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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 250

Margaret holds a snake bow and confronts Bai Ye。

She dedicated everything she had to Nine Snakes Island。

He also defined this battle with Byakuya as his post-organization responsibility for Nine Snakes Island.。

She raised her snake bow high。

The whole crowd cheered。

Even the female commentator was cheering: “Everyone, please see, Lady Margaret has raised her snake bow high. Is this her declaration of victory? I think it must be! She is so powerful and beautiful. !”

“Lady Margaret, you are so beautiful!”

“Finally, we can see Lady Margaret in her heroic appearance!”

“Lady Margaret, go and kill that man who knows nothing about heaven and earth!”

“Lady Margaret will definitely bring us a visual feast! I haven’t been this excited for a long time。”

The whole place is boiling and cheering。

The two people in the rest area, Globe and Sailboat, were making sarcastic comments.。

��It seems that this woman, Margaret, has found an easy opponent.。”

“Haha, I didn’t expect that she would meet that weird man.。”

“The game may be over in no more than ten minutes。”

“ten minutes? You’ve said too much, that’s the Margaret who once made us frightened.。”

“That crazy woman can do anything when she gets angry!”

“Is he that scary?”

“You have never experienced it. I fought with her before when I was the captain. This woman kills people in the same state as a man.。”

“You don’t take others seriously at all. As long as she wants to kill you, you will never escape.。”

Rayleigh and Luffy stayed aside and said nothing.。

The two of them stared closely at the two people on the field, not wanting to miss any of the fighting scene.。

They had seen Margaret organize her teammates to fight as a team before。

It was a form of siege, but in that case, Margaret had to take care of her men and not let them get hurt.。

But this kind of one-on-one competition is different.。

There is no need to worry about a one-on-one duel.。

If you lose, you lose. If you lose, you lose.。

There is no third option。

This is a life-and-death battle, Luffy knows it, and Rayleigh knows it even more。

I saw Margaret put down the snake bow, and then pulled out the bow and arrow from the arrow basket behind her back.。

Aiming in the direction of the white night is to take an arrow。


This arrow had a sound of piercing the air.。

He suddenly struck at Bai Ye。

Bai Ye’s body moved slightly, then he grabbed the arrow and placed it on the ground.。

Bai Ye pointed out a finger to Margaret。

He said: “I feel that your current mood is wrong. I just hope that you can adjust to the best state and fight with me, so。”

Bai Ye said: “I asked you to shoot ten arrows and let you find your state.。”

After saying that, Bai Ye stood on the spot, reached deep into his palm, and exposed ten fingers.。

Then he took back one of the ten fingers, which represented the arrow that Margaret shot just now.。

Margaret responded softly without saying much.。

Continue to pull out two arrows from the arrow basket。

Then he shot towards Bai Ye。

These two arrows shoot faster and more powerful than the previous one.。

But the arrow that was shot was also caught in Bai Ye’s hand, and then he placed it at his feet.。

Bai Ye smiled and said. “Already three arrows。”

And he still stood there without moving a step。

Margaret’s eyes narrowed and she suddenly said: “You forced me to do this, Bai Ye。”

Suddenly Margaret rush

ed towards Bai Ye。

Put the four arrows between the fingers of your hand。

Then pull up the snake bow。

Shooting suddenly into the white night。

Bai Ye raised the corner of his mouth and watched how Margaret used to shoot the bow and arrow.。

Then, Margaret just shot an arrow from the bow in her hand.。

But then he shot another shot。

Then came the second arrow and the third arrow!

The four arrows turned into a long snake and attacked the white night!

Bai Ye couldn’t help but marvel at Margaret’s skills.。

He didn’t expect that there would be someone who could use a bow and arrow so well.。

She actually turned her bow and arrow into a long snake to attack Bai Ye。

Bai Ye finally moved because he had to show respect to Margaret。

Bai Ye dodged sideways and avoided the attack of the long snake.。

But this long snake turned from arrows actually has the ability to track enemies.。

When Bai Ye jumped away, the long snake followed him!

The long snake is composed of four arrows in total。

Such attacks are highly uncertain。

Although the four arrows turned into a long snake, the snake’s head was ever-changing.。

Once they find themselves over the target, they will change to become the new snakehead based on which arrow is closest to the opponent.。

Thereby re-forming a new long snake, continuing to lock on Bai Ye and kill him!

Bai Ye suddenly pulled out the sword from his waist。

He was finally willing to attack。

I saw Bai Ye raising the Dark Fire sword high, and then slashed in the direction of the long snake!

I thought that the long snake would be defeated by this overwhelming blow。

But I didn’t expect that under this blow。

That long snake can actually scatter four arrows.。

It seems that everyone has his own consciousness。

The arrows scattered, but their target was still on Bai Ye。

Then there was a crazy targeted attack on Bai Ye!

Bai Yi used his long sword to resist。


Each of the four arrows is wrapped with armed domineering。

Bai Ye, who was holding the Dark Fire Sword, started to panic.。

Margaret’s attack simply subverted his three views.。

Because of the domineering entanglement, Bai Ye was unable to smash these arrows with his long sword.。

Bai Ye’s eyes suddenly changed and he jumped behind an arrow.。

Then he grabbed it suddenly, and then grabbed another arrow very close to this one.。

Bai Ye used his power, and then the two arrows were controlled by Bai Ye。

The other two are just obeying the previous orders and don’t care about other issues at all.。

The arrow flew towards Bai Ye。

Just when the arrow is about to hit Bai Ye。

Bai Ye suddenly placed the two arrows he had just caught in front of his chest.。

Blocking in front of the two arrows attacking him。


Four arrows collide。

Don’t send out a small amount of domineering fragments, and then these fragments fly out。

Because these arrows have the same power。

So at the moment we met。

The armed domineering energy on their bodies actually offset each other.。

They then returned to their normal appearance as arrows.。

Bai Ye saw the time correctly and held the two arrows that were about to fall in his hands.。

Then he put them all at his feet。

Everyone was in an uproar。

Then thunderous applause broke out。

This applause is not only for Margaret, but also for White Night。

They definitely showed their most superb skills at this moment.。

They are all strong.


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