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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 246

The female commentator continued to explain impassionedly。

Then many viewers cheered when they heard that Straw Hat Luffy actually had a bounty of 700 million berries.。

None of them expected that such a weak boy could have such a bounty.。

Even higher than the bounty of that little giant over there。

Then, I heard that the person he was fighting was actually their queen’s sister.。

This was something they didn’t expect. After all, the queen’s sister usually faces some tough opponents in this kind of competition.。

Is this Straw Hat Luffy difficult to deal with?

No one knows, they just think this game is absolutely beautiful。

Next, the female commentator continued:。

“Everyone, please be quiet. Next, the player I want to introduce is the pirate known as Pluto Rayleigh in the outer sea! It is said that he once helped Queen Hancock, and according to effective clues, this man was once the right hand of Roger, the Pirate King! Very strong! And it has a bounty of over a billion!”

One billion? ? ?

No way!

The entire audience was boiling instantly, and their emotions were completely detonated at this moment.。

Many people have only heard of Rayleigh and heard that she once helped their queen Hancock.。

Mr. Hancock also owed him a favor, but this old man was too old.。

Not qualified to marry Queen Hancock。

Although they are a fighting nation, they are not willing to let Pluto Rayleigh become their king.。

Repaying kindness does not mean committing yourself to it。

But they especially wanted to see what kind of strength the right hand of Roger, the so-called Pirate King, possessed.。

Many people started discussing。

At this time, the commentator continued:。

“Pluto Rayleigh is facing another strong person from our Nine Snakes Island. She is……The third sister of our Queen Hancock! A strong man with the form of a snake fruit and an eye snake!”

The spectators on Nine Snake Island cheered again. They did not expect to see two strong men from Nine Snake Island participating in the competitive competition today.。

But it’s right to think about it. After all, this game determines who will be the king of Nine Snakes Island.。

He is also the one who will marry their empress, Boya Hancock.。

Then, the female commentator waved her hand and named the fifth contestant.。

“Let’s take a look at this player! At the same time, our fifth player today is Byakuya, the captain of the Byakuya Pirates. He is known as the Bai Ye of the Five Emperors in the outer sea, and the Bai Ye of the White Emperor. This man possesses the mysterious power of the Thunder Fruit. This power is a rare and powerful fruit! He will be one of the most competitive characters in today’s competition!”

The female commentator continued: “This Bai Emperor Bai Ye has a bounty of 2.5 billion in the navy!”

“This is the highest reward ever offered by the Navy. Who could have imagined that this seemingly weak character could be so powerful!”

The female commentator said impassionedly。

“Let me go, no!”

“Such a handsome guy actually has a reward of 2.5 billion! And it is the highest reward ever offered in naval history!”

“This man looks so weak, how come he has such a high bounty?”

“I don’t think he has someone in the navy, right?。”

“I feel like, I would never look at a man like this when I’m out at sea, because he’s too thin and not strong at all. Our female warriors on Nine Snakes Island like strong

er men.。”

“Haha, I think you like that one. I think this guy named Bai Ye is pretty good. He looks fair and handsome.。”

The audience once again made a noisy noise。

They just don’t believe that this man is so powerful。

So which female warrior on Nine Snake Island will such a powerful man face?。

Now the answer is revealed in the mouth of the female commentator。

The female commentator said with great excitement。

“What he will face this white night is our hero on Nine Snakes Island, and he is also the highest combat power on Nine Snakes Island besides Lord Hancock! She is also the beach guard captain on our island of Nine Snakes!”


The audience who were originally sitting in their seats now all stood up。

Cheers for Margaret。

Margaret is called the hero of Nine Snakes Island because she leads the guards who guard the beaches of Nine Snakes Island day and night in the coastal jungle.。

Under her leadership, the pirate groups that invaded Nine Snake Island were destroyed one after another, and some beasts from the jungle of Nine Snake Island were tamed by Margaret.。

The most famous ones in Nine Snake Island are the invincible giant pythons. The reason why those giant pythons can be used by the female warriors of Nine Snake Island。

All thanks to the guard army led by Margaret who took care of them day and night and received them regardless of past grudges.。

Therefore, Hancock of Kuji Island was named the Shichibukai by the World Government, and Margaret’s contribution is indispensable.。

Moreover, Margaret also possesses extremely outstanding troop formation abilities.。

This makes the female warriors of Nine Snake Island even more terrifying。

So Margaret became the hero of Nine Snake Island, the most attractive woman is very normal。

After Margaret’s name appeared, the whole audience was excited.。

How many years have they seen Margaret appear in the arena?。

The hero who has been guarding the beach of Nine Snakes Island day and night for many years. If a female warrior wants to witness her ability with her own eyes, she can only follow the empress Hancock to fight at sea when he goes to sea. It is possible to see Margaret’s heroic appearance。

The audience cheered and cheered as if it was Chinese New Year。

Everyone was filming the battle on Nine Snakes Island, and the snakes they raised were constantly spitting out messages.。

Make a rustling sound. This sound is not a threat, but an excitement.。

After all, Margaret is also very popular among snakes.。

But in this situation, Margaret turned pale。

After all, she knew Bai Ye’s abilities and knew that Bai Ye was not something she could defeat.。

It’s a pity that Margaret’s status on Nine Snake Island is too high. If she loses, maybe the audience will really regard this man as the most qualified person to become the king of Nine Snake Island.。

In her mind, the only real king is Empress Hancock.。

no one else。

Margaret made up her mind to keep the white night。

Even if he loses, he can never let Bai Ye win intact!

Their queen, Empress Hancock, can only be protected by her。

So, Margaret squeezed the snake bow in her hand tightly。

There was a fierce light in her eyes, revealing her perseverance and courage.。

And more importantly, it is the responsibility of being the captain of the guard of Nine Snakes Island.。

She wants to prevent Bai Ye from becoming the king of Nine Snake Island!


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