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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 275

Alabasta is a very familiar place to Nico Robin.

Because Nico Robin was hiding under the command of Crocodile in the Shichibukai, she was able to evade the pursuit of the Navy Headquarters.

Crocodile spent the most time hiding there.

At that time, Nico Robin was Crocodile’s only talker in front of the world.

I, Crocodile, assigned all liaison tasks to Nico Robin.

As far as Nico Robin is concerned, this rainy land is very familiar to her.

What Nico Robin didn’t expect when he came back this time was that the rainy land of Alabasta was still open.

And when you look at the street, it doesn’t seem to be any different from the Crocodile period.

Marco said: “Perhaps it is because the king of this country allowed this prosperous city to make the country more prosperous, so he allowed him to continue to open.。”

“Maybe so. ”

Nicole Robin nodded and admitted.

She felt that after all, this place had been very prosperous when Crocodile was ruling, even more luxurious than the Alabasta Palace. Not only the

people in Alabasta Citizens and palace officials went to visit.

In addition, dignitaries from various countries, pirates sailing the sea, navy from the navy headquarters, and people from the dark world also often came in and out of this city.

When Crocodile was in power, he They took advantage of part of the privileges of the Shichibukai given to them by the World Government, allowing them to build their own territory. As a user with the ability of the Shasha Fruit, Crocodile naturally chose this country standing in the desert. And he took advantage of his position

. As a result, he won the hearts of the people of Alabasta and made them regard him as their hero. He

almost owned the entire Alabasta.

In the end, he was defeated by Luffy, and Nico Robin The Straw Hat Pirates joined the Straw Hat Pirates during this period.

But when Nico Robin looks at the Rain Land now, it has even changed a lot.

It feels more prosperous than before.

There are some new luxurious buildings and facilities everywhere, but in the deepest part of the Rain Land There is also a huge reading hall built by Crocodile.

The Rain Banquet.

Its appearance is like a huge golden pyramid, with a huge rubber crocodile crawling on the tip of the pyramid.

The crocodile represents Crocodile’s symbol.

This feature that symbolized the power of the Shichibukai in the past was not dismantled by the Alabasta soldiers.

Nico Robin guided everyone through this street.

They walked past luxurious Alabasta-specific appliances and weapons sold everywhere. , a place with specialties.

Then we passed by a small wrestling ground for others to study for Ph.D.。

“Come on! Kill him!”

“Cao, kill that bastard quickly! ”

People are all caught up in this exciting reading.

Bai Ye strides forward.

After all, he is also full of curiosity about this prosperous city.

This was once the most prosperous city in Alabasta, from King Shichibukai to Crocodile It was taken back from the hands and is currently owned by the Kingdom of Alabasta.

This kind of formalized facility will definitely be built to be more fully compliant.

Bai Yeyao looked at Guo Jia’s construction and it turned out that it could be built on the basis of the King’s Shichibukai More perfect.

I couldn’t help but applaud.

Nico Robin said: “This place is now twice as prosperous as before. It seems that this rainy land has become a major tourism business in Alabasta. ”

Nicole Robin then pointed at the soldiers patrolling the streets.。

“You see, those soldiers can already walk arrogantly in this city. This is somet

hing that was unthinkable during the period when Crocodile informed them. ”

Those soldiers were wearing white scale armor tunic, wearing white turbans for sun protection, and holding slashing scepters in their hands.

This is a typical Alabasta costume, which is convenient for fighting and can also play a role. The role of sun protection.

Looking at those soldiers in the white night, I always feel that they seem a bit sneaky.

Facing these walking tourists, they seem to be looking for oil and water.。

“Let’s go directly to the rain feast. ”

Marco looks a little excited. He is already gearing up. He

wants to make a good fortune there. Although he has no worries about food and drink with Byakuya, Byakuya has now settled in Wano. He

is eating and drinking. There is no need to consider some aspects such as usage.

But when he was in the Whitebeard Pirates, although he was the captain of the No. 1 ship, he also had another identity.

He was the most powerful person in the Whitebeard Pirates. A strong reader.

No matter what the situation, I want to go up and read.

But since Marco and the White Emperor White Night were fighting in all directions, this hobby has been temporarily put on hold.

Even in the entire White Night Pirates, there is no one who can read. He is someone who plays for fun.

He had a plan since Byakuya planned to establish the Wano Country base of the Byakuya Pirates.

He wanted to establish a place specifically for doctoral studies in Wano Country.

So when he saw After arriving at the bustling reading area like Yuyan, he was completely moved by what he saw. What a

spectacular reading area it is. Walking with Whitebeard, no such facility has been seen in the world.

And the Whitebeard Pirates Group There is no real base.

This is completely different from Byakuya.

Byakuya still has some sense of belonging to the territory.

Controlling the territory and making huge profits.

This seems to be more in line with the traditional pirate style.

And Byakuya has delegated power to them, allowing them to On the premise of not harming the country of Wano, he is allowed to build the facilities he likes.

According to his understanding,

Ryoma plans to build a gym and teach the dragon-slaying swordsmanship of Wano.

Yixiao prefers to focus on the construction of the tavern and is addicted to the tavern all day long. Based on the suggestions of various tavern owners, Yixiao planned to build a winery by himself.

So Marco had long wanted to build a reading venue for entertainment in Wano Country.

This time he followed Lord Byakuya’s action and met When he arrived at such a prosperous rainy land and such a large-scale reading rain banquet,

his eyes lit up.

If Bai Ye hadn’t been here, he would have rushed over and read. He

would have been fighting here for seven days and seven nights. Only then can we give up.

After all, we have to play with all the equipment here, and then copy them to Wano Country.

Marco followed Bai Ye and Nico Robin, rubbing his hands secretly.

Thinking that when the time comes He was very excited just thinking about how to play.

At this time, Bai Ye activated the Heart Network in order to check whether this place was safe.

But he suddenly discovered that there was a person who ideally wanted to study for a Ph.D. in addition to studying for a Ph.D.

What happened?

That person was still away from school. I’m so close……

He turned his head.

Saw Marco.

I couldn’t help but complain: “Damn, you really want to read it.”

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