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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 279

Marco was secretly happy。

He thought to himself that the points in his hand now have a chance, and the advantage for him to continue dealing cards is very great!

Marco smiled: “Haha, don’t regret it。”

He Guan distributed the new cards to several players on the table.。

There are currently five players at the table besides Marco and the man in black.。

Marco was sure that those five people were also pirates.。

When Marco got the new card, he saw that his card turned out to be four points。

In other words, counting the cards in hand and the cards in the public area, the total is nineteen points.。

There are only two points of deviation, which is already a very good situation.。

And when he saw a pirate captain sitting next to him, he said angrily. This captain had a rough face and was not easy to mess with at first sight.。

Marco seems to have seen this pirate before. He seems to be a pirate from the Western Sea. The bounty is only 30 million beli.。

“What the hell, what kind of reading venue! Hack my money!”

He threw his cards on the card table. The sum of the three cards in his hand was already exploding.。

He pointed his finger at the people still at the card table and shouted angrily, “You guys are in the same group at first sight! Several people joined forces to steal my money!”

“What the hell! If you don’t let me play, you will give up on it!”

As he said that, the pirate was about to overturn the table.。

His curses were heard in the reading room。

But the people at other poker tables didn’t even look at him.。

Everyone is minding their own business and staring at the readings on their own card tables.。

Only a few people at their own card tables glanced at me, the guy who threatened to overturn the table.。

The pirate was angry at that time. He didn’t expect that when he was angry, no one was afraid?

He thought to himself, I am also a thirty million pirate after all! Why is no one afraid of me?

He shouted angrily: “What a fool, are you all dead?”

At this time, He Guan, who was dealing the cards at the card table, acted extremely calm.。

She said: “Please sit down, boss. Although you are out, this inning is not over yet. If you want to continue pitching, please wait until the next inning.”。”

“I’ll vote for you!”

Then, he pulled out a long knife from his waist, and there were still bloody stains on the long knife.。

He slapped the long knife on the reading table, causing the card table to shake violently!

“You’re not afraid of me, are you? Then look at me destroying your reading place…….”


A cold voice came out。

The sound was like the sound of an iron weapon being struck on a living person.。

A long knife came out from behind this man, and the blood burst out and splashed all over the card table in front of him.。

“What a fuck! You sneak attack on me!”

The pirate ship captain was clutching his chest in pain, and his breath seemed to be much weaker.。

He picked up the long knife and was about to fight the guy behind him。

But before he could turn around, his head had already fallen to the ground.。

Then four or five security personnel from the reading room appeared behind him and carried the body out.。

Move very quickly and decisively。

No unnecessary movements at all。

Even in the blink of an eye, those people simply cleaned up the blood stains on the card table.。

It looks like the card table is as white as new.。

This set of actions is as simple as dressing and eating, as if these people have long been accustomed to killing in the reading field.。

They move very lightly and try not to disturb other customers.。

And those readers seemed to act as if this never happened.。

Everyone is still paying attention to their own cards.。

In addition to the murdere

d pirate, there were two other people who also gave up by putting down their cards.。

All the points in the cards in their hands were exploded.。

He Guan was still smiling as he looked at the few people still staying at the card table.。

“There are now four bosses of the participants in this play. Now for the next step of adding, you can decide whether to deal or flip the cards according to the cards in your hand like the last time.。”

“The basic chips for this game are 500,000 Berry!”

“Please select your stay amount。”

This is a reading game between pirates。

Naturally, these pirates are not stingy when it comes to the amount of money to stay.。

Therefore, the fundamental factors that affect the amount of money they invest are the points of the cards in their hands and the number of Berrys in their pockets.。

These two points are the key to choosing where to stay.。

Marco calculated that the number on his current card was nineteen.。

Therefore, if there is only two points of deviation left, it will explode.。

You should never choose to continue dealing cards during such a period.。

It’s just that the cards in the hands of the remaining three people on the card table shouldn’t be too different from mine.。

After all, if there is a lot of deviation after taking four cards, it would be unreasonable.。

So he thought that none of these people would continue.。

Marco thought, and planned to take out a yellow chip as a deposit for basic follow-up.。

But he saw that the pirate ship captain diagonally opposite him actually took money from his stack of chips.。

Pushed all his chips away。


Marco couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air. Is this person so sure?

What is this man going to do? Is he crazy?

At this time, wouldn’t he calculate the points of everyone on the card?

Marco thought, is this person just trying to disgust himself?

This captain doesn’t know me, so why should he hate me?

Marco looked at the chips pushed out by this person. They were basically blue chips worth one hundred thousand berries.。

There are only three yellow chips in it。

But the number of these chips is already 10 million.。

With such a big hand, is it really good to read this game?

Marco thought to himself, no, I have to seize the bidding right.。

Don’t let others make trouble。

The captain of the second pirate group gave up the right to bid and just took out a yellow chip worth half a million berries.。

Next it was Marco’s turn to stay.。

Marco thought about it for a while, and then he took out all the large amounts of chips in his hand.。

A golden chip worth five million beli。

Two gray chips worth one million beli。

Seven yellow chips worth half a million beli。

Now there are only five or six blue chips worth 100,000 left in front of Marco.。

The total amount of accommodation is 10.5 million berri.。

Marco has already taken out all his wealth.。

If he loses this round, he really has no capital left.。

He’ll go crazy if he doesn’t get the right to bid again.。

He was sweating profusely and looked at the man in black sitting opposite him.。

Waiting to stay across the street。

Marco felt that he must get this bidding right.。

However, something happened that shocked Marco。

I saw that the man in black took out two golden chips from his pocket。

Then smiled at Marco。

Marco suddenly had an ominous premonition。

Then that person actually added the study capital based on the chips that Marco lived under.。

A total of 20.5 million Berries worth of education。

A whole 10 million more than Marco!

Marco had a feeling at that time。

Could this person be a con man?。

Because judging from his experience, only when there is an absolute chance of winning in a poker game will he have such an arrogant attitude.


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