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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 242

Boya Hancock had a resolute look on her face and her eyes were very determined. At the same time, she turned around and gave Bai Ye a wink.。

This action caused the female warriors of Daughters Island to scream repeatedly.。

They have never seen their queen do such a thing。

The citizens who originally admired Queen Hancock were now even more impressed by Hancock’s appearance, and their eyes all turned into heart shapes.。

But they, the subjects, immediately realized that something was wrong.。

Queen Hancock just said that there will be a competition to find a bride.。

Then the queen can only marry men。

But there were only three men on the field!

Rayleigh, Luffy, and a guy named Byakuya。

And that person named Bai Ye is very suspicious!

Mr. Hancock just now was obviously giving this man a wink.。

What is his relationship with Lord Hancock?

Could it be that he is the person Mr. Hancock brought here during his trip to the sea?

She looks weak and incompetent, although she is a bit handsome, but for girls like us, who respect the strong,。

Such a man is absolutely unworthy of being our monarch!

Hancock’s second and third sisters knew the thoughts of the people of Nine Snakes Island very well. When she heard Lord Hancock said that he wanted to compete in martial arts to find a bride, she felt relieved.。

But Margaret looked sad。

She knew very well how powerful Bai Ye was, and he could still remain calm and composed when faced with the siege of dozens of guards.。

With such magnanimity and strength, there is no one on Nine Snakes Island who can compare with him.。

At this time, Hancock said, “The contest for marriage will begin soon, and all men on Nine Snakes Island can participate.”。”

Pluto Rayleigh smiled. He had already studied it with Hancock. Hancock had asked Rayleigh to participate in this ridiculous competition.。

Just to make Bai Ye stand out, he also knew very well that these women on Nine Snake Island only admired the strong.。

Anyone who is not strong is not worthy of being their emperor.。

Raleigh raised his hand and said, “I’m participating.。”

Luffy was stunned for a moment and said, “I don’t want to get married now, but if I can still compete with this guy Byakuya, I agree to participate.”。”

Luffy slowly raised his hand because he wanted to compete with Byakuya again.。

At this moment, several female warriors came running from the direction of the jungle.。

The leader walked up to Hancock and Margaret panting and said。

“Lord Hancock, Captain Margaret, there are some men coming from the jungle, they seem to be chased by jungle pythons.。”

“What to do with these people。”

Margaret looked at the guard in front of her in disbelief.。

She didn’t expect that the pirates could escape from the jungle despite being attacked by these giant pythons.。

It seems that these people are not idlers. At least they are good at escaping.。

Margaret said solemnly: “Kill him on the spot!”

Hancock’s second sister suddenly said: “Wait a minute.。”

“Since we are going to kill them, why not let them participate in the competition, kill them completely on the competition ground, and then establish their authority in front of the people!”

Hancock’s second sister said it so normally. After all, they have done this kind of thing more than once.。

They are a fighting nation, but they also have bloody personalities.。

Most of the enemies caught in the past would be sentenced to death, or sent to the arena by these female warriors。

Fight, and then those who are alive will be exiled to the open sea.。


waters of Nine Snake Island that the exiles are never allowed to enter.。

This kind of Yu Xing show has been circulated in Jiu She Island for a long time。

And when conflicts arise between female warriors, they will also fight in front of everyone.。

The winning party has the right to win, and who is right and wrong will be decided after the verdict.。

This is the reason why the winner is the righteous。

This principle is deeply ingrained in the psychology of all the female warriors on Nine Snake Island.。

Hancock’s brows only moved slightly, although she objected to using herself as a bet and letting those people compete for it.。

But she felt that Lord Bai Ye would definitely win.。

If you want Lord Byakuya to become the Lord of Her Island in the future, you must make some sacrifices yourself.。

Those pirates who can be caught by jungle animals will definitely be no match for Lord Byakuya!

After all, Lord Baiye will win from these people!

Hancock thought of this and nodded, agreeing with her second sister’s suggestion.。

Agree to let the pirates who escaped from the woods be the contestants。

Hancock waved his hand and said: “Bring those escaped guys over and let me take a look.。”

After a while, the escort came over with two people.。

A man in black clothes, even his face turned black, came over.。

The other one is tall. If you don’t tell me, you might think he is a giant. His face is also covered with dust.。

Apparently these two people had just returned from escaping for their lives.。

The empress stood in front of the two of them。

Said: “Please introduce yourselves, where are you from and why do you want to come to Nine Snakes Island?”。”

The Captain of the Sailing Pirates and the Captain of the Globe Pirates have obviously never met Empress Hancock.。

But when Hancock asked the question, the two men acted as if they had never seen a woman before.。

Staring at Hancock closely and looking up and down her figure。

The captain of the Globe Pirates could not help but drool. He had never seen such a beautiful woman.。

As long as you can enjoy it once in this life, then your life is not in vain!

The captain of the sailing ship pirates even squinted his eyes, calculating how much the woman in front of him could be sold for on the black market!

Thinking about how to snatch this woman away, and then escape from Nine Snakes Island safely。

After all, he is a professional kidnapper and can see the value of the other party。

The best-selling and rarest thing on the market now is the mermaid。

He estimated that this woman could even exceed the price of a hundred mermaids.。

The female warrior on the side urged: “Hurry up and introduce me! Master Hancock wants you to introduce me!”

“Hancock? “The captain of the sailing ship pirates looked at the woman opposite。

“You are the Empress Boya Hancock! “The captain of the Globe Pirates couldn’t hold back his saliva and said with wide eyes.。

“No wonder she is so beautiful!”

The corners of the empress’ lips raised, but this was not a smile, but a mockery and contempt for these men.。

She said: “You two are lucky to be able to escape from the jungle, then you two are qualified.”。”

“qualifications? What qualifications……”

The captain of the sailing ship pirates still looked sinister, he asked。

Hancock said calmly: “You are worthy of me.。”

Hancock’s third sister said: “My sister is having a martial arts competition today to choose the king of Nine Snakes Island!”

Hancock’s second sister said: “You are the candidates for the competition to find a bride.”


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