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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 280

Marco felt sweaty.

After all, I have already spent all my capital.

The other party Yang SaSa actually gave out 10 million more chips than himself.

What a financial resource.

Marco couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.

At the card table, his momentum has definitely dropped.

Even if he understands, he must not come down at this moment.

But under this kind of financial gap, psychological quality is the easiest to weaken.

Marco looked at the man in black in front of him without blinking.

The eyes of the man in black were silent and deep, and there was an unspeakable danger in his eyes.

Marco thought, this man wouldn’t really ask for the cards to be dealt.

If he dealt the cards, he would be absolutely crazy!

But something that shocked Marco really happened.

I saw the man in black saying softly: “Continue to deal the cards.”

Marco suddenly stood up and shouted silently。

“Are you crazy? Also planning to deal cards! ? ”

At this time, Marco already felt that several security personnel were about to surround him.

However, He Guan raised his head and said coldly to Marco。

“Boss, please sit down and maintain order. I don’t want what happened just now to happen again. ”

When Marco heard this, he became angry.

After all, he was once the royal mate of the Whitebeard Pirates, and now he is also a crew member of the Five Emperors Byakuya.

How could he be so humiliated?。

“I think people like you may not be able to stop me! ”

Marco was already furious, and a blue flame came out in vain in his hand.

But Marco is still the same Marco who loves to read.

He will not do such a thing as destroying the reading field.

So he Finally, he sat down.

Since he was reading now, of course the man in black was also reading.

He didn’t believe that the other party could surpass him with the same luck.

Marco sat on his seat and shouted angrily at He Guan: “Deal the cards Bar! ”

He Guan smiled and dealt out the four cards respectively.

When the cards were dealt in front of Marco’s eyes, Marco looked at the cards and began to be ecstatic.。

“Hahahahaha! God is helping me now!”

“Boy, why are you fighting with me? ? ”

Then Marco showed the new card.

Unexpectedly, the card he just got was actually a point!

Then, Marco opened his card completely

and showed it to everyone.

So now Marco has five cards It’s already twenty o’clock。

“Haha, I beat you! “Boy, what else do you have?”:

The captains of the other two pirates had already exploded.

It exceeded the prescribed number.

But the man in black had a contemptuous smile on his face.

He looked at Marco with the same look. Like an ignorant teenager.

He smiled and said: “I didn’t explode, so what if you have twenty points now. ”

Marco’s face suddenly sank. What he didn’t expect was that even though the opponent had five cards, they still didn’t explode.

And it seemed that his opponent was actually planning to fight with him.

Marco pondered for half a minute and said: “Are you still planning to stay?

The man in black looked at Marco’s expression and sneered: “There’s no need for this anymore. You only have a few hundred thousand beri in chips now. ” ”

Then he took out his chips.

Marco suddenly discovered that there were five or six golden chips in the pile of chips.

Even if he fought hard to seize the right to bid, Marco’s financial resources could not compete with him. The opponent was trying to compete.

However, the man in black

sneered: “Because you will definitely lose. No matter how you draw the card next time, it will explode! ”

Marco was shocked when he saw the opponent showing his cards at the same time.

He suddenly saw that the man in black actually took out three chapters and one point of cards from his hand!

The other card in his hand was still on the table.

Because in the card There are only four cards in the pile that represent one point.

Now there are four one-point cards on the cards.

In other words, Marco now has twenty points. No matter how the cards are dealt, it is impossible not to exceed the final point.

Finally, there is a change Marco was

completely defeated by this man in black in reading the game.

His more than ten years of PhD reading career will come to an end today.

When you come here, he also plans to learn the reading facilities and technology here. Go to Wano to build a similar reading field.

Thinking of this, you will lose in the first reading game.

There is no way to beat the opponent.

Now Marco is as embarrassed as a prodigal straight dog.

His pineapple head is also I was overwhelmed by the feeling of apprehension.。

“I do not believe! How come you have three one-point cards! You are definitely cheating! Absolutely! ”

At this time, He Guan, who was dealing cards next to him, said coldly.、

“This pineapple-headed boss, we have clear regulations in the reading room. If a boss discovers cheating, both parties can accept a fair ruling.。”

“Boss Pineapple Head, you said that the boss in black is cheating, so you can check his cards or use some other method to check. We will fully cooperate。”

“If someone is found to be a cheater, we will come forward and keep one of the cheaters’ hands.。”

“But let me warn you. ”

The man in black interrupted and said coldly.。

“There is another rule here, which is to frame a person. If the verification fails, the two hands of the framer will be left here!”

“If you are confident you can give it a try. ”

Marco was stunned on the spot. He had completely lost his momentum now.

Under such aggressive pressure from his opponent, even if the opponent was playing tricks, if he didn’t discover his opponent’s method, he

would be left with a pair of hands.

These are the rules for their disciples.

Marco has been a powerful disciple for more than ten years. Of course he understands such rules. He has never suffered such a embarrassing feeling.

Marco knew that the other party was a cheat, but he couldn’t point it out. A scammer’s method.

Because everything the man in black did was impeccable!

He suddenly thought of a problem.

The beautiful lady He Guan just seemed to have been persuading them to stay, and just when Marco discovered the problem. It

was also The beautiful lady He Guan reminded him that if the verification failed, he would also lose one of his hands.

In other words,

the man in black and the beautiful lady He Guan were in the same group!

Marco looked at the two people fiercely.

He suddenly felt that this Both of them seemed to be smiling maliciously at themselves.

Self-esteem and impulsive emotions slowly devoured Marco’s brain.

His hand actually emitted a blue flame.

At this moment.

In Marco A familiar voice came from behind Ke.

It was Lord Bai Ye.

Bai Ye walked up behind Marco and patted him. He

said, “I’ll win back what you lost!” ”_

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