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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 276

Bai Ye and others tried to enter the reading field rain banquet.

But just as he was about to step in, he was stopped by a bald doorman.

The bald doorman looked at the clothes worn by Bai Ye.

He said in a deep voice: “This club is membership-only.”

Then the bald doorman looked at several people as if he could see Bai Ye’s wallets clearly.

He said with a look of disdain: “If you are not our member, please come back.”

Bai Ye and others were stunned, but Marco was not surprised.

He seemed to be familiar with this kind of reading.

He handed the bald doorman two hundred-berry bills.

Then he saw the bald doorman accept the money and walked in happily.

In the end, he was blocked by the bald doorman.

Marco was very angry this time. He pinched his waist and said, “Why are you stopping me? Aren’t you just trying to collect money? Why did you stop me after you just collected it?” The bald doorman replied to Marco mechanically

. : “This club is membership-based. If you don’t have money, please raise enough membership fees.”

Then he smiled slightly at Marco, but there was a look of contempt in his eyes.。

“You just paid two hundred yuan in membership fees, which is not enough. ”

Marco was still planning to argue with the guard. He even wanted to beat the guard down. At

this time, Bai Ye understood what was going on. He

quickly stopped Marco and then said to the guard with a smile.。

“How much does the membership fee you mentioned cost per person? ”

The bald doorman looked at the young and thin guy in front of him. His eyes were still very contemptuous, but since the other person asked humbly, he had no reason not to answer. The bald doorman stretched out a finger and said: “Everyone at

least You must prove that you have 10 million Beli to apply for membership.

Then he thought about it and sneered at Marco: “Brother Pineapple Head, you only need 9,999,800 Berry. ” ”

Marco thought that if he had come here by himself, the bald doorman would have been killed by him long ago.

Can he still tolerate such bullying?

Marco is very depressed now.

But Bai Ye still said with a smile: “As long as it can prove that the four of us can Is it enough to have 10 million each? The

bald guard nodded and said, “That’s right. As long as you can prove that you have 10 million beli, you can enter the Rain Feast. Otherwise, you can go back to where you came from.” ”

At this time, Momotu Miono’s hand was already holding the scabbard on his waist.

Marco was also thinking about how to find a place where no one was around to knock the guard unconscious.

After thinking about it, he decided not to be here. There was a killing spree. After all, it was a reading session and one had to understand the rules.

Nico Robin was watching all this quietly.

She was still wondering why this rain banquet was so strict.

In the past, anyone could do it. After entering Yuyan, there is no need to consider the membership issue at all.

But now you still need to prove that you have one. Isn’t it nonsense?

But she didn’t say, she just watched it all quietly, how to solve this trouble.

Bai Ye smiled Smile, his smile was unusually gentle.

Then he took out a piece of paper from his arms.

Nico Robin, Marco, Momo Rabbit Misono and the bald doorman looked at what Bai Ye took out curiously.

Unexpectedly Bai Ye actually took out a dozen wa

nted posters.

Nico Robin:……


Peach Rabbit Royal Garden:……

Bald doorman:……

They had no idea what Bai Ye was going to do.

The bald guard said, “What do you mean by the wanted warrant? Do you want to say that you are a bounty hunter? You have already earned the bounty? Are you going to redeem it?” The bald guard laughed


Unexpectedly, Bai Ye pulled out a reward sheet and stuffed it into Marco’s arms.

Then he said to Marco: “Stand still, yes, raise the bounty a little higher.”

Unexpectedly, what he pushed through was Marco’s own bounty order……

Then Bai Ye pointed at Marco’s reward order and smiled and said。

“Did you see that, the Whitebeard’s deputy is worth 980 million Beli. ”

Then he took out another one and stuffed it into Nico Robin’s arms.。

“Did you see it? Nico Robin, the son of the devil, is worth 120 million Berry. ”

Then he put a piece of paper in his arms。

“Look at mine again, it’s worth 2.5 billion berries. ”

Then Bai Ye smiled at the blind guard in front of him.。

“Do you think any of us doesn’t have 10 million? Um? ”

The bald man at the door was almost scared to death.

He didn’t expect such a big shot to come here.

He apologized quickly and respectfully: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s my fault that I didn’t see that you had such a high reward. It’s really my fault. Blame me。”

“Your Excellency, please come to our rain banquet regardless of the small things. I wish you a happy time. ”

The bald man stepped aside and then opened the door again, letting Bai Ye and the others in.

When Bai Ye and the others entered the venue, the door closed heavily again.

The bald doorman took out a small telephone bug from his arms.

After dialing a number, he said to the person on the other side of the phone。

“Boss, they are coming。”

“Well, yes, it was him. He showed me the wanted notice. I can’t admit the wrong person!”

“Okay, just rest assured, we will definitely take good care of such a big person coming to our reading room.。”

“Yes, yes, big shots should be treated like big shots。”

“Let them go without return!”


After Bai Ye and several people entered the rain banquet.

Everyone is envious of the luxurious decoration here.

Everything here is magnificent.

Not only were the walls decorated with splendor and splendor, but the reading room was filled with students wearing luxurious clothes.

The security guards walking in the reading hall are all tall and tall people.

They carry firecrackers, electric batons, waist knives and other defensive items on their waists.

Girls in bunny clothes kept serving wine and lighting cigarettes to the readers in luxurious clothes.

When Marco came in, his eyes were filled with greed.

He even stretched his neck and kept smelling the atmosphere in the reading room.

Taotu Yuen covered her nose in disgust and shook her head.

She said: “What’s the good smell here? There’s a sour smell of smoke everywhere.”

Marco ignored her and kept to himself, sniffing the smell like crazy with his nose.。

“Ah, it turns out this is the taste of heaven! ”

He said to Bai Ye who was standing aside, with an expectant look on his face.。

“Lord Baiye, can I go play two games? ”

Bai Ye can see that Marco is like an arrow about to leave the string.

Sasou didn’t…_Feilu

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