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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 224

In the sky about 2,000 nautical miles away from Wano Country。

The Morgans News spacecraft is being pulled by a flock of seagulls and flying towards Wano Country。

“accelerate! Hurry up and speed up! “Morgans shouted from the bow of the boat.。

Morgans is the great journalist who rules the pirate world and one of the emperors of the dark world. Professionally speaking, his acumen for breaking news is unparalleled.。

Whenever there is a major event in this world, Morgans will be the first to arrive at the event.。

And his reports, the newspapers distributed around the world, are not bound by the navy or the world government.。

If he wanted to, he would make an ordinary thing turn into a big event to report on。

A big event will be reported as an earth-shattering event!

His press releases are like this. Only when readers read the news can it be good news.。

It doesn’t matter to him whether it’s a headline or not. News must have an explosive selling point!

And he learned that an unprecedented and huge war was breaking out in the country of Wano, which had been closed for decades!

Three of the Five Emperors, four of the Shichibukai, and the Five Old Stars of the Navy and the World Government also participated.。

One of them is the most terrifying. He is less than 20 years old and has become one of the Five Emperors of the Sea just one month after he went to sea!

At the center of this storm is the Five Emperors named Bai Ye.。

“Fly quickly! Seagulls! News waits for no one!”

Morgans continued to urge the seagulls on the spacecraft.。

“President Morgans, look over there!”

The accompanying members pointed at the sea level in the distance and shouted, as if they had seen something extremely shocking.。

Even the seagulls in the sky became restless。

Morgans squinted his eyes and stared at what was happening on the sea。

A very huge naval battle is being launched on the sea not far away!

The artillery fire continued! The human scream has reached this far。

And Morgans saw nearly a hundred naval warships suddenly appearing on the sea!

At this time, they were having a fierce battle with someone in the waters of Wano Country.。

“I’m afraid this isn’t the navy’s order to kill the gods!”

Morgans suddenly shouted in shock。

“Get airborne! We don’t want to get within attack range, but we don’t want to miss all the details of the battle!”

“Hurry and write your manuscript now! What about the photography experts? Hurry up and shoot! Don’t miss the exciting battle footage!”

During the war, Morgans was not directly involved in filming.。

For him, this was a huge mistake, but it’s different now。

And for this battle in Wano, he must arrive at the scene in person!

This is a rare news event!

Morgans’s spaceship slowly passed through the clouds and reached a certain range above the battlefield.。

Then Morgans sent out the news bird, flying freely on the battlefield, and then returned to the spacecraft at high speed to see the specific situation of Morgans and their battlefield.。

Everyone was shocked。

Morgans pondered: “I really didn’t expect Bai Ye to be so powerful? I’m afraid his current strength and domineering power may be unmatched by anyone in the world.”。

The reporters around Morgans were immersed in frantic writing of press releases.。

The battle on the sea is indeed a thrilling battle of the century for them.。

There isn’t even a battle like this.。

“President Morgans! You see, their fighting seems to have stopped!”

Morgans’s eyes suddenly lit up!

He said loudly: “Hurry up and write a new article. The front page

will be called “The Five Emperors Easily Resisted the Demon-Slaying Order of the World Government in the White Night! The Navy’s dominance of the sea is in jeopardy.》。”


Byakuya stood on the Soul Sky Tower and found Morgans in the distance flying towards Wano Country.。

He knows that Morgans is the news tycoon in this pirate world。

He is also one of the emperors of the dark world. Kaido and others are called the four emperors because they were given the title by this person.。

He’s flying over now。

Do you want to interview me?

Bai Ye was actually a little excited, even though he had already become famous in this world.。

But now I am naturally very happy to have someone to interview me. Besides, I just won a battle, so it’s time to have a celebration party!

Bai Ye thought for a while, then pulled Kouzuki Hiyori’s hand。

In a flash, the two of them appeared on Morgans’ news account.。

“Hi everyone。”

Bai Ye’s sudden greeting shocked the people on the news account.。

Morgans was a little afraid of the sudden arrival of the young man and asked: “Who are you? How did you get on my ship?””

A news editor recognized Bai Ye and said quickly: “President Morgans, he is the Five Emperors Bai Ye!”

Morgan’s eyes suddenly shone and he said: “Bai Ye? Are you Bai Ye? Hahaha。”

Morgans quickly identified himself to Bai Ye: “Hello, I am Morgans. I am not attacking the country of Wano. Please don’t worry.。”

Bai Ye looked at him and smiled. It is said that this Morgans ate the bird fruit. From then on, he had the ability to talk to any bird in the world.。

Perhaps he conveyed information to him through the birds on Ghost Island, so he could easily recognize Bai Ye’s identity.。

Then I saw Morgans taking off his hat and bowing deeply to Kouzuki Hiyori next to Bai Ye.。

“Hello, Your Highness the Princess of Wano Country.。”

Kozuki Hiyori was stunned. She didn’t expect that this person would recognize her identity.。

Then I saw Morgans bowing deeply to these two people.。

Said: “My friends in the world call me a news tycoon, and I am currently one of the emperors of the underground dark world.。”

The emperor of the dark underground world?

Bai Ye suddenly heard such a word。

He remembered that Kaido was the largest supplier and buyer in this underground dark world before.。

Export Wano’s sea stone weapons, and buy some smile devil fruits to train his devil fruit troops.。

Isn’t this how the bestowers get their abilities?

Dark world, interesting。

Now, once he gets the right to rule Wano, mining the sea floor stone may also be a big business opportunity to revive Wano.。

In the entire pirate world, only here can the sea stone be mined, and the value of the sea stone can improve the lives of the people of Wano.。

It makes no sense for someone to live in a mine and not sell it.。

Bai Ye thought about it for a while, this Morgans came at the right time.。

You must have a good chat with him。

So, Bai Ye came over and hugged Morgans。

“I said Morgans, do you want to interview me?”

Morgans was stunned at first. He didn’t expect that Bai Ye would be so proactive.。

It’s completely different from the person I interviewed before.。

He used to worry that he would be imprisoned because the news he reported was all exaggerated.。

Moreover, the pirates and navy couldn’t do anything to him. After all, these people also need to read newspapers to understand the news.。

Without him, Morgans, the entire pirate world’s information network might be cut off.。

Bai Ye smiled at him and said, “Let’s go to the Flower City and chat while eating.”


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