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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 233

Pluto Rayleigh and Byakuya are now fighting together。

The weapons of both sides are wrapped in domineering domineering colors.。

Pluto Rayleigh’s long sword is wrapped with overlord-colored domineering energy。

Byakuya’s hands formed the force of tiger claws, and then were wrapped with overlord-colored domineering energy, using them as weapons to resist Rayleigh.。

The two sides are entangled like thunder and lightning and strong wind。

Thunder and strong winds。

The vortex generated by the battle made the entire beach a scene where no strangers were allowed to enter.。

The animals around are running away。

Plants were also tortured by thunder and strong winds.。

Rayleigh and Byakuya’s back-and-forth battle。

The battle between overlords is extremely dangerous。

The domineering force flying around is enough to make the entire beach tremble.。

The tide surges and the fine sand on the beach is boiling。

Two overbearing and domineering masters, moving around with their body skills, the battle between the two sides was back and forth.。

Separate again after intertwining。

Rayleigh laughed and said, he didn’t feel tired at this time.。

“Haha, Bai Ye, I didn’t expect your kung fu to be really good!”

Bai Ye was also amazed by Rayleigh’s skill level.。

Without the Devil Fruit ability, Pluto Rayleigh’s force value seems to have exceeded that of Shigetsuki Ryoma.。

Can even be compared with Whitebeard。

It seems that his military power is not much different from that of the former Pirate King Gol D. Roger. After all, Rayleigh is the Pirate King’s deputy.。

Bai Ye secretly made up his mind to take Rayleigh under his command sooner or later.。

So, he naturally lowered his hands, and then the tiger claws on both hands returned to their natural state, and the overlord-colored domineering energy wrapped around his arms still disappeared.。

At this moment, there is no murderous intention in him。

I faced Rayleigh with the attitude of communicating with normal people, not as an enemy.。

Rayleigh naturally sensed my Baiye attitude and put the long sword back into its scabbard. At the same time, he dissipated the overlord-colored domineering energy wrapped around it.。

He just felt relaxed all over, and his muscles and bones were completely relaxed.。

He raised his hands to Bai Ye and said: “Bai Ye, thank you for letting me experience the long-lost exhilaration of fighting! In the past, almost no one could catch my moves.。”

Bai Ye smiled and agreed: “Pluto Rayleigh’s swordsmanship is also well-deserved. You are worthy of being the deputy of the Pirate King. I also admire your martial arts.”。”


Pluto Rayleigh suddenly laughed, “Since ancient times, heroes have emerged from youth!”

“Byakuya, I can probably guess what you are capable of. Your Overlord Color Haki is not at its maximum, and you are not using the long sword on your waist, and you are not able to use your Devil Fruit.。”

“You should be capable enough to kill me, right?。”

Bai Ye nodded. He admitted generously that there was no need to say flattering words to an old man like Lei Li.。

Pluto Reilly said: “Although I am a little unwilling, as for being defeated by you, it is normal. You have the strength yourself.。”

“You go to the city of Nine Snakes Island. Don’t worry, I, Pluto, will not bother you again.。”

Rayleigh made way for a passage, signaling for Bai Ye to walk through.。

Bai Ye showed great admiration for a master like Rayleigh, and Rayleigh did the same.。

There is bound to be sympathy between masters。

At this time, a thin figure suddenly appeared in front of Bai Ye.。


haven’t agreed to let you go!”

Luffy turns on second gear and faces the white night。

He has now recovered from the side effects of the third gear, and when he saw Pluto Rayleigh letting Bai Ye go, he was naturally furious.。

“The decisive battle between us is not over yet!”

“Take the move, Bai Ye!”

“Second gear!”

“Rubber jet seal!”

Luffy stretched his legs back, and then used the reaction force to strike out with his quick feet!

But before the soles of his feet reached Bai Ye, Rayleigh suddenly appeared between the two people.。

Rayleigh’s anger level increased and he caught Luffy who was attacking Byakuya.。

“Bastard boy, please be more honest!”

Rayleigh was angry, but since Luffy was his apprentice, he couldn’t say anything.。

It’s just that Luffy still looks like a monkey, moving around in Rayleigh’s hands.。

“Rayleigh, don’t stop me, I’m going to beat him away! Avenge my grandfather!”

Rayleigh picked up Luffy’s feet and threw him to the ground.。

“Master, what are you doing? ? “Luffy was furious. He didn’t know why Rayleigh would stop him.。

Reilly said angrily: “Why are you asking me? If Garp is dead, you want to avenge him?””

Luffy said: “Then I have to beat him away, otherwise it will be hard to get rid of the cruelty in my heart!”

Rayleigh was amused by Luffy, shook his head, and said with a smile: “Luffy, you don’t even know how to use Haki now, wait until you have mastered it and then go and compete with him!””

Luffy suddenly calmed down when Rayleigh said this. When he fought Byakuya just now, he discovered the gap between him and him.。

Even if the opponent’s Thunder Fruit has no effect on you, as long as it is mixed with domineering energy, it will still cause the most fatal blow to your body.。

Now he is going to challenge Bai Ye, which is really like hitting an egg against a stone.。

There is no chance of winning at all, so now he realizes that he must become stronger before he can fight Bai Ye!

Rayleigh even mocked his disciple, saying: “With your current ability, you should never try to defeat him!”

Luffy nodded, admitting his weakness。

If he doesn’t work hard now, he will definitely not have a chance to defeat Bai Ye。

Bai Ye said nothing about what he said before.。

“Luffy, you are too weak。”

Luffy dragged his heavy steps step by step to come to Byakuya. Now he was rare and serious for once. Perhaps it is because people can maintain absolute calmness when facing an invincible strong man.。

“I know, Bai Ye, you are strong。”

Luffy is organizing the language he is not good at. After all, he used to speak with fists and consciousness.。

Whenever danger approaches, or encounters a difficult opponent, they basically go up and rely on the protagonist’s aura of hard steel.。

Maybe Luffy has realized that he is no longer the protagonist in this story.。

So my temper softened so much.。

After all, Bai Ye is now an enemy he cannot defeat.。

Byakuya knew Luffy’s inner thoughts through the Heart Network, and then he nodded, feeling that Luffy was quite sensible.。

Then Luffy suddenly asked: “Byakuya, when you just arrived at the beach, you told me that you wanted to borrow my crew?”

Bai Ye nodded and said, “Yes, because I need”

“So what do you need? I have nothing now。”

Luffy suddenly felt a pain in his heart. His companions in the Shampoo Islands were dispersed by the big bear guy in the Shichibukai with his ability. His entire pirate group was scattered.。

Although it was later learned through Rayleigh that Big Bear wanted to save Luffy and the others.。

Rather than the entire pirate group being killed by Kizaru.


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