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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 253

When the female warriors saw Bai Ye appearing behind Margaret in the form of a snake man.

All the women in the audience took a deep breath.

They know the terror of snake-men. Once they enter the snake-man state, the first thing to strengthen is their speed.

No creature moves as fast as a snake.

And when turning into a snake-man, the host’s own speed will be enhanced to the extreme!

When the snake man attacks, it won’t even cause a trace of pain, but the fear that comes with it will sweep through the body.

The attack method of Snake Man has always been like this. Only speed is the key to being a Snake Man.

But no one expected that the snake-man form would lose to ordinary people.

And he’s just a mere pirate!

The whole audience was sweating for Margaret.

On the one hand, as a female warrior, she does not want her compatriots to lose to outsiders.

On the other hand, she didn’t want Margaret to suffer the pain of the snake man and then be swallowed by the snake’s mind.

Thus turning into a real snake.

Mixed with this contradictory thinking, the audience watched the game.

Everyone is looking forward to what the outcome of this game will be.

At this moment, Bai Ye was about to put the Hellfire Sword on Margaret’s shoulder.

Margaret suddenly pulled out, as if it was an animal’s conditioned reflex.

When encountering danger, it will instantly activate its self-protection mechanism.

And the snake’s reaction ability is to dodge subsequent attacks!

As soon as Margaret dodged, she raised her hands again and attacked Bai Ye.

Bai Ye saw the right moment and injected a small amount of thunder and lightning power into the Hellfire sword.

Long swords and arrows intertwined.

Immediately afterwards, the snake-man Margaret began to tremble all over, and the slight thunder and lightning power spread to Margaret’s body through the arrows in her palms.

Margaret trembled slightly.

But this kind of trembling is not unacceptable, a slight electric current passes through the whole body.

For a few people, it may be more comfortable……

Bai Ye used this method precisely because discovered Margaret’s secret.

Because Margaret usually regards herself as the female guard chief.

But the heart still longs to be protected and cared for, and the strong need the heart-to-heart sympathy of the strong.

Margaret had admitted that White Night was difficult to deal with.

At the same time, he wanted to fight Bai Ye, but Bai Ye also conveyed part of his consciousness through the electric current.

Margaret, please don’t do this.

I know you are tired.

Let me protect you.

Yes, that’s right, Byakuya can transmit his thoughts through electricity.

This is a special technique learned by absorbing the power of ancient thunder and lightning from ancient texts.

After Margaret’s body was electrified, her eyes suddenly began to change.

It has become much softer.

Just for a moment, the two sides separated again.

Margaret yelled: “Asshole! What did you just do!”

“What did you touch me just now? I will feel a kind of electric current passing through my palm! Bai

Ye looked at Margaret’s current appearance, suddenly smiled and

said, “Look, after my help, you have returned to normal now and can speak normally.” ”

Margaret was shocked. She didn’t expect that the power of the snake blood in her body was actually under Bai Ye’s current. It was

gradually fading!?

And she still liked the feeling of Bai Ye

releasing the current through her body just now.

This kind of feeling . The feeling is unconscious, a feeling that bursts out from deep inside.

The unconscious state of a person is better than any externally imposed state.

This is how Bai Ye activated Margaret’s main consciousness and drove it out before swallowing the snake blood into the brain. .

Margaret shook her head and flashed her snake eyes again.

Then she said, but her language had returned to human state.。

“enough! Why should I listen to you? You are just an outsider, a villain who destroyed Nine Snakes Island and ruined Lord Hancock’s life! I will never let you succeed! ”

Margaret shouted, drawing her arrow out of her palm again。

“I want to win! I’m going to defeat you! ”

We are about to attack.

Just listen to Bai Ye, suddenly say。

“Margaret, is winning or losing really that important? ”

As soon as this question came out, Margaret’s heart trembled.

Because Margaret had thought about this kind of question more than once, but she never got the answer.

Because of her duty as the guard captain It is victory, driving the foreign pirates out of Nine Snakes Island.

But this state has even brought into her life.

Although she is a hero respected by thousands of people,

her identity is too glorious and too high. .

So she must do the best in everything she does!

She must win!

This is her rule.

But Bai Ye knows, Margaret’s heart.

She knows that this girl does not want to win.

She is. Among the opponents she met, no one could make her lose.

Every time she won, she wanted to become stronger.

It was like a race, Margaret was always first, and she thought that the third Being one is not enough. It is

far from enough, so she keeps running hard on this track.

Because she feels that being the first in the world is not enough! She must defeat everyone! She defeated

those pirates, she feels that these The pirates are just on the same level as herself. Having such a weak opponent means that there will be someone stronger than them!

She may know that no one can win this race.

But she has been unable to find her own strength. The position she is in during the race.

She cannot see who is at the top in front of her?

She will always encounter a weak opponent!

As long as she encounters a weak opponent, is the person in front of her stronger than herself?

She has no idea at all.

So. She kept running on the road to becoming stronger.

Unfortunately, after arriving in the group, she became like this.

Bai Ye smiled and said: “Margaret, I hope you will understand when you see me. You see Where is the peak that cannot be reached? ”

Bai Ye took the Hellfire sword in his hand.

He wrapped the thunder and lightning around the Hellfire sword again.。

“And I am the pinnacle that you cannot see! you are already strong。”

“From now on, victory or defeat will not matter at all compared to your life. ”

Bai Ye seems to be slow, but in fact he speaks very fast. But if he is fast, Margaret can still hear clearly.。

“I hope you will follow your heart and develop the hidden parts of your heart!”

“Now that you have seen where the vertex is, there is no need to worry。”

“You know, no one else is as powerful as me, Bai Ye. ”

I saw Bai Ye putting the Dark Fire Sword in his hand. Unexpectedly, he became serious when he spoke. He

said to Margaret who rushed over.。

“Follow me until you defeat me! ”_To

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