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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 252

Margaret drank the snake blood.

The snake had stopped moving since Margaret completed the contract.

Perhaps the snake was already dead from the moment the contract was made.

Everyone watched as she drank the last drop of snake blood into her mouth.

Then Margaret threw the dried snake aside.

Then Margaret’s whole body trembled, and slowly her body grew some dark blue scales.

Even her body shape and bones began to change.

Although she still looks like Margaret, her body muscles have completely grown.

His height has also doubled.

Then she drew the last two arrows from the arrow basket behind her.

Put it in your hand.

Next, the most shocking scene happened.

The two arrows in her hand were absorbed bit by bit by Margaret’s palm.

Becomes a part of the body.

Finally, an arrow emerged from one hand, and the tip of the arrow slowly emerged from the palm of the hand.。

“It’s the evil snake god! ”

Everyone started to yell when they noticed Margaret’s current appearance.

Some people even started to leave the venue and began to run for their lives.

At this time, in the rest area.

Luffy saw that all the people in the venue were in chaos, and some Some yelled, and some even ran out of the auditorium.

Luffy looked at them and asked Rayleigh in confusion.

“Raleigh, is Margaret that terrible? Rayleigh

also frowned slightly and stared closely at what was happening on the playing field.

He took a breath and said in a deep voice: “The skill Margaret just used is a forbidden skill on Nine Snakes Island. Because they are with snakes all day long, people and snakes are of the same mind, and snakes and humans are of the same body.。”

“There is only a thin line between snakes and humans. As long as you reach the contract, you can instantly increase your power and become a snake.。”

“Humans at this stage possess both human power and the power of the snakes who made the contract.。”

“But after the battle, the snake-man form will gradually fade away in about half an hour.。”

“The human form gradually degrades。”

“First of all, humans have the ability to shed their skin. After each molt, they lose what makes them human.。”

“Skin, facial features, limbs, brain, and finally the bottom line of human beings, the mind.。”

“Once the cold heart is damaged and turned into a snake, it can never return to the human state. ”

Reilly said in a deep voice. He knew Margaret, but he didn’t expect that Margaret would go to such an extent when facing Bai Ye. This was just a game, and it didn’t have to lead to death. But things were unavoidable


Margaret’s body was expanding, and a thick tail actually grew from behind her.

Seeing it, Bai Ye felt that the current Marge looked like someone he had killed.

And Kaido’s Lingkong Liuzi It was very similar to a velociraptor.

Margarita kept spitting out white smoke from her mouth, and the smoke gradually turned into purple-brown poisonous gas.

Margaret smiled, having guessed her terrifying appearance now.

Becoming like this is simply the cruelest punishment for a girl who loves beauty.

But Margaret has long forgotten all of this.

But her voice is still so sweet and resolute.

She swayed slightly, growing in The hair on her scales was the human characteristic she still had.

She didn’t want her human characteristics to be removed just like that.

Margaret carefully controlled her human consciousness again and again.

She was sweating profusely and used that The double snake eyes stared at Bai Ye.

She actually laughed now, her tong

ue had turned into the shape of a snake.

Her teeth had also turned into fangs.

This was different from Hancock’s third sister, her kind The trick is to truly fuse the snake and the human into one.

With the strengthening of the main body, the snake-man is even more powerful!

Margaret crossed her arms in front of her chest, and two sharp arrows were revealed from her palms. The arrowhead was secretly emitting a dark red fierce light, which seemed to be able to steal people’s souls.

She was already wrapped around the tip of the arrow in a domineering manner.

The murderous aura burst out from Margaret’s body.

The female commentator faced Bai Ye. Said: “Man, run away!”

“Lady Margaret has now locked you up, and you can only be killed now.。”

“And she will not stop dying and must kill you. Now she has turned into a snake-man form. This form will gradually disappear as long as the opponent is not within the attack range of the main body.。”

“Men, although you are hateful, on our Nine Snakes Island, if someone establishes a connection with a snake, you must avoid everyone immediately, and never meet her eyes, as long as the other party identifies you as the target of killing. . ”

The female commentator paused and continued speaking very fast.。

“Then I will kill you first even if you are at the end of the world!”

“So, run away now! Otherwise, our Nine Snakes Island will suffer because of you!”

“Margaret’s snake-like form attacks indiscriminately! ”

Bai Ye thought this woman was worried about him at first, but after listening to his explanation, she said that if he didn’t run away, Nine Snake Island would suffer because of him. Bai Ye’s head is full of black lines now, but

he He looked at Margaret who was about to attack.

It was better to solve this problem first.

Bai Ye just smiled awkwardly at the female commentator.

Then Bai Ye said with a serious expression: “Just give me five minutes. That’s enough.

The female commentator said angrily: “Five minutes? ” You should run away now! Lady Margaret will have attacked you in five minutes! ”

Bai Ye looked at the female commentator dancing around and smiled.。

“The five minutes I’m talking about mean, take care of your heroes within five minutes! ”

Before the female commentator started cursing.


Just for a moment.

Time seemed to have frozen.

The snake-man Margaret had already launched an attack.

She rushed towards Bai Ye!

Bai Ye pulled out the Hellfire sword and fought for it. Resistance.

Margaret rushed forward with her palm, and then used the arrow as a weapon!

However, because she used her body as a bow and arrow, Margaret, who had turned into a snake-man, had already surpassed the speed of shooting arrows! Suddenly, the

weapons of both sides were created. There was a violent collision.

The audience saw Bai Ye fighting with the snake-man Margaret.

They both had the blood of the fighting nation in their bodies, so they were naturally reluctant to leave the hot-blooded fighting scene, so they unconsciously started to stop and watch.

Snake The human Margaret is indeed terrifying. Her speed has exceeded the attack speed of the snake. Her

body shape changes rapidly, and she does not look like a human at all.

But when people only see the speed of the snake, they cannot ignore Bai Ye’s speed. .

Bai Ye’s figure was like a ghost.

Appeared behind Margaret.

He whispered in the ear of the snake-man Margaret.。

“You’re tired, Margaret. ”_

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