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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 262

On Nine Snake Island, the wedding was celebrated for a whole day.

In Boya Hancock’s dormitory, Bai Ye got up early.

He opened the window and let the sea breeze and sunlight enter the house.

Nine Snake Island.

This is already his third island.

The Kingdom of Stars, the Kingdom of Wano, and the Island of Nine Snakes.

Now he is truly one of the Five Emperors with a vast territory.

But the purpose of his trip cannot be forgotten.

Previously on the beach of Kuja Island, Luffy also gave him the Life Card. As long as he uses this card to find Nico Robin, he can take her away.

Although he could also use force to capture her, just like kidnapping Taotu Misono, she eventually followed him.

But as the Fifth Emperor, there was no need for him to do such a thing.

The power and status are already there, now it is time to achieve the goal that you have longed for.

Now his goal is to find the truth of historical texts and find a way to compete with Im, the king of the dragons.。

���Nico Robin is the only remaining demon child in the world who can see through the truth.

Bai Ye thought about it for a while, because he had memories from before time travel.

According to the plot of One Piece, after the Straw Hat Pirates were shot away in the Shampoo Islands, the members were scattered throughout the Grand Line.

Bai Ye remembered that Nico Robin seemed to be photographed in a place called “Bridge Kingdom”.

But Bai Ye is not sure, and he doesn’t know where the location is. It doesn’t seem to be in the new world.

So, Byakuya took out the phone bug in the Kingdom of Stars and talked with Bartholomew Bear.

Bartholomew Bear received the call and was silent for a long time.

Said: “Hello, Lord Bai Ye.”

Bai Ye didn’t talk nonsense to him. He knew that Daxiong rarely talked, but his strength was indeed first-class.

This is a typical example of a person who doesn’t talk much.

That’s why Bai Ye didn’t take him out for action.

Arranging for him to guard the base camp of Star Kingdom is the best choice.

Once you find an enemy approaching, shoot it away and defeat it once and for all.

Bai Ye asked: “Where did you send Nico Robin?”

There was another awkward silence.

Daxiong said slowly: “She is now in the Bridge Kingdom on Labor Island.”

Bai Ye nodded, and sure enough, there was nothing wrong in his memory.

Then Bai Ye asked Big Bear through the phone bug: “Where is the Kingdom of Bridges?”

Big Bear was silent for a while, and said slowly: “On the side of the East China Sea close to the Red Earth Continent, Lord Bai Ye, you are walking along the Red Earth You can see it by flying over the mainland.”

Bai Ye received the location and hung up the phone.

He really didn’t want to talk to Big Bear anymore. It was really hard to talk.

Then, Bai Ye turned around and said to the few people who were still sleeping.。

“I’m leaving first. I’m looking for someone who can understand history. You guys wait for me here.。”

“Wait a minute, Lord Baiye, I want to follow you! ”

Hancock got up and ran out regardless of the fact that he had nothing on him.。

“I also want to follow you, Byakuya-sama. ”

Margaret, who had gorgeous yellow hair, also climbed up. She said with sleepy eyes and a red face.

Then, another woman crawled out from inside, and she turned out to be a female commentator.

She also said: “Sir Bai Ye, if If possible, I would also like to go along. ”

Bai Ye kissed the three women respectively, and then said with a serious face.。

“No, I have to do

this operation by myself, because I can’t let those Dracos know that I’m looking for the red historical text.。”

“That would expose the purpose of my whereabouts. If Im decides to destroy the historical text, then we won’t know what happened in the blank hundred years. ”

Bai Ye changed her usual frivolity and said very seriously.

Hancock looked at Bai Ye’s current appearance. She has been following Bai Ye for a while.

It is rare to see Bai Ye showing such a serious look. Even when he dealt with powerful enemies, he would deal with them lightly.

Bai Ye’s attitude towards historical texts at this time actually made Hancock a little obsessed. She had never felt this way towards a man.

This was not because They got married on Nine Snakes Island, and it was not because their relationship was truly accepted by the residents of Nine Snakes Island. It was

because Bai Ye was as powerful as an emperor and a god, but he still maintained his ability to take things seriously. Heart.

Hancock hesitated for a while, then nodded and said。

“Sir Bai Ye, please be more careful, and if you need me on Ku Snake Island, you must come to me. Our Ku Snake Island will mobilize all of us to help you. Bai

Ye looked at Hancock, and after making the determination, he walked over and pinched her face.

Hancock blushed.

Bai Ye said, “It’s okay, I’m just looking for someone, Straw Hat Luffy.” My companion understands the words of historical texts, and she can bring me one step closer to my goal. ”

He looked into Hancock’s eyes, and continued slowly: “Hancock, you know my goal. My goal is to overthrow the world government, overthrow the rule of the Celestial Dragons, and remove the king of the Celestial Dragons, Im, from the throne. Pull up and down. ”

Bai Ye knew that Hancock and her two younger sisters had been sold by the Celestial Dragons when they were children and had kept the suffering of slaves. Even now, there are marks of being slaves of the Celestial Dragons on their backs. This is what happened in Hancock’s life

. Indelible pain and shame, even the current Hancock will tremble slightly whenever he hears the name of the Celestial Dragons.

And what Bai Ye wants to do is to overthrow them, so Hancock will definitely give him his full support .

Hancock couldn’t help but shed tears after hearing Bai Ye’s declaration.

She rushed into Bai Ye’s arms.。

“Lord Baiye, thank you. ”

Hancock’s eyes were full of tears. She didn’t want to recall that painful past.

The slave of the Celestial Dragons was the curse that trapped Hancock in his life.

And now Lord Bai Ye is about to defeat the world ruled by the Celestial Dragons. Made a strong resistance.

Bai Ye hugged Hancock and felt Hancock’s warmth。

“Hancock, don’t worry, I will definitely pull those bastards from the Celestial Dragons and that guy named Im from their positions. ”

Hancock raised her head and looked at Bai Ye, looking through the autumn water.

Then she nodded vigorously.

Margaret and the female commentator did not speak behind each other. They knew that they were not qualified to let Bai Ye do anything for them.

They could only follow Mr. Hancock silently.

If Mr. Hancock is in a good mood, they can let Mr. Bai Ye be with them.

So, under the gaze of the three women.

Bai Ye raised his hand and stood on the balcony. A lightning transmission channel was opened in the open space above.

Then, he turned around and disappeared._Feilu

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