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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 264

Bai Ye opened up all the attributes of his body to the maximum。

He hasn’t felt this angry in a long time。

He never even thought that there was a fly in this world who had the courage to challenge a lion, and it was a super powerful lion like him.。

These flies know that they will be wiped out with just a move of their fingers.。

He actually dared to pounce on the lion without any belief and wanted to bite the lion.。

At this time, Bai Ye was like a god, his whole body shimmering with thunder and lightning, and his whole body stood completely upright in the sky.。

The crackling electric sparks generated by thunder and lightning shuttle back and forth between the palms of the hands.。

At this time, Bai Ye is walking in the sky step by step。

Some people rushed to escape and fell into the water. They were instantly hit to death by the electric current arranged by Bai Ye in the water.。

And there were a few guys who didn’t believe in evil. They took out their firecrackers and shot at Bai Ye.。

But in the end, they were all turned to ashes by lightning. Maybe they didn’t even know they were dead.。

Just like this, Bai Ye came to Nod’s head step by step, and then slowly landed。

At this time, Nord was so frightened by Bai Ye’s momentum that he could not move.。

“You, who are you? What are you going to do? Nord said in horror. He had thrown his weapon to the ground, trying to make Bai Ye feel that he was not aggressive and let him go.。

Bai Ye’s face was expressionless, his eyes were still as bright as day, with thunder and lightning extending from the corners of his eyes to the back of his head.。

He said: “Who am I? Didn’t those two people tell you?”

The fingers wrapped in thunder and lightning in the white night pointed at the globe and the sailboat.。

The two of them were so frightened that they knelt on the ground and kowtowed over and over again like Bai Ye。

“I was wrong, Lord Baiye, you don’t care about the faults of villains。”

“Please, Lord Bai Ye, please forgive us two juniors.。”

Bai Ye stands proudly between heaven and earth, despising all living beings and not taking anyone seriously.。

He pondered: “Let you go? I should have let you go once on Nine Snakes Island, right?”。”

Then he said calmly: “And what you are doing now is not only ungrateful, but you even want to continue attacking Nine Snakes Island.”。”

“I don’t think you need to exist in this world anymore.。”

The Globe and the Sailboat both cried instantly, their corpses were covered with water, and they couldn’t help but kowtow and beg for forgiveness.。

Nord quickly picked up the weapon on the ground, jumped up, and was about to rush into the sky to fight Bai Ye.。

I saw Bai Ye, slightly raising his hand。

Stretch out your palms, palms facing them。

“One billion volts of electricity! Curse! Completely destroyed!”

Bai Ye used his strongest move!

This move is the strongest thunder and lightning move he has learned by absorbing the power of thunder and lightning from historical texts.。

The clouds in the sky instantly dropped a huge lightning beam!

The power of this thunder and lightning completely exploded the entire sea level!

There were seven or eight boats on the sea, but all of them disappeared in an instant.。

A large deep hole was left in the sea。

Even after waiting for a long time, the seawater slowly filled back into the deep pit.。

The kidnapper group of this dark world, Nord, Globe, Galleon, and all their minions。

In just a moment, it turned into ashes。

Completely disappeared from this world。


The white night comes again to the clouds in the sky。

This time he locked the target and teleported along the thunder clouds。

Fly along the great ro

ute to the East China Sea at extremely fast speeds。

After flying to the East China Sea, he saw the Red Earth Continent not far away。

Then this time he slowed down because the big bear told him that the Kingdom of Need Bridge could be found along the Red Earth Continent.。

So I can only search from island to island.。

Fortunately, after he arrived at an island, he found out the specific location of the Bridge Kingdom.。

This kingdom seems to be very famous on this red earth continent。

Bai Ye soon knew the location of the Bridge Kingdom.。

The Kingdom of the Bridge was built on a place called Labor Island。

He soared into the sky again, teleporting through the thunderclouds in the clouds。

After a while, he saw the kingdom built on Labor Island。

The sight of the unfinished bridge in the white night sky was extremely shocking.。

I never thought there was such a building in the world。

This bridge can actually span the Red Earth Continent and divide the Red Earth Continent into two。

And in the white night, above the clouds, even looking around, I couldn’t see where the bridge began and ended.。

Bai Ye was teleported through lightning and landed on the bridge。

Then he saw people working hard under the supervision of overseers。

At this time, a guy who looked like a supervisor seemed to have noticed this young man in white who suddenly appeared.。

“Hey you……”

Before he could say anything, Bai Ye raised his finger and clicked an arc of lightning, crushing his head.。

There was smoke coming from the wound, and not a drop of blood was seen at all. After that, the person fell straight backwards.。

Bai Ye saw the right opportunity and controlled the man before he fell to the ground.。

Then he dragged the man into a dark corner, put on his clothes, and pushed his body off the bridge。

Bai Ye decided to use these supervisors’ identities to find out the purpose of the bridge, and then find out the location of Nico Robin.。

Bai Ye transferred his previous clothes to the clouds through lightning teleportation。

After changing his clothes, Bai Ye already looked like a supervisor, with huge sunglasses on his face and a dog-skin hat on his head.。

He held a leather whip in his hand and a steel-edged sword stick at his waist.。

A pair of big leather boots makes you look arrogant and domineering when you walk。

Bai Ye deliberately imitated the usual appearance of the supervisors, holding his hands behind his back and walking with a swaying body.。

Then, he walked behind the workers who were working in front of him。

He shouted: “Hey, you guys, please stop doing this. Let me ask you something.”。”

Those people stopped what they were doing and turned their heads without knowing why. Then they all looked at this person suspiciously.。

They discovered that this supervisor seemed different from the one they had seen before.。

Then several people looked at each other, but seeing that he was wearing the clothes worn by the former supervisor, they didn’t dare to question anything.。

However, a strong man still had the courage to step forward and asked: “Are you our new supervisor? Excuse me, do you have any orders? Please tell me。”

Bai Ye found out this person’s psychology through the heart network. He knew that the other person looked strange when he saw him, and why there was suddenly an overseer.。

But Bai Ye’s purpose is not to get entangled with these people. Anyway, his purpose is to find Nico Robin.。

Even if they are discovered by a small number of people, they can just kill them directly when the time comes.。

As long as there’s no big fuss, it’s still too early to alarm Im.。

So, Bai Ye asked lightly: “Do you know a person named Nico Robin?”


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