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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 269

The two pacifists were completely destroyed in the white night。

Then some of the surrounding supervisors saw this and fled here.。

But before he could escape even half a step, he was killed by Bai Ye with the power of thunder and lightning.。

There is really no challenge in killing these people. After all, where is Bai Ye’s strength?。

Now in the conflicts in various places on Labor Island, good news of victory has come one after another.。

Bai Ye Yongxin discovered that the supervisors on the second floor had been completely cleaned up.。

Bai Ye came to Nico Robin’s place。

Nico Robin asked the captured slaves to quickly pack their things and prepare to escape.。

Then they took the stairs to the third floor。

There are still two places on the third floor where there are no solutions.。

There are two pacifists guarding the place, and one pacifist patrolling around.。

Fortunately, the overseers here have been eliminated by Terry and the others.。

Terry’s famous army is launching a fierce attack on these three pacifists.。

Bai Ye said to Nico Robin: “You go help Terry first, I will kill those two pacifists and then go find you.”。”

Nico Robin nodded and left。

Bai Ye came to the pacifists, and then he saw two Song Ming Army soldiers violently resisting the two pacifists.。

But Bai Ye could see that the bodies of the two soldiers were scarred and their physical strength had reached its limit.。

Bai Ye teleported to them through the power of thunder and lightning.。

“Please step aside and I’ll destroy them。”

When the soldiers of the Songming Army saw this, they quickly stepped back.。

Then two pacifists had already targeted Bai Ye。

The laser beam emitted from the mouth instantly penetrated Bai Ye’s body。

But now that the white night has turned into lightning, it doesn’t work at all.。

The pacifists plan to adjust their combat policy again and formulate a combat plan for Bai Ye。

It’s a pity that we haven’t waited for the attack yet.。

I saw Bai Ye coming in front of them。

Putting his hands on their legs。

Just listen to Bai Ye, say sternly。

“Ten thousand volts of lightning, recharge!”

These two pacifists could not withstand such an attack.。

In just a moment, those two guys were shattered by the power of thunder and lightning.。

turned into ashes。

Then, Bai Ye came to Nico Robin’s place。

He discovered that Nico Robin was working with Terry to launch an attack on a Pacifist.。

The Pacifist was severely scarred by the encirclement of the two men, and its mechanized parts had been exposed from the wounds on its body.。

Although the pacifist is made of machinery internally, it is also transformed by human beings.。

As long as important parts are destroyed, the pacifists can be completely defeated.。

Nico Robin discovered this, and then she and Terry were attacked together.。

The pacifist staggered and fell。

Bai Ye waved his hand, walked over and said, “Well done, that last move is really powerful.。”

Nico Robin and Terry could barely support their bodies.。

After all, with the current strength of the two of them, it is very difficult to deal with a pacifist.。

Bai Ye walked up to the big thing that was about to be scrapped.。

He just touched it with his palm。

“Ten thousand volts of lightning, recharge!”

This pacifist machine instantly turned into ashes。

Nico Robin and Terry were both shocked when they saw Bai Ye’s ability.。

They didn’t expec

t Bai Ye to be so powerful.。

It took two people working together to beat this pacifist to the brink of death.。

Although when he arrived, the pacifist was about to be destroyed, what he just did was a last-ditch attack.。

But you have to know that just now in the white night, I faced two pacifists alone.。

How could a pacifist with such strength be killed so easily?。

It is inevitable that people will feel a little awe-inspiring towards Bai Ye。

Bai Ye said: “Okay, now all the supervisors here have been dealt with.。”

“Can I take Nico Robin with me?”

Terry stared at Bai Ye for a long time, and finally nodded, agreeing that he would take Nico Robin away.。

But the prerequisite is that when you finish studying the historical text, you must come back。

Song Mingjun needs her。

Bai Ye smiled, and then he suddenly said to Terry。

“You’d better hurry up and find a way to bring these people to the Kingdom of History Bridge. I just seemed to have discovered that these pacifists have signal transmitters in their bodies, which seem to be able to send signals to their headquarters.。”

“We destroyed them, their boss will definitely know。”

“The best way is to run away quickly.。”

Terry’s face was gloomy. He had also heard that these pacifists were equipped with signal receivers, but he did not expect that these legends turned out to be true.。

Terry turned to Nico Robin and said: “Nico Robin, just go to Wano Country with Byakuya to study historical texts. We have a way to take these compatriots away from here.。”

Nico Robin did not object, because she was already free in the Song Ming Army and she did not join.。

And she also plans to explore the historical text with Bai Ye。

In the white night, a thunder and lightning teleportation light was activated on the bridge.。

Then, Bai Ye raised his hand and said to Nico Robin。


Nico Robin asked: “What are you doing?”

“I’ll take you to Wano Country。”

Bai Ye used the Heart Network to see clearly Nico Robin’s psychology, and then he said。

“You don’t think I came by boat, do you? Get rid of it. After all, I am also a user with the ability of the Thunder Fruit. I will definitely have the ability to fly.。”

Bai Ye smiled and said to Nico Robin。

“How about Miss Nico Robin, please。”

Nico Robin looked at the beam of light that appeared in front of him, and then his eyes changed,

Then she resolutely walked into the speed of light。


I saw Nico Robin’s body turn, and the whole person disappeared at the speed of light.。

Then Bai Ye also snapped his fingers in the air。

Then Bai Ye’s body turned in vain, and then appeared on the clouds in the Bridge Kingdom.。

Nico Robin stood nervously on the edge of the clouds。

It’s obvious that she seems to be very afraid of this world above the clouds。

Although she had been to Sky Island with Luffy and the others before, it’s just that for her now, this place is clouds, not Sky Island.。

Moreover, when they went to Kongdao, they took the current from bottom to top to get there.。

Wait, speaking of Sky Island, Bai Ye’s skill just now seems to be Enel’s thunder fruit ability.。

Could it be that he has given Enelu to……

But Bai Ye’s appearance was enough to relax her nervousness.。

Bai Ye walked up, took Nico Robin’s hand, and hugged her waist. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with what she was doing.。

“Let’s go and explore the red historical text. “


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