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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 281

Marco was about to get angry just now.

He couldn’t even control his anger, and tried to stain the place with blood and start a killing spree in the reading room.

But after Bai Ye’s obstruction, his angry heart calmed down somewhat.

Marco said respectfully: “Sir Bai Ye, I, I.”

Bai Ye chuckled and said: “Isn’t it just that I failed in reading? What can I do?”

Marco still looked like he refused to admit defeat, always feeling that his It’s like my self-esteem has been humiliated.

He glared at the female officer He and the man in black.

He lowered his head and whispered in Bai Ye’s ear: “Sir Bai Ye, please be careful, these people are cheating.”

Marco stood up and made way for Bai Ye.

Then Bai Ye sat down and smiled in front of everyone.

Then he turned sideways and whispered to Marco: “It’s okay, they can’t fool me.”

So Marco stood next to Bai Ye.

He knew that Bai Ye seemed to have the ability to see into people’s hearts.

This was before Byakuya when he went to Nine Snake Island and the Bridge Kingdom to find Nico Robin.

They, the boys of the White Night Pirates, got together and studied it.

After all, they all saw Bai Ye organizing the attack on Ghost Island.

He can actually detect all Kaido’s arrangements on the entire Onigashima Island.

I found a way to deal with everything early on.

This advanced ability cannot be compared to simply perceiving color and domineering energy.

When Marco saw Bai Ye sitting on the reading table so confidently, he already knew that he was winning.

He Guan seemed shocked by Bai Ye’s appearance, and she unconsciously glanced at the man in black.

She found that the other party was also looking at her suspiciously, as if he was saying that he knew nothing about this guy who suddenly appeared.

Then she calmed down for a while and said quietly to the direction of Marco and Bai Ye.。

“Did Mr. Pineapple Head admit defeat in the last game? ”

Marco, who was called Pineapple Head, was not angry. He knew that with his Baiye boss here, his ability to see through people’s hearts was enough to make his opponents look good. Then Marco nodded: “Okay,

I Admit that I lost, so what, you can just start another round. ”

Marco was extremely confident at this moment.

Then, the female official pressed the button on the card table, and all the scattered cards on the card table were taken back to the secret compartment of the card table.

She calmed down and said: ” Then we start the next game. ”

The female official pushed the chips won by the man in black to the man in black in the last round.

Players who want to play the game are asked to sit back in their seats.

Soon all the stools next to the card table were filled. Yes.

Female He Guan nodded with satisfaction.

After the conversation, she then said to the empty chip grid。

“Please start settling in. The basic capital this time is 300,000 Beli. ”

Everyone followed suit and took out three blue chips from their own table and put them in front.

Bai Ye also followed suit, took the outstanding chips from Marco’s remaining chips and threw them out.

At this time, Female He Guan pushed those people’s chips into her square grid one after another.

Then, she dealt out two cards to the twenty people playing cards.

Bai Ye didn’t look at the cards in his hand, just put them They were buckled on the card table.

Marco, who was standing behind Bai Ye, was a little puzzled.

He asked in a low voice: “Sir Bai Ye, don’t you look at the cards? Bai

Ye kept staring at the female officer He and the ma

n in black.

He smiled at Marco and said, “No need.” ”

Then I saw the female official He showed the community card.

Unexpectedly, the community card turned out to be ten points.

This made everyone at the poker table passive.

Because except for the ten community cards, the cards in their hands were The number of points must be less than eleven.

If it exceeds eleven, it will only explode in the end.

At this time, Bai Ye did not look at his hand at all.

It seemed that he was confident enough to win the game.

Bai Ye sat upright He stood motionless in front of the card table.

His eyes were always locked on the two people.

At this time, many people around him had already abandoned their cards.

They all lost the game because the community card was ten. , exploded the cards in his hand.

Now there are only ten readers left on the card table.

Of course, including Bai Ye and the man in black sitting opposite Bai Ye.

Bai Ye sat in front of the card table and said。

“Keep dealing the cards. ”

Everyone was stunned.

Does this person understand the rules? Why didn’t he even look at the cards just now?

Is he confident or does he not know how to play?

Everyone looked at Bai Ye with contempt, as if In their minds, Bai Ye is a novice, here to cause trouble.

Moreover, He Guan didn’t even say that he would start staying there.

Why did he just talk nonsense about dealing cards?

The readers who were still at the card table were all staring at Bai Ye. And those readers who exploded at the beginning of the card game reminded Bai Ye one after another。

“Man, you have to abide by the rules of the game. If you don’t understand something, just follow the process.。”

“That’s right, even He Guan didn’t say anything. Have you decided the matter?”

“Brother, I see you, it’s better not to pretend to understand and then make a joke.。”

“Haha, yes, I advise you to fold your cards quickly, this is not for people like you. ”

The readers around them just like to ridicule those who are better than themselves.

These people have no envy. For them, everyone at the card table is their opponent.

Even if they lose, they can’t look down on others and leave them. People at the card table.

This is the rule in the reading room.

It is normal for readers to look down on others.

At this time, I just heard the female official He said to Bai Ye with a smile.。

“Boss, please stop messing around. I haven’t even started asking you to place a bet yet. ”

I saw the female officer He said to everyone at the card table.。

“There are still ten bosses in this play. Now for the next step of adding, you can decide whether to deal or open the cards according to your own hand.。”

“The basic chips for this game are 500,000 Berry!”

“Please choose your stay amount. ”

Everyone followed suit, took out a yellow chip from their stack and threw it out.

When they arrived at Bai Ye’s place, Bai Ye pointed at a person and said。

“Why don’t you let the guy in black stay first? ”

This sentence simply made the man in black and the female official feel frustrated.

Few people have questioned the sorting situation.

It was Marco just now who said that there was a crook in the reading room.

But Marco also He did not suggest that the players were colluding with the dealer He Guan.

But what Bai Ye just said was simply saying that the people who read the floor were in the same group as the players. The

key is, what he couldn’t figure out was how Bai Ye knew.

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