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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 244

The two people laughed. In their eyes, this thin boy was also called Bai Ye.。

How dare you share the same name with that Five Emperors?。

The two of them seemed to have heard the biggest joke in so many years since they went to sea.。

This kid really dares to say that, and he dares to learn from us, we used the name of the pirate group when we reported our family name.。

How dare this kid take revenge?。

It seems that this kid is really a kid with nothing to worry about.。

Baiye Yongxin saw the inner thoughts of these two people。

So he smiled again and said。

“You two only have a bounty of tens of millions. I dare not say that I have that much bounty.……”

“Hahaha, you kid. “The Globe suddenly patted his belly and laughed, and said, “I’m very optimistic about you being Hancock’s husband. Two and a half billion is a lot more than ours, isn’t it?。”

The sailing boat laughed softly on the side and agreed with his point of view.。

Then the smile on his face went uncharacteristically。

Said: “Look at the two people in front. The boy wearing a straw hat seems to be called Straw Hat Luffy. The bounty is very high, but he doesn’t look very strong.。”

Sailing continued: “Globe, when the time comes, the two of us can attack the Straw Hat boy together. We must kill him first.”。”

Bai Ye interrupted at this time: “Why don’t you deal with that old man first?。”

“Old man? “Sailboat said: “Can’t you see that the old man is difficult to deal with? Generally speaking, it’s hard to deal with guys like this wearing slippers.。”

Bai Ye’s face is covered with black lines, and I’m speechless。

Everyone came to the largest street in the town on Nine Snake Island, and then they saw a huge arena in the town.。

It’s like the Roman Colosseum, surrounded by tall auditoriums。

Inside the arena is a fighting platform made of stones.。

The foreman girl guided a few of them into the arena from the side door of the arena, then walked through the underground corridor to the players’ rest area.。

Along the way, Bai Ye really pretended to be a pirate trainee.。

Didn’t show his powerful nature at all。

Luffy looked at Byakuya hanging out with those two low-class pirates, and gave Byakuya a look of disdain.。

Eyes full of contempt。

But this look was seen by the two captains standing with Bai Ye.。

Globe was tall, as tall as three Luffys. He looked at the little man in front of him and said。

“Hey, when we face each other, watch me kill you one by one! Let you see the consequences of those who despise me!”

Luffy ignored him and turned around to talk to Rayleigh.。

Rayleigh burst out laughing. He didn’t expect Bai Ye to be so strong and still need to play this kind of game with these people.。

It feels like I have gone back to when I was young and just went to sea. There are new things to do every day, which is very interesting.。

At this time, a woman in a suit walked in。

She held the level records of the contestants and a commentary earphone. It looked like she was the commentator for this game.。

She walked in and took out the text on the note to confirm her identity.。

“Globe, which one is it?”

“I’m here. “The globe raised its hand。

Then the commentator scratched on the paper。

“What about the sailboat? “The female commentator continued to ask。

Sailing boat raised his hand and said: “Here。”

“Straw Hat Luffy? “The commentator continued to ask。

Luffy raised his hand to show that he was here。

“white night. “The comm

entator looked at the crowd and said。

Bai Ye waved her hand to show that she heard。

“Raleigh. “The female commentator continued to ask。

Riley took a sip of wine and then raised his hand。

The globe and the sailboat looked at each other and looked at each other.。

I seem to have heard an incredible name。

Globe muttered: “First Bai Ye, then Rayleigh. Don’t these people have any bottom line at all? Do they think they can win by calling the names of these strong men?”

Globe didn’t believe at all that this old man named Rayleigh was the legendary Pluto Rayleigh.。

Sailing boat is relatively calm due to its own personality.。

He walked up to Rayleigh and asked: “Are you the King of Hades, Rayleigh?”

Riley smiled and said nothing。

In fact, it’s not that he doesn’t admit it, he just doesn’t dare to admit it.。

After all, I am already so old, and I still have to compete in martial arts to find a bride.。

The reputation I had worked so hard to build before was ruined.。

Others can tell them to keep today’s secret secret。

However, these two guys, the Globe and the Sailboat, are completely strangers. If they really spread it to the outside world,。

His reputation has been ruined for so many years.。

But Hancock, as an elder, has to help this girl.。

Between a dilemma and a dilemma, he had no choice but to say nothing or admit it, but he did not object either.。

Time is like a stop switch pressed by God。

The atmosphere has been frozen for a long time。

Globe came over at this time and pulled the sailboat back。

“Why are you arguing with a mute old man? Can he really be Rayleigh, the King of Pluto? ” said the globe。

The commentator saw that everyone had stopped talking.。

Start explaining the rules of the game to everyone。

“You men will all be candidates for our Lord Hancock, but it does not mean that a winner will emerge among you to win in the end.。”

“Next you have to face the challenges of three competition formats。”

“They are individual competitions, team competitions, and knockout competitions.。”

“Of course, I hope you can all fight and kill each other at the end without breaking the rules.。”

Only those who meet the requirements of our Nine Snakes Island in all aspects can become the husband of our Lord Hancock and the monarch of the entire Nine Snakes Island.。

Bai Ye and the others originally thought they would fight directly.。

I didn’t expect that there is such a program. Is it to let them experience the difference between men and women when fighting?

Globe then pulled the sailboat aside and muttered under his breath。

But even if there is no sound, Bai Ye can still find out their secrets through the heart network.。

Bai Ye only listened to the globe whispering to the sailboat: “It sounds like we are starting to need to cooperate with those people.”。”

The sailing ship snorted coldly and responded: “Hmph, use them to get through the border as soon as possible, don’t let them hold us back.。”

Globe thought for a while and added: “Okay, this way we can also find out what those people are capable of.”。”

“Haha, what’s the weakness? But if you help three rubbish, you won’t make it to the end. After that, it’s going to be a duel between us, sailboat!”

Sailboat snorted coldly, turned away, and whispered: “Don’t forget, I have a higher bounty than you. I always feel that there is something wrong. Unexpectedly, I always have a bad premonition, and this premonition is a bit… strong.”


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