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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 234

Bartholomew Bear breaks up the Straw Hat Pirates in order to help Luffy。

Just to save Luffy。

And Luffy heard from Byakuya that Bartholomew Bear was now a member of the Byakuya Pirates.。

This time, Luffy’s hatred for Byakuya has weakened a lot.。

But he really didn’t understand why the first person Bai Ye saw wanted his crew.。

Trying to capture one’s own crew is the last thing every captain wants.。

Luffy said tentatively: “Why did you say you wanted my crew?”

Bai Ye smiled and said, “Luffy, it seems you misunderstood what I meant.。”

“I mean borrowing, because now you are not together, each is in the cultivation stage, and I just need a few of them now。”

Luffy tilted his head and asked in confusion: “How many of them are there?”

“Yes, I just need a few of them to cooperate with me.。”

Bai Ye said, “Nico Robin, Nami, and Franky, these three people。”

Luffy thought for a while, took out the life card from his straw hat, tore off half of it and handed it to Bai Ye。

“Bai Ye, take this life card of mine and go to them. They will cooperate with you.。”

Byakuya was not polite, so he put the life card in his pocket and said thank you to Luffy.。

About to turn around and leave。

At this time, Boya Hancock suddenly said: “Sir Baiye, aren’t you going to take a rest on Nine Snakes Island?”

Boya Hancock didn’t originally intend to say this, but what she said in her heart had already been guessed by Bai Ye.。

So her face is now as rosy as a ripe apple。

“take a break? What to do? Do you think I still need to rest with my current strength? I’m full of energy anytime, anywhere。”

Bai Ye pretended to stretch, and he deliberately turned his back to Hancock.。

But he has already felt Boya Hancock’s murderous gaze。

“I said, Lord Baiye, are you really not going to rest?”

Boya Hancock asked again, his words contained the murderous intention of infinite thoughts.。

Bai Ye turned around and looked at the extremely angry woman in front of her.。

Said: “Okay, okay, then I will accompany you to rest on Nine Snakes Island for a while.。”

Hancock jumped up with laughter, and everything on his body jumped, very obviously.。

Bai Ye walked in front with a smile. He said without looking back: “Hancock, Rayleigh and Luffy can go to the capital and sit for a while. They are always not well trained in this kind of environment.。”

“But, Mr. Bai Ye, this is Daughter’s Island. The people there have never seen men. If they go, I’m afraid.。”

“It’s okay, I’m here, ask them if they can touch your subjects?”

Hancock looked at the two men with suspicious eyes.。

I found one was an old man and the other was a silly boy.。

None of them have the charm of Byakuya-sama.。

So she nodded and felt relieved。

But she was determined to only let them in and out of the capital when Byakuya and she were on Nine Snake Island.。

The rest of the time, you must stay outside, no matter what the circumstances。

Because Nine Snake Island is like paradise for men。

Everyone wants to get a piece of it。

Therefore, as the king of Daughters Island, she still hopes that her subjects will maintain the status quo and do not need to accept other men.。

So, the four people left the coastline, walked through the

jungle, and walked towards the capital of Nine Snake Island.。

Along the way, the guards of Girl Island discovered that a man had invaded the island.。

Act instantly and connect the network of guards guarding the island.。

Fire the danger signal at the guard next door!

“There is an enemy attack!”

Every woman on Nine Snake Island has a long bow made of a living snake.。

The guard pulled out a long arrow from the arrow basket behind him without any explanation, pulled up the snake bow, and pointed the arrow at the leading man.。

“Stop moving forward! man! Otherwise I will kill you!”

This person is Margaret, the leader of the Kuji Island Guards and a combatant of the Kuji Pirates.。

She has golden hair, a well-shaped figure, and a small body. Although her arms are as slender as a weak woman, she is indeed a woman who is skilled in using domineering, and her eyes always reveal a capable demeanor.。

She has never bowed her head to any man, nor does she recognize anyone except the Queen of Nine Snake Island.。

This confidence comes from the strength of the female warriors of Daughters Island。

At this time, the guard soldiers headed by Margaret had gathered over.。

They all pulled out their snake bows and long arrows, and set the sharp arrows on the snake bows.。

These guards are now slowly surrounding them in an encircling formation.。

Bai Ye had discovered these people a long time ago, but he didn’t care at all。

Hancock walked at the end of the line. This was Bai Ye’s request.。

At this time, she shouted to Bai Ye in front of her: “Sir Bai Ye, in front of you are the guards of our Nine Snake Island. It is very dangerous. Do you want me to go and tell them first?”。”

Bai Ye shook his head at Hancock and said, “No need, Hancock. Don’t you want me to establish prestige on Nine Snakes Island?””

“If you want to establish your prestige, now must be the best time.。”

Hancock knows what Bai Ye is thinking。

Because the female warriors on Daughters Island are all fighting people, the innate fighting qualities of the female warriors of our ancestors flow in their bodies.。

These women have more honor and respect for the strong than the samurai of Wano Country.。

If you want to conquer this place, you must first fight with the female warriors here before you can gain their absolute recognition.。

Bai Ye has already transmitted this information to Bai Ye’s heart network through psychology.。

Hancock knew Bai Ye’s skill, so even if she didn’t speak, she could tell Lord Bai Ye through her inner thoughts. This unilateral way of telling Lord Bai Ye information made Hancock blush again.。

“Lord Baiye, please be gentler.。”

Hancock whispered to Bai Ye。

Bai Ye raised his arm, shook it twice, and said: “Okay, don’t worry, Hancock, I won’t hurt you warriors on Nine Snake Island.。”

Then Bai Ye showed another imperceptible smile and whispered:。

“I prefer the feeling of conquest。”

“The man walking in the woods! I advise you again not to move! If you move again you will be attacked by us!”

Margaret shouted。

Bai Ye said in a deep voice, while raising the corners of his mouth, ready to fight at any time.。

He taunted Margaret: “If you think you can kill me, you can try.”


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