crocodile, I used to be the spokesperson on behalf of this organization.” ”

As soon as Nico Robin finished speaking, he pushed the door open.

Everyone followed Nico Robin into the house.

This is a monitoring room, and in this room, there is no light from the outside shining directly, and it is extremely dark everywhere. .

Marco snapped his fingers out of thin air, and he used his fire ability to create several blue flying birds.

They flew around the dome of this room.

Because Marco’s flame birds are blue, so This added a little weird light to the whole room.

Between the flickering light and dark, in the middle of the room was a huge rectangular wooden table.

Behind the wooden table was a swivel chair, and the swivel chair was being used Their backs were facing the door.

They all knew in Baiye that there was a person sitting opposite, but he was staring at everything in the monitor.

Female officer He suddenly said: “Boss, we brought the person to you. ”

I saw that the man on the chair slowly turned the chair.

Although he turned around, his appearance was still flickering.

The man said in an extremely hoarse voice。

“Welcome to Neo Baroque Studio. ”_

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