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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 260

The men who became walking zombies have been defeated by the five pirates led by Bai Ye.

The last pirate died under Byakuya’s Hellfire Sword.

The dead man fell down with tears in his eyes, but his expression was extremely gratifying.

It was as if the dream had come true and I was finally free.

Bai Ye and several others arranged the bodies of those people properly.

This action also made the female warriors in the audience feel excited.。

“God, who is this?。”

“Is this friendship between men?”

“Next time, should we consider sending these people away after using them a few times?。”

“I don’t think we should let them continue to become our tools.。”

“Moreover, these pirates are not as good as those in the outer sea towns, and their health is not good at all.。”

“Yeah, I think so too. ”

The female spectators in the audience kept discussing how to deal with the captured pirates in the future.

In the end, many people decided not to treat them as their tools.

Then, the voice of the female commentator was uploaded on the glass curtain Came over。

“Congratulations to the five of you for successfully passing the first level!”

“Please continue to be enthusiastic, you are about to face the second level of challenge!”

“The second challenge is the beast level!”

“Please be careful. ”

The female commentator stopped talking.

At this moment, earth-shaking changes occurred inside the glass cover.

The scene that was originally ruins turned into something else in an instant.

The ruins slowly disappeared in a process visible to the naked eye.

No one knows what happened. But

their changes have always existed.

The bodies of those killed by the five pirates also disappeared with the ruins.

Completely missing.

Everyone I don’t know what is going on.

Good people can disappear unexpectedly.

Moreover, there are gravel bricks on the ground that were originally stepped on. They were all caused by fighting.

But in an instant, even those bricks disappeared. Completely disappeared。

“How is this going? “The captain of the Globe Pirates asked。

“The whole ground seemed to be shaking. “The captain of the Sailing Pirates said.

Rayleigh remained calm at this time, and he spoke slowly: “I’m afraid there is a person with abilities who will transfer the competition space to a specific scene.。”

“The location we were at before might not be on Nine Snake Island, or maybe it wasn’t on the competition stage on Nine Snake Island.。”

“All of this should be attributed to the Devil Fruit user. ”

After Rayleigh said that, he deliberately looked at the position of the female commentator.

However, the female commentators who were outside the mirror just now also disappeared.

Rayleigh concluded that there was a direct relationship between the teleportation of this space and the female commentator. Could it be that the female commentator Is he the one with the ability to change this place?

Rayleigh thought.

At this time, Luffy squatted down, picked up one and threw it into the sky.

But the stone was still in the sky, and the entire stone disappeared.

At this time, This space has completely changed.

This place is completely different from the previous scene.

Now this space is no longer the ruined space before, and there are no walking dead with sharp blades.

This place has become completely different.

The branches and leaves are flourishing . The primitive jungle, the dense jungle stretches out with weird plants.

These things are difficult to encounter in the real world. Moreover,

rivers and mountains ca

n be seen vaguely in the distance.

It is as if people are in the primitive jungle.

Suddenly Suddenly, the low roar of wild beasts came from the depths of the forest.

Then the footsteps slowly moved and the sound of playing with the grass came over.

And the low roars were enough to send chills down the backs of those who heard it.

The voice seemed to be a low roar from hell, trying to pull someone down with it.

And those footsteps felt like messengers from hell, approaching step by step to steal people’s souls.

Slowly, the enemies came out .

All of them, including Bai Ye, took a breath.

The huge giant ape, the giant crocodile that walked on two legs.

The giant lion that also walked on two legs.

Giant birds, monitor lizards also walked out one after another. .

There were probably nearly a hundred giant beasts walking out of the woods.

Globe picked up the sword fiercely, his whole body trembling, because Globe was called a little giant.

But in front of these beasts, he was as tall as a child.

He has never been There is no such feeling.

I am afraid that these giant beasts are almost as tall as real giants.

And these beasts seem to have the ability to autonomously.

They know how to communicate across races, and they also understand human language.

It’s just that they can’t speak it.

The beasts They rushed towards Bai Ye.

But this scene brought back something in their memory.

That thing was the inhumane game just now.

Aren’t these beasts the same as the people in that game.

Bai Ye has had enough. He was fed up with these boring tricks.

With a focused look in his eyes, he unleashed his power that had not been unleashed for a long time to the extreme!

A coat of thunder and lightning suddenly appeared outside his body.

He was like a god, hanging in the air. .At

this time, everyone was stunned.

The eyes of the Globe and the captain of the Sailing Pirates were wide open.

They looked at Byakuya in disbelief.

At this moment, they knew very clearly in their hearts.

This boy is the real Byakuya Kai. The captain of the bandit group, the Five Emperors Baiye, who holds the title of White Emperor.

This man personally killed Kaido, killed one of the Five Old Stars, and killed the resurrected Rocks.

Such powerful men actually appeared in front of them Before.

Where were they just now? This man regarded him as his little brother.

Thinking about it, he felt ashamed of what he had done.

How much bounty did he receive, not as much as that straw hat boy, so he dared to challenge the Five Emperors Byakuya?

How many of them did he have ? His life is not enough for others to kill him.

Not killing yourself is just to save yourself face.

The two of them leaned against the glass cover as much as possible, completely surrendering to the majesty of the white night.

Because when Bai Ye turned on the Thunder Fruit, he also turned on his overlord-colored domineering energy.

The coercion generated by domineering is enough to scare those with weak willpower!

The giant beasts also retreated.

Even Straw Hat Luffy was trembling.

He had no idea that Bai Ye could be so powerful.

Rayleigh looked at Bai Ye, as if wondering whether Bai Ye had fully exerted his strength.

Even when he fought with him on the beach, he didn’t use this kind of power now.

Is this good luck or bad luck?

Perhaps it was his luck not to be killed by Bai Ye.

Rayleigh looked at the white night.

He felt that Bai Ye was the real beast here. _Feilu

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