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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 227

Morgans was a little panicked. Bai Ye was now more powerful than Kaido was at that time.。

In the past, when Kaido settled in the dark world, they were all a little afraid of Kaido.。

Kaido later became their largest supplier and contractor。

Both parties achieved a balanced business-friendly relationship。

But after Kaido’s death, the largest economic chain in the underground world was completely broken.。

So now there is an urgent need for a big boss like Kaido to sit in the dark world to bring the necessary balance to the world.。

When Morgans heard that Kaido had been killed for the first time, he thought about this problem carefully in his mind.。

Once the dark world is controlled by the navy or the world government。

Then it can even affect the pattern of the entire world。

After all, the Dark World itself is not within the jurisdiction of the World Government.。

If the Dark World and Light World are also held in the hands of the Navy and the World Government, then there will be no possibility of freedom for Number One in the entire world.。

Morgans cautiously probed: “Lord Baiye, do you have any plans?”

Bai Ye shook his head, then smiled mysteriously: “Plan? What plan, I don’t know.。”

Morgans was very puzzled and asked doubtfully: “You said you didn’t know?”

Bai Ye said: “Yes, it’s just because I don’t know that I came to you, Morgans. It would be great if you could give me some advice.”。”

Damn it, why did you even ask me? ?

Morgans’ face was filled with black lines, but he didn’t dare to say anything to Bai Ye yet.。

Morgans thought to himself, this white night clearly wants me to push the news for him, publicize his great achievements, and then win me over and let me stand with him.。

But if others want to use us for promotion, it will cost a lot of money to be included in our news!

Can I spend money on this white night?

Morgans looked at Bai Ye, and he found that Bai Ye was also looking at him, eating food in his mouth.。

Morgans swallowed his saliva, thought for a while and said: “First of all, Byakuya-sama, you need to lead the country of Wano in place of Kaido.。”

Bai Ye smiled at Mitsuki Hiyori, then said nothing and continued to listen to Morgans’ plan.。

“You want to occupy Wano’s seastone resources just like Kaido. “Morgans danced and said, “As far as I know, the islands you ruled before didn’t have the resources needed by the dark world, right?。”

“And Kaido’s seastone mineral business has become the hard currency of the entire dark world. Not only the all-out battles within certain countries, but also the battles between ability users, or the procurement of the world government navy all need to go through Kaido. many。”

“That’s why Kaido’s death triggered the World Government’s God-Slaying Order. Their purpose is to seize this big cake!”

Bai Ye nodded. It seemed that what Morgans said was almost the same as what he had guessed.。

To be able to make the world government send out the God-killing Order, it must be to obliterate and occupy。

When Byakuya attacked Wano, they already knew that Kaido was no longer capable of protecting this place.。

That’s why they sent the Five Old Stars and CP0 masters to attack the outpost, and then used the God-Slaying Order to obliterate Kaido’s main fist.。

Thus taking over the seastone business of Wano Country。

Morgans picked up a piece of chicken leg, ate it in his mouth, and then continued to talk about his plan.。

It’s like these plans have been planned in his mind for a long time. It’

s a pity that he is the boss of the dark world and is not allowed to participate in the disputes in the real world.。

Morgans added: “And you must let the entire dark world know your existence. I need to explain this again. In the dark world of Lord Baiye, no matter how popular you are in the real world, or whether you are the Five Emperors, to this point You are still an ordinary person in the dark world。”

Bai Ye nodded. He probably understood what Morgans meant. The relationship between the Dark World, the Four Emperors and the Navy was only a matter of cooperation, but once cooperation was not involved, it was a matter of keeping the water in the well and the river in the river.。

But if he doesn’t make a name for himself in the dark world and does something, the entire Wano Country or the people around him will be inexplicably killed.。

These are the rules of survival in the dark world。

Bai Ye said: “I can make Wano Country my own today, and the minerals of Hailou Stone and Wano Country’s forging technology will also be used by me, so does this count as entry?”

Morgans shook his head: “Lord Baiye, you must have a recommender in the dark world, and the recommender must be identified before you can participate.。”

Bai Ye looked at Morgans and said, “Can’t you be my recommender? Aren’t you a news tycoon?”

Morgans shook his head: “I’m sorry, Mr. Baiye, my status is quite special. You know that my News Island reports are paid for both ends, so people in the dark world will think that I am not trustworthy and the information I report is too exaggerated. Nonsense。”

“So they often don’t trust my recommendation. You must find a real introducer.。”

Bai Ye saw that Morgans knew who to choose for this role.。

So he said: “Who do you think is suitable?”

Morgans put on an enigmatic look: “One of the current Shichibukai, the middleman between the dark world and the light world, the Amanyasha Don Quixote Doflamingo known as the Joker。”

“Oh, Don Quixote?”

Who did Bai Ye think he was? Putting on such a big show and making such a mess……

Bai Ye said calmly: “That’s easy, I’ll make a call。”

Peach Rabbit took out the phone bug that was used to talk to Don Quixote Doflamingo, picked up the phone and said。

“Hey Hey hey? Doflamingo。”


At this time, in Dressrosa。

Doflamingo is having a meeting with his family members in a depressed mood。

After all, his current identity is extremely embarrassing. He was supposed to be the middleman between the Dark World and Kaido.。

Now, he was pressed to the ground and rubbed by the Fifth Emperor Bai Ye, and became Bai Ye’s hidden subordinate.。

Recently I heard that this white night directly hardened the Five Emperors Kaido。

What does the fight between two big guys have to do with him?。

Moreover, with their life-and-death all-out war, young novices like him in the middle would suffer even more.。

at this time。



Bai Ye’s exclusive phone rang for him.。

Don Quixote Doflamingo took the call and said quickly: “Sir Byakuya, what are your orders?”

Bai Ye only said one sentence on the phone: “Doflamingo, I give you twenty minutes to come to my place.。”

Doflamingo hurriedly said: “Then, where are you?”

Bai Ye continued calmly: “I am in the Flower Capital of Wano Country. You should know where I am.。”

Doflamingo suddenly knew something. Byakuya and Kaido should have decided the winner by now.。

This battle will never end until the opponent is killed.。

Since Byakuya is calling him now, it means Kaido is dead!


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