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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 232

Luffy now has no ability to resist Byakuya.。

And Bai Ye continued to irritate Luffy.。

This made Luffy feel like crying.。

After all, I have tried my best and still haven’t encountered my opponent.。

And so far we still don’t know what Bai Ye is capable of.。

Now Luffy has become smaller and keeps retreating. Now is the time when Luffy is at his weakest.。

In this way, he can be easily killed by his opponent anytime and anywhere.。

What is his ability?。

How could it be so strong?

Luffy thought in his mind, but didn’t say it out loud.。

Bai Ye has used Xinwang to discover his thoughts。

Bai Ye smiled and said, “Do you want to know my abilities?”

Luffy swallowed, suddenly thinking that his thoughts would be discovered by his opponent.。

Then he decisively rejected this speculation. How could a person’s thoughts be guessed word for word!

Bai Ye smiled and said, “I can read your thoughts.。”

Luffy looked at Byakuya in disbelief。

Then Bai Ye raised his hand, snapped his fingers in mid-air, and then a bolt of lightning suddenly struck straight from the sky!

“I am a person with the ability of the thunder fruit。”

Bai Ye smiled, and then said: “But your fruit can completely restrain me, because you are rubber and do not conduct electricity, but you forgot one thing, which is the purpose of your coming to Nine Snake Island。”

“You are here to learn domineering. Only domineering can defeat the natural system.。”

“So if you haven’t learned Haki, you can’t beat me, Straw Hat Luffy!”

Bai Ye said confidently: “Let me tell you one more thing.。”

Bai Ye walked towards Luffy step by step, looking at his body that was now like a deflated balloon.。

He knelt down and put his hands on his little arms.。

“Twenty thousand volts of electricity, lightning charging!”

Byakuya hasn’t used this simple devil fruit trick for a long time.。

With a sound of thunder。

Soda’s electricity passed through Luffy’s body, filling his body with electricity。

But his body is made of rubber, and the electricity is not reserved too much, which means that there is no harm.。

The electricity in Luffy’s body also dissipated.。

“This is my thunder fruit ability。”

“You see it has no effect on your rubber, haha。”

Then Luffy’s eyes turned cold and he charged Luffy’s whole body with lightning again!

“Twenty thousand volts of electricity, lightning charging!”


At this moment, Rayleigh, who was just standing aside, suddenly took action!

He blocked Luffy’s back with his body, then pulled out his sword and cut Bai Ye’s palm.。

The collision sound between domineering and domineering, the imagination reaches the sky。

Let all the birds and beasts in the jungle flee in all directions。

If you look up at the sky at this time, you can find that the clouds in the sky are still hit by the domineering power of both sides.。

Both sides stopped at the same time。

The clouds in the sky gradually returned to their original appearance。

“You are also domineering and domineering。”

Rayleigh said coldly。

In the confrontation just now, Byakuya’s hands and Rayleigh’s sword were both wrapped with overlord-colored domineering energy.。

“Did you just want to kill him?”

Rayleigh sensed the danger that Luffy was in just now. If the natural ability is entangled with Haki, he can make the natural factor contain elements of Overlord Haki, even if Luffy’s attributes are incompatible.。

It will also directly destroy the inside of one’s body because the opponent activates the Overlord’s Haki.。

“Haha, you are wrong, Rayleigh, I knew you would save him。”

Bai Ye said sternly, his voice was extremely confident, as if he had read through Rayleigh’s thought


Rayleigh stared into Bai Ye’s eyes and stopped talking.。

After a while, he began to say。

“Do you know who I am?”

Bai Ye smiled: “Of course I know。”

“And I also know that you are going to wrap your long sword and left foot with domineering power next, but your long sword is just a feint, and your real move is to attack my ribs with your left foot, making me lose my ability to resist.。”

Bai Ye raised the corners of his mouth, seeing through Rayleigh’s tricks: “Am I right, Pluto Rayleigh?”。”

Lei Li was immediately confused. He thought to himself who this Bai Ye was.。

Why did he see through himself, and this was just a method he came up with in an instant!

“Do you want to know, Reilly?。”

“Because you are just like the Straw Hats over there. You are nothing more than that and you cannot compete with me at all.。”

Rayleigh became furious. He had not been so humiliated for a long time.。

Even if he is seen through, as long as the attack speed increases, he can be cracked just by relying on his on-the-spot reaction ability!

Rayleigh rushed over, wrapping his long sword and left foot around Haki。

Then he made the long sword strike towards Bai Ye!

The long sword wrapped in domineering power will drive the strong wind in the air and hit Bai Ye directly.。

Bai Ye just sneered without drawing his sword and decided to subdue Rayleigh with just his hands.。

Bai Ye’s hands turned into tiger claws, and then he struck hard in the direction of Rayleigh’s sword with one arm!

Both sides produced fierce domineering fireworks!

There is another crack in the sky!

You can even see some fragments of the scattered domineering energy。

Bai Ye also knew how powerful Rayleigh was, but his purpose was to destroy his psychological defense.。

He had long wanted to consider whether to make Rayleigh his subordinate。

It’s just that this Rayleigh was the vice-captain of the former Pirate King Roger, and he had already followed Roger to the location of Onepiece.。

So now he doesn’t want Rayleigh to join. When he finds it himself, he can attract a strong man like him to join his pirate group.。

And he doesn’t want Rayleigh to get hurt for the time being. After all, he is Boya Hancock’s benefactor.。

And the purpose of Hancock’s trip may also be to find Reilly.。

Bai Ye didn’t want Hancock to hurt him, so he decided to defeat him without hurting both sides!

At this time, Rayleigh’s domineering power reached its peak, and it seemed to be mixed with wind power.。

Immediately afterwards, Rayleigh’s left leg had already attacked.。

A flying strike!

Rayleigh’s left leg suddenly hit Bai Ye!

Bai Ye quickly caught it with his right hand。

Rayleigh then used his left and right legs to attack Bai Ye alternately.。

And Bai Ye only relied on this hand to defend herself.。

Because Rayleigh’s sword is stronger, he believes。

“What a kick!”

Bai Ye saw that Lei Li’s leg skills were already superb.。

There may not be anyone in the world who can have such attack speed and power。

And then Rayleigh also said something。

“Your tiger claws are also used well, they can actually defend against my attacks!”

Rayleigh admired Bai Ye from the bottom of his heart。

After all, few people have been able to fight with Rayleigh for so long.。

Both sides laughed, as if they were sympathetic to each other between the strong and the strong.。

However, they maximized their own strength and then suddenly attacked the opponent’s weakness.。

At this time, Luffy was stunned.。

You can’t even see clearly where their ultimate move is.。

After one move, the second move can no longer be seen clearly, and you can only clearly see what the fifth move is?


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