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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 263

Bai Ye used the power of the Thunder Fruit to make his figure appear on the clouds in the sky.

He checked the direction of the East China Sea and the specific location of the Red Earth Continent.

According to Bartholomew Bear, Nico Robin is currently in the Bridge Kingdom in the East China Sea.

Byakuya remembered that in the One Piece manga, Nico Robin was currently working hard there, building a bridge with the residents above.

But no one knows where exactly that bridge leads.

But one thing can be concluded, this bridge is definitely related to Im, the king of the dragons, and the blank century-old history.

Bai Ye locked the location of Donghai and started teleportation.

Just as he was about to teleport, he heard someone talking on the sea level.

He looked out over the clouds toward the sea.

It was discovered that there were indeed several huge pirate ships heading to Kuja Island.

Bai Ye activates the inner network to explore the contents of the pirate ship.

A guy with a hoarse voice spoke with a sense of disdain in his words.。

“Globe and sailboat, are you guys telling the truth? Did you really see Bai Di Bai Ye on this island? ”

Tian Yuan’s voice was loud, and he said: “Yes, boss, we really saw Bai Ye’s person, and he looks very young. ”

Sailboat’s words were still extremely gloomy, and he said: “Boss, but we saw him leaving Nine Snakes Island. ”

The guy called the boss by these two people continued to say in a hoarse voice.。

“Even if he doesn’t leave, what can he do to me? I am a man with a bounty of 500 million, and I will kidnap the pirate captain, whether it is a king or a prince, I will kidnap him without fail.。”

“What can a mere Five Emperors do to me? ”

The man who spoke is called Kidnapper Nord, and he is the most famous kidnapper in the entire pirate world. It is precisely because of his strong strength and extensive cooperation with the dark world that his bounty is as high as 500 million, even if he is kidnapped. He is wanted, and no navy wants to catch him.

Because of the things he does, sometimes the world government also needs his help.

As far as the kidnapping industry is concerned, the top figure is Nord.

But his role in the dark world His status is not high. When he learned the news that Kaido was defeated by Byakuya, he didn’t believe it at first.

But when the dark world began to be in turmoil because of Kaido, he felt that he should improve his status here.

The kidnapping industry is in The dark world is actually a low-level industry.

And at the top, he never got ahead. When he wanted to change, he received the news that Kaido died.

Nord became ecstatic, he thought to himself This time it was finally his turn to shine.

The kidnapping business was about to become the main business in the dark world!

So when he heard that his two men were on Nine Snakes Island,

he thought he had to come over in person. Come and do something big.

With his bounty and his strength, it is not impossible to take away all the women on Nine Snake Island.

So, he excluded his “big fleet”, a total of eight sea The pirate ship headed for Nine Snake Island in a mighty manner.

Just on the sea heading to Nine Snake Island, suddenly a small sailboat floated over.

Nord ordered his men to pull up the small boat.

The Globe and the sailboat came out. After hearing this,

Nord learned that not only the crew of these two guys were killed, but he also parti

cipated in a blind date and was almost killed by Bai Ye. After hearing this,

Nord laughed loudly.。

“You are indeed too weak, you cannot even defeat a small child. ”

Globe and Sailboat looked at each other, thinking that you have not seen Bai Ye’s current state. If you had, you wouldn’t be so arrogant.

However, Nord is not a vegetarian. Of course he knows that since Bai Ye has the ability to become the Fifth Emperor, He must have extraordinary abilities.

However, Nord is still not convinced that Boya Hancock is there. He

thinks that his ability exceeds that of Hancock, plus he has so many elite soldiers and generals. He

will directly give Nine Snake Island to him. Take over, and then become the emperor of the dark world!

Bai Ye could hear it clearly above the clouds. He didn’t expect that these people would join forces again to kidnap the female warriors of Nine Snake Island. Don’t

they know Is Nine Snake Island now the territory of the Five Emperors Bai Ye?

Is it so devoid of the power of a strong man?

It is too disrespectful.

An unknown fire rose in Bai Ye’s heart.

Then he did not use the teleportation skill .

Looking down at the ships on the sea level from the clouds.

Then he jumped. His

body fell hard like a cannonball.

Bang! There

was a loud bang, which almost caused a ship to break in two. Half。

“Holy shit! what happened!”

“Captain Nord, something fell from the sky and hit the deck!”

“Look quickly, it’s not a cannonball, right?。”

“It doesn’t seem so, Captain, that thing looks a bit like a human being. ”

Nord stood on the main ship. The strange ship that just appeared was to his right rear.

Then, Nord hurriedly ran to the deck on one side of the ship to check the ship.

He picked up the wireless intercom device and spoke to the ship. The people on the boat started shouting。

“6 Ships, please come back and tell me what happened there!”

“Captain, someone just fell from the sky!

Nord said in shock: “What did you say! ” ? Did people fall from the sky? who?”

“Captain, I don’t know, he’s still below deck.

Nord immediately became alert and said, “Find that person quickly, and then my brother’s ship will prepare for battle. “…..”


Before Nord could say the word “fight”.

The No. 6 ship in No. 6 Nord suddenly exploded.

A burst of thunder struck it like a thunderous punishment from heaven.

The ship exploded instantly, and raging fire ignited the sea level.

The surviving crew members of the ship also fell into the water, and the cries could not be heard.

In the midst of the fire, a young man covered in thunder and lightning stood on the main frame of the ship.

Nord knew something was wrong, so he quickly drew his weapon and prepared to fight.

With his many years of combat experience, he was about to face an extremely dangerous person.

I just don’t know who the other party is and why they want to destroy their own ships.

That’s when.

Both Globe and Sailboat were so frightened that they collapsed to the ground and sat down on the ground, their whole bodies trembling.

There was a look of horror in their eyes, as if they were seeing the person they least expected to see.

They pointed at the flashing thunderous figure over there and shouted。

“It’s him! He didn’t leave!

Nord quickly asked loudly: “Who is he? “”

“It’s white night!”

“Five Emperors White Night! ”_To

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